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July 8, 2007, 2:28 pm
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Its Sunday morning and I just finished drafting agendas for all my meetings next week and am now packing up the house and getting ready to head home.  The mens finals are on in the background and I am suddenly saddened by the calendar.  Summer always seems to pick up speed after July 4th and Wimbledon.  I dont know about you, but I plan on fully enjoying the rest of my time at adult summer camp.   

We have spent the past nine days and nights with family and wonderful friends.  We grilled, swam, drank delicious wine, worked out, played tennis, read, watched movies (there was one rainy day), golfed (not me), sun bathed (not Mikey), did home and homes (dinner parties at each others homes) and made plans to do alot more of all of the above.  

One night the guys started talking about a pending invitation our friend Gary received from an ex to golf at one of the world’s best tracks (thats golf lingo – it means course).   The guys could not understand how he could even be thinking about this.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, quote un quote, and he supposedly “liked” this chick.   What was his hesitation?  The girls on the other hand, had it all figured out.  Gary, like many of the rest of us, had been on vacation and completely settled in.  To venture off campus would be an effort.  We were happily submerged in our summer camp.

I have already hinted at what each day consists of down here, its very easy to find your summer groove.  Our friend Andy exclaimed at least three times a day that we had to make it a point to do “this” (whatever it hapened to be that we were doing at the time) every week.  In other words “it” was going to become another regularly scheduled activity at camp.

The hubby is golfing one last round and I am going to go sit by the pool for a few hours.  Tomorow its back to the grind for the both of us.  I am rested, tan and ready for my week in the Big Apple. 

FYI I did not get to make that summer platter, but no worries, I am coming back on Friday. 


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i understand the summer groove and get completely into it myself but in this case gary was lame. he had the opportunity to play best course in northeast and be with a girl he possibly had an interest in. he should have left his “campus”!

Comment by nance

Not that I feel the need to explain myself, but . .OK, maybe I F’d UP. . . !?!

However, those that know me, know that I dont jump for anything or anyone (character flaw I know). That said, I am greatly appreciative of the invite I was extended, and am as eager as my critics to play said track, and spend some time with a great chick, who I’ve know most of my life.

However, as Cookie so eloquently described, Camp is all consuming and much fun. Removing oneself from Campus after 4 days of festering, is difficult at best. Considering the less than 24 hrs notice, and the fact that at the time of the invite I was otherwise engaged, it was all too much to process and execute effectively.

Not to mention, I dont believe in appearing TOO desperate for either track or chick (perhaps my critics wont agree).

Lastly, in my defense, Mike admittedly declined Augusta 3X (not 1 but 3), and I still contend, though close to as desirable, said track is no Augusta.

Finally, so all of my concerned fans know, a make up date and tee time IS being worked out!!
Stay tuned to Cookie for details!

Comment by GRT

I said no to Augusta because 1. all 3 invites were last minute and 2. I had speaking engagements that I could not get out of. If, however, I was at Cape Cod on vacation and was invited to play, Fishers, Cyprus, Seminole, Somerset, Crystal Downs, Nantucket, Pine Valley, et al. I would be there at the drop of a hat. Any members of the aforementioned clubs with an invite can reach me on ClubsWillTravel@aol.com.

Comment by The Grand View

I knew that excuse wasnt gonna fly!
I will redeem myself!

Comment by GRT


I actually am a fan of your blog involving Scotland. I would like to invite you down to play Augusta National with me at the end of the month. I can be reached at (917)667-7971.

Best, Steve

Comment by Steve Mortelbaum

Oh good lord what have I sparked? Love it! Gary I am all about the radius and settling in. It was so hard for me to leave campus yesterday, but I know there are many more good times to be had. It all comes down to WHAT YOU WANT TO DO as opposed to what others feel like you SHOULD DO. Hey and part of the beauty of being single (no offense to anyone here esp Mikey D) is that you dont answer to anyone but you. Amen end of story. xo Cookie

Comment by Cookie

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