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June 30, 2007, 1:32 pm
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My sweet little pooch Grover sat perched on top of one of my bags in the back of the car.  That basically reveals how much room was left in our SUV on the trip last night from the city across the bridge to the beach.  I am not a light packer. I suffer from Over Packing Disorder.

There was approximately the top¬†of one small Tumi suitcase available¬†between the bags containing clothes, contents from the “take to the Cape closet”,¬†groceries, more bags containing clothes, ¬†the¬†bag of magazines to read, hang up clothes, the bag of shoes, a few loose decorative items¬†I picked up this week, Grover’s bag (he has his very own), more bags containing clothes,¬†our dinner (which I made sure the cashier put in a separate bag for the ride)¬†¬†and my husband’s assorted golf items thrown in the way back.¬† ¬†¬†¬†

A passerby would think that we were on our way to a brand new place, moving in for the entire summer and filling barren cabinets and closets.¬† We have owned this summer home for 13 years now.¬† The closet is about as big as a small studio apartment in NYC and its already full with what I have labeled as my “summer” clothes.¬† So what pray-tell was I bringing for this long week stay?

That would be my “favorites.”¬†¬†I have tried buying two of everything but this only works to a point.¬† All the household items are great examples – kitchen utensils, linens, cleaning products,¬† electronics, and so on.¬†¬†Bathing suits, Gap¬†tee shirts, Fresh body lotions, tinted moisturizers, underwear, socks, hair products,¬†work out clothes¬†and some face products¬†are some others.¬†¬†¬†The rest I am sorry to report goes back and forth.¬†¬†¬†

I have also tried to pack light and plan out my outfits.¬†¬†Each time, I failed miserably.¬†¬†Just as I know I thrive in the fast lane,¬†I have also realized I need my “stuff”.¬† ¬†Which explains why I brought¬†6 pairs of jeans on this trip when honestly¬†I will probaly spend 90% of my time here in a bikini (have about 12 of those stashed), a sundress or my tried and true Cape jeans.¬†¬†¬†

It all comes down to the comfort of knowing you have choices.  So at this point in my life I have been diagnosed (some self diagnosed but nonetheless) with ADD, OCD and now OPD.

Hope you have a great weekend РI have to go unpack. 

June 29, 2007, 10:59 am
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Whats the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit?  The right attitude.  And let me tell you, nothing helps you get one like some free time.  This past week has been nuts for me (especially now that I have become a daily blogger) and I only see it accelerating as I approach my busiest event season.  

I had drinks at the end of a frantic day this week¬†with¬†Mosey and Shark.¬†¬†¬†We talked about everything from my latest events¬†to his big deposition to Mo’s 35,000 square foot interior design job (go Mo!).¬†¬†We¬†commented on how it was summer time, but our professions and social calendars¬†allowed no time to decelerate.¬† Everyone is so busy these days it hard to take time out to smell the peonies (I know the expresion is roses, but my¬†garden is fierce right now with both the pink and white variety) and¬†sip¬†agave juice margaritas.¬†

Mosey expressed how she needed her “mental space” and I immediatly loved the phrase and knew what she meant.¬† With July 4th right around the corner I wanted to¬†remind you to find your personal independence – meaning¬†do something¬†for yourself.¬† Take a walk, read the rags, bask in the sun, start a blog, spend quality time with your spouse or kids, fly a kite, have a BBQ and use paper plates (that match if course), be a guest,¬†sleep in, do canonballs off your club’s diving board (Linda Bean you have found a partner in crime), ride a bike, paint your toes, start browsing for fall (I already have my eye on the Louboutin booties), learn something new, visit friends, ¬†stay at the beach until dusk, go commando (although no Britneys, not with¬†short dresses), eat ice cream, ¬†use your blender, abandon your make up, sport a head scarf, get in better shape, find a hobby, couch surf, go miniature golfing, read a strictly-for-fun book (aka¬†book with sex), re watch Pretty Woman or Devil Wears Prada (chick flicks), paint a picture, make pottery (for years I’ve¬†said¬†I wanted to make a platter¬†at Color be Mine for my summer house).¬† Do whatever you love¬†or give yourself permission to¬†just lie around the house.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Its Friday and I am off to the Cape for a whopping 10 days.  I plan on finding and taking full advantage of my mental space.  I am not saying that I will not blog (although maybe not every day), check emails, try and get on the waiting list for those new booties, or yes even work a bit (but at least on my own time and probably with wireless, poolside) but I will also try to do alot of the above (summer platter coming up!). 

Well. . .¬†that is between all my spa appointments,¬†4th of July BBQs, “After Fireworks” parties,¬† drinks at the Club, working out, tennis with Mom and Dad and scheduled dinners with summer friends.¬†

I have realized that I thrive on deadlines, headlines and hemlines and what others think of as frantic, I believe is the norm.  My lifestyle and the constant juggling of schedules make it almost impossible for me to fully relax,  but I figure if all goes as planned, someday I will find the perfect balance. 

Afterall, mental space doesn’t have to be free from activity¬†or god forbid boring, it just has to let you be you at your own pace.¬†

June 28, 2007, 11:40 am
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The expression “high maintenance” has always had a negative connotation.¬† If someone is described as being high maintenance, it sometimes means that she or he (how true it is) is somewhat of a pain in the neck.¬† This may be¬†hard for you to believe but I have been described this way on several occasions. Shocker!¬†¬†I like to think of it meaning more on the lines of having high standards.¬† And therefore truth be told, I am¬†high maintenance by choice.

In my business you have to be Рboth personally and professionally.  Would you want to hire someone to plan your event if they showed up dressed like a slob or worse yet, with bad roots?  Events require attention to detail and your personal appearance is always the first impression you make on a client.  A girl once showed up in my office for an interview with fuchsia colored Lee Stick-On Nails (almost as bad as feathered, Aqua Net reeking hair).  AND they were chipped to boot!  Needless to say she did not get the position.

I am getting ready to¬†take¬†a vacation¬†and then¬†home for a day and heading away again¬†for a week of planning meetings.¬† Honestly, it took me a good half hour plus to schedule all the “beauty maintenance” treatments I am going to need to get me through a week away with my husband¬†followed by an immediate business trip to NYC (which of course means double duty maintenance).¬†All of the scrubbing, buffing, waxing, plucking, polishing, shopping and my weekly blow outs are taking over my schedule.¬† These words are staples in my vernacular.¬† Effortless style is not.

But it is what it is.  I am an event producer; time management is what I do best.  Got to run. . . I’m off to my mani-pedi!  That’s high maintenance by choice to you and me, girls.

June 27, 2007, 9:58 am
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This event  happened a few weeks back in NYC but I thought it was good fodder seeing the mercury is still rising on the East Coast, and this makes it perfect sundress weather. In other words, the green light to dress like a girlie girl.

I was recenly asked to manage the red carpet at an event at Sapa for Project ALS.  The theme of the evening was swapping out real waiters and bartenders with celebrities.  Automatically you knew it was going to draw press and lots of it.  Great idea and what fun!  Immediately, I asked myself what should I wear. 

Now we are all familiar with the¬†PR girls who work these things – they are usually adorable, sporting up-to-the-minute fashion, carrying the latest and greatest bag¬†and perfectly “done” (to quote a¬† friend of mine).¬† Was I now a NYC PR girl?¬† In reality no (been there, done that) but in theory yes (meaning¬†I got to dress the part).¬†¬†

I thoroughly enjoy my job and producing events both in Boston and in NYC.¬† But selfishly, I enjoy the NYC ones a little bit more because just about every event is a fashion show in itself.¬†¬†And the fashion is always fresher.¬† Remember this was the home of Sex in the City.¬† This event did not dissapoint.¬† The weather was warm and the girls came in dresses – all sorts of dresses.¬† It wasn’t the LBD type of evening so all the new prints, baby dolls, bubbles¬†and jewel colors had their day, or in this case night, in the sun.¬†

I finally decided upon a great cocoa brown cotton baby doll with gold trim I picked up at Bendels.¬† I had it shortened to¬†a few inches¬†above the knee and wore it with a killer pair of gold¬†Prada wedges (these by the way are fierce and have the ability to make anyone look like a supermodel).¬† Di, Mosey and I all bought them (shocker) on our last NYC shopping adventure.¬† Barneys loves when we arrive on the 4th floor together.¬†¬†I wore a vintage gold locket and simple hoop earrings.¬† My only other accessory was a great tan (mainy real but with a little help – thank you Jergens).¬† The outfit was perfect and one handsome actor (who was working the event as a waiter)¬† referred to me as “fancypants” the rest of the evening.¬†¬†Ah the power of a great dress and clipboard!

My point of all this¬†(besides getting to relish in my oufit) is to tell you all to 1. dress the part and 2. embrace the weather.¬† Sure we love jeans (see my “Summer Denim” post) but its summer.¬† Get a tan (yeah I know its not healthy but god it makes¬†us feel amazing), show some skin, be a woman and wear a dress!

That SJP is one smart girlie girl. 

Red Carpet

June 26, 2007, 11:29 am
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The hazy, hot and humid days of summer are here.¬† Personally I love the heat, but totally understand the toll it can take on our daily beauty regime.¬† Bad hair days pop¬†up on a weekly basis, and let’s face it, they put everyone in a cranky mood.¬† I have long, thick and somewhat wavy hair (thank you Dad).¬† I have always wanted the kind of hair that you just step out of the water, shake, style and end up with Kate Hudson¬†boho waves.¬†¬†Yeah right, thats not happening anytime soon so here are my easy solutions.

First, let me start by saying and admitting that I rarely do my own hair.¬† Rarely being the operative word.¬† I am addicted to weekly blow outs.¬†¬†I would take a regular hair stylist over a cook, driver, butler (never a cleaning lady though, would love to find one that did both) anyday.¬†¬†And in fact would only need said person once or twice a week depending on my event schedule.¬† Anything more would be overkill and end up drying the¬†shine¬†right out of my hair.¬† Once again, less is more and I can milk a good blow out for up to 5 days (sorry Mom). So no worries¬†my three D’s of hair (Dominick, Darlene and the latest addition to my team Dean) I¬†will always need you.¬† For the times I am styling solo, I take your advice and willingly pass it along.¬†¬†¬†

Everyone loves¬†a fresh blow out.¬† It turns any outfit into a “look” and gives you that extra confidence only great hair or a killer pair of Manolos can deliver.¬† But for summer and when the living is easy (or a little easier) LET IT GO!¬† ¬†I tend to relinquish control of my mane on the weekends.¬† My Boston hair stylist Darlene swears by these products and I finally tried them.¬† They work ! For soft, easy waves – shampoo and condition (but no conditioner¬†on your roots if you want this to last). Right now I am using davines – nou nou ¬†products.¬† ¬†¬†The smell is amazing and they make your hair¬†feel like silk.¬† Squeeze out the excess, do not towel dry.¬† This, I was told by my NYC hair stylist Dominick, makes your hair cuticle coarse.¬†¬† Spray your entire damp head with Wella Color Preserve Leave In Conditioner.¬† Saturate it.¬† ¬†Comb it.¬† Then apply about a nickel size amount of Aquage straightening gel (yes straightening – its an oxymoron of sorts) by scrunching it in.¬†¬†I recommend styling and drying the front only.¬† Bangs never look right when left alone.¬† But the rest just, shake, style and think Kate Hudson thoughts.¬†¬†¬†

I also have tried the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  But I warn you, it works better on finer hair.  Mine has come out looking frizzy and sticky.  Two adjectives that definitely make me cranky.  But if you are blessed with easy hair and are a fan, try adding the whole Hot Mama line to your summer hair equation.  

You will also find Frederic Fekkai products in my bathroom.  I like their glossing sheer shine mist and most recently my friend Sarah (who by the way has the kind of hair you dream about. . .soft, gorgeous and a color every colorist in the world wants) gave me a super cool FF travel kit.  I am excited to try the whole line. She, and you of course , will have to wait until I venture somewhere where there are no hair salons so I am forced to let go and do it myself.   

Until then, I wish you luck with your trusty blow dryers, urge you to retire the straightening irons and hope you too will be almost famous the rest of the summer.

June 25, 2007, 1:09 pm
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Denim has become a girls best friend (not replacing diamonds of course. . .but just as popular).  Now that summer is officially here and the temp is steadily above 80 degrees, I thought I would share some jeans I am really digging for summer. 

First, let me tell you I have never fully embraced the whole super skinny leg craze. I do have a few pairs that my friend Maria made me buy (she was named one Boston‚Äôs most stylish and can work a pair of jeans like no other) so I assume she‚Äôs always right! They work tucked into boots or with high heels and a longer ‚Äúflowy‚ÄĚ top.¬† However, boots are not part of my summer wardrobe and I have found some great happy mediums called ‚Äústraight‚ÄĚ legs .¬† I am average height and much more of a fan of the whole leg elongating craze that was started years ago with the good old bootleg cuts.¬† If you are the same. . . read on.¬†

One of my dearest and oldest friends (not in age but in number of years we have known each other) Candy asked me to take her jeans shopping last year.  I started by asking her if she needed day or night jeans. She looked at me like I had four heads so I  explained the difference and what to wear when and where. This by the way will become a regular feature of Daily Cookie.  If you ever need assistance on what to wear to any type of event please post a comment or question.  

Day jeans.  What to wear running around all day, either shopping or lunching with friends, taking the kids to the park, or in my case to the office (in my industry and business its cool. . .if you are in investment banking or any other corporate environment, I would stick with their established dress codes.  My guess is no jeans.)  I love Rich and Skinny jeans for daytime.  Two styles Рthe light wash straight legs and the full wide legs.  The straight legs are super straight borderline skinny but they work.  Wear them with a long tank or longer flow top and always a heel.  Wedges are tough here.  If your jeans fit comfortably over the wedge and are long enough, then try.  The break is important.  The wide legs are a slightly darker wash and have white stitching Рgreat for summer.  Wear them with a fitted tank, minimal accessories and a wedge shoe, cool kicks or flip flops.  Less is more with these jeans.  Staple outfit for taking a ferry to an island.  

Maria and I both bought a new pair of jeans recently that at first I thought I was going to hate for two reasons Рskinny leg and sticker shock.  I tried them on and it was love at first sight.  These are rock star jeans and deliver immediate satisfaction. And I admit I wear these both day and night depending on my mood.  They are made by Dundop  stanDart in the royal wash.    They work because the skinny legs are slit at the bottom making them fit over any heel and lengthening your legs.   Did I mention your ass is killer in these too? Think layered tanks, skulls and crosses, fitted jackets and a sexy shoe.    

I also love a pair of jeans I got last summer at the suggestion of P.  They are a true bootleg and are one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans ever and exude laidback coolness.  Melting PotsРNatasha style.   I live in them every weekend on Cape Cod. 

Night jeans.  Easily translated to going out at night jeans.  I am really into my Notify’s at the moment.  Got a pair in the fall that I wore constantly and just got the same pair but in the summer weight.  I love the dark wash.  Instant glamour, instant sleekness.  These jeans take 5 pounds off.   The style is Anemone.  There are a lot of them Рall different washes.  Work with an associate and make sure you buy what you want. Wear these with an attitude, killer heels and a sexy top.  Think Sex in the City. 

White jeans.  Another summer staple that will take you from day to night. I always go a size bigger in white jeans.  Get over it Рa better fitting jean is always more flattering and remember white shows everything.  I love two pairs this season.  The first I own and have already sported both during the day and at two different events.  The second I am on the hunt for.   AG makes the first.  The Kiss Рthey are a classic simple bright white with a slight bootleg.  They look great dressed up and fancy pants or with a cute little tee-shirt or tank and flip flops. I prefer them dressed up and with a metallic wedge shoe.  Wear these babies and I promise you are automatically more kissable. The pair I am trying to find are made by another favorite of mine True Religion.   They have a white pair in stores now with emphasized gold stitching.  They are a little more rock and roll and therefore do not require a lot to make them look fierce.  If you have spotted them around please share the wealth! 

Whether you need (oh good lord who really needs another pair of jeans let’s try again) Whether you want day or night jeans make sure they are a much lighter fabric and easy wash.  You don’t need the heavy, stiff fabrics or treatments now. As sleek and long as you may look, a sweaty ass is never fierce.

J’adore Dior
June 24, 2007, 8:43 pm
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A¬†fashion house opening is always a great excuse to get your¬†girlfriends together.¬† When¬†I received my invite from Boston Common Magazine to the¬†grand re-opening of the Dior boutique in the Copley Mall, I immediately contacted three of my BF’s: Paulina, Di and Moesey.¬† The four of us together equal 2 blondes and 2 brunettes.¬† In other words a lot of fun!¬† We were down one blonde but still had a great time that turned into a wonderful girl’s night out that included champagne, fashion and¬†lots of¬†new and familiar faces.

The first question on my mind was what do I wear?¬† I confess I do not own a lot of Dior with the exception of some great aviators I picked up last year in NYC and an old knit top I bought years ago at Alan Bilzerian.¬† ¬†Was it a jeans type of event?¬† A summer dress?¬† After consulting with both Di and P, I decided to go the black pants (speaking of which try the black straight legs from Elie Tahari. . .yes you read correctly.¬† Get two pairs –¬†one in wool and the second in a linen¬†blend.¬† They are fierce and have become a summer staple for me.¬† Mo recommended them – Di has them too!) Now the top.¬† Do I bring out the knit top?¬† Is it cool and vintage or just old and out of season?¬† I went with a strapless cashmere sweater that I bought earlier this season at Louis.¬†¬†I was pleasantly surprised by all the women there and what they had on.¬† P sported a hip summer dress and Di a killer shirt and vest combo.¬† ¬†Of course the hostesses were all wearing Dior¬†and looked fab, but a lot of others were not and also looked fab.¬†¬†We gossiped, posed, browsed, tried on sunglasses and sipped champagne.¬† ¬†¬†A few mental notes – Dior has great coats and shoes for fall.¬†

Got to admit though, the best thing about the event and the night was seeing and spending time with the girls and meeting a few new friends. The laughter and stories filled the room, and what I thought was going to be an early night ended after midnight. 

Mental note Рtry that Dior top another night soon and when asked. . .its vintage.