Daily Cookie

July 26, 2007, 7:15 pm
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I just love when my “fans” write in asking questions and wanting  info.  Hell I just love that I have fans!  Sharky as requested, this one’s for you. 

The top 10 Beantown restaurants in my cookie jar right now (you know me) are listed below.  Please note, they are in no particular order.  These are just the places that I love to go and like each one for very different and specific reasons.   Shocker!

1. Uni – best sushi and sashimi bar around.  Order the fish tacos, poke, wagu and an Enter the Dragon. This drink has changed lives.

2. La Verdad – best guac ever and the margaritas with the agave juice are like drinking fruit punch.  Sometimes they go down a little too easy. Hola Amigo! 

3. Mistral – Order the lambs lettuce and Dover sole.  Always good, always a scene (well at least when my posse is in the house). Did I ever tell you about the night we didn’t realize the place had closed and we were still at our table trying to order more wine.  Chairs placed upside down on the tables so they could sweep is normally a good tip off. . .

4. Neptune – If you like oysters, this is your place.  The bellinis are pearls too.  Forget the tables – eat at the bar.  I like it because its nestled in the North End but you feel like you are in a tiny little French bistro. Also because the oyster/bellini combo has a great effect on me. . .

5. Boston Public Meat – The ribs, salmon and buttered and salted edamame are fierce.  And it doesn’t hurt that you can simply walk in this magic door and pow you are in one of the best stores in the country.  AmEx loves this place for the very same reasons.  Believe it or not we have stories here too. . .lunch lasted nine hours one day or was it nine bottles of wine?

6.  Sonsie – Get the Mee Krob and it will instantly become one of your all time favorite dishes.  Oh and check out their drink list.  They named a drink after moi.   My Mom wanted to take home the menu to show her friends.  She is proud of the fact her daughter frequents the place so much they named an adult beverage after her.  Got to love my Mom and got to support your local watering hole.

7. No. 9 Park – Great place for a date! No other description needed.

8. Butcher Shop – Great wine bar and great snacks.  The bolognese is out of this world.  I stock pile it in my freezer.  I am also a huge fan of the mint pea soup.  Love sipping a glass of wine while waiting for my meat order.  Also the best Sunday afternoon winter spot to hang and get cozy.

9. Shabu Zen – Japanese hot pots and yummy smoothies.  Opposites attract right?  This place is always good, always packed and it’s good for you.  How can that be? Great for the power, but not in your face power lunch.

10. Toro – okay one word. Corn.  No bull – get the corn.  Wash it down with pitchers of sangria.  Sit at the community table and make a new friend. Don’t share your corn.