Daily Cookie

July 5, 2007, 10:58 pm
Filed under: Fashion

By now I assume many of you have had some time to scour the stores for those coveted Notify’s or straight leg white jeans.  And with just about everything on sale and at least 50% its the perfect time to buy some tops to compliment your botton half.  My picks for day or night are sugar and spice and everything nice.  And two more adjectives that women are somtimes forced to sacrifice for fashion, comfortable and forgiving.  (Mia my local style icon, this one is for you!)  The babydoll has it all. 

But listen up my fellow fashionistas, babydolls have to be worn the right way.  The last thing you want is to go out on a hot date or on the prowl with your posse looking preggers and heaven forbid dowdy (an adjective that is never flattering).   Proportion and fit have to be picture prefect to make these feminine tops work and work for you. 

First remember that opposites attract.  A babydoll top looks great with a fitted bottom like a pair of your new skinny or straight legs.  Look for more casual fabrics and prints for day and something a little sexier and sophisticated for night.  If its too hot for your jeans, try pairing them with a cool pair of shorts (Bermudas, save the short shorts for the beach) and a casual wedge shoe, or Mia will hate me for this, but I love them with flips too.  Di mastered the look yesterday in a casual black knit babydoll ,white Tory Burch bermudas, and black flips.  Laid back and hip for day. 

At night, slip one on in a sexier and more sophisticated fabric with your dark wash or white skinny jeans and a killer pair of heels.  To spice it up add a great cropped jacket (preferably in a butter soft, paper thin leather) or a tight fitting vest.  I have also been sporting a dressy pair of pin striped T-bags trouser shorts, a black silk Tree babydoll and my gold Prada wedges at night too. Not an ideal “going out outfit” but fierce on a summer dinner date.  And these babies are sticking around for a while (says Mia) so add a pair of boots and you are set for fall.

If you dare, try cinching one in right under the boobs with a great fabric belt.  If you are well endowed make sure you dont end up looking like one of the femmebots (aka no torpedo tits).  But a belt can also disguise some volume and show off the curves. 

And just with anything else that you buy, make sure you feel and look sexy in it, only then will you be able to carry it off well.  I have bought too many pieces over the years because they were “in style”, when truthfully all they really are now are dusty and “in closet.”  Avoid any that are too voluminous or frilly (they are babydolls not kewpie dolls). 

I am not saying these cuties give you the green light to eat more bread, drink beer (I am convinced the yeast expands in your thighs) or give in to the late night binges, but they will let you step out in style and maybe have just one more cosmo.  

Okay girls work it, own it! Guys we know they are not body conscious and revealing, but come on sexy shouldn’t always have to be so blatant.  And after all didn’t you always want to play with your sisters babydolls?