Daily Cookie

July 19, 2007, 12:54 pm
Filed under: Events

Yesterday I woke up in NYC to such a thunderstorm I thought the entire city was going to flood.  It was raining cats and dogs.  Perfect day to be escorting two auction winners to set to watch a taping of Rescue Me.  I was here with two young, adorable girls (their Dad bought them this trip at an auction at one of my events) and the blonde (my client) from last week’s road trip.   This is also one of the many hats I wear as an event producer, being a chaperone so to speak.  Anyway when I saw the blanket of dark clouds and heard the thunder, I knew if anything went awry today I could always blame it on the rain. 

First of all, the fact that I am even going on another road trip with her, and just one week later, was a feat in itself (I am sure she feels the same way – wink wink).  This time however I was in charge.  The who, what, when, where, and how was up to me.  The why was all hers – she is the client.   

The weather man on TV said there was a 97% of humidity.  That and the sheet of water that was falling from the sky made for a super hair day. . . not. And the summer white jeans I had planned on wearing would have resulted in an ugly grey, muddy disaster.  Good thing I have OPD and brought some options.  The girlies both wore cute summer dresses and sparkly flats.  They are young and were going to see very “cute boys.”  I decided to wear my dark jeans, Marni cami and new Rag & Bone vest (thanks Mia). It was a fierce outfit but in a I didn’t even try sort of way.   

When we stepped outside I wished I was dressed more like Gordon from Gloucester.  Remember that guy who fished and sported a bright yellow slicker, rain pants, boots and matching hat?  The line for a taxi outside of our hotel was 10 people deep.  But luckily, and perk number two of being an event producer, we had a driver.  We sashayed past the line into our dry car.  

When we arrived on set in Brooklyn the rain stopped and we entered the scene fresh as daisies.  Wish I could say that was perk number three, but unfortunately, the only thing that event producers do not control is the weather.  It was wet, hot, humid and sticky, but I feel like the girls had a great day. They were wined and dined, saw the behind the scenes making of a hit TV show, listened in on producer headphones, met and mingled with the star actors, hung out in an actor’s trailer, viewed a pyrotechnic stunt, witnessed both People Magazine doing a photo shoot and A & E interviewing for an autobiography, took home autographed items and left grinning ear to ear.  

Which also put a big smile on my client’s face.  It turned out to be a sunny day for everyone – blame it on the rain.