Daily Cookie

July 4, 2007, 12:55 pm
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Today is the sixth day of my vacation on the Cape and its also July 4, so Happy 4th!!!  I refer to this time as a vacation because even though we are fortunate enough to have a summer home,  we are not here enough.  So anything over the normal Friday to Sunday, or the occasional Monday, is a vacation!  The time we do spend here is usually consumed of doing the things we love.  My husband loves to golf and I love to workout and hang out in the sun.  Neither of us enjoy the others passion. . . at all.  But somehow this works for us.  We are content being here together but also in our independence.

Many of my friends ask why do you let him golf so much?  First of all, the word let is not in my vocabulary. Well I guess maybe sometimes when I say “I lave to let Grover out to pee. . .”, etc.  Or why dont you try to learn golf to spend more time with him.  I have tried to golf – a few times in fact seeing we do live on two golf courses – its just not for me.  As I mentioned earlier,  I am a victim to many disorders, ADD being right up there.  And to my credit and by profession I have to multi-task.  Doing one thing at a time is not in my vocabulary either.  I am usually good for about 3 or 4 holes and then start looking around for the beverage cart (I admit I do play a wee bit better after a few Sea Breezes) or start texting friends.  I just can’t pay attention for that long.  Plus I look much better in some sort of a heel and these would irrigate the greens,  golf attire for women is downright fugly, it takes over 4 hours and I stink (although I have been told have a good short game).  Now I am sure if LouisBoston started carrying golf clothes for women, they opened a bar at the turn, and made it so you could get in a full game in under 2 and a half hours, my lunchbunchers and I would suddenly be stars on the LPGA.  The Louis clothing is the key.         

My man on the other hand can play day after day at the same course with the same motley crew (sorry guys it worked for my post) and always have a story about some damn golf shot.  And they talk about this same damn golf shot for the next four days at golf, at dinner, on the phone. . .you catch my drift.  He is never bored of it.  However, he can not sit and relax at the beach.  He gets bored, hates the heat, the sand and the fact that it usually requires more than 4 hours to get a full dose (strange how golf is the same time huh?).  He has tried to appease me by coming along but after an hour he is usually looking for the beverage cart and checking his emails.           

My perfect day starts with a great workout followed by a yummy breakfast.  I then dilly dally (I have become my mother) around the house taking care of little things that actually make me happy.  For some reason I can not rest unless the house and grounds are perfect.  Then I hit the pool or the beach and stay there for hours.  And hours.

Guess what?  By the time he is done with golf and hanging at the club with the crew and I am home and showered after being in the sun all day (nothing beats the way a fresh tan looks after a great shower – bonus if its an outdoor shower), its time to meet up for an early evening cocktail.  Which is the perfect ending to every day.

Happy Birthday America. . .and god bless our independence.