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Where did the summer go?
August 31, 2007, 1:23 pm
Filed under: Sanity

I am sitting at my kitchen table staring at my floors which are still not done.  We started this process back in April hoping that they would be brand spanking new and ready for guests by Memorial Day.  Its now Labor Day Weekend and well you know.  Where did the summer go?

I feel like just yesterday I was blogging about that damn bee that stung me on one of my runs, what I wanted to do with all my mental space and my weekly trips to the beach.  I even renamed part of August to give us more time.  It was all an illusion cause here I am back at my post trying to remember what I did, why my floors weren’t done and why I didn’t have more time to wear my summer dresses.  

In the corner of my eye, I see the summer platter I did make for Mike.  One thing I managed to accomplish this season. Yay! And it was for a great reason too.  On July 27th, Mike got a hole-in-one at his own club tournament.  He was so proud and excited.  I was excited too for all of about one minute when I realized this was not one of my golf tournaments.  At mine if you get a hole-in-one you win a Bentley or this year a $60,000 motorcycle too (I would take the cash in this case).   Cell phone rings. . . “Honey that is great!” (here is where I pictured myself driving a Bentley GT convertible with my hair blowing in the warm wind),  “What do  you mean bragging rights. . .” (wind right out of my sails and hair).

Summer always flies by.  This year I think it was on speed.   And although I never got the chance to do all the things I listed back in July, I did manage to do a lot, relax a little and enjoy my home. Granted its not quite perfect yet but it’s getting there.  I just couldn’t see taking two weeks out of an already limited timeframe to pickle the floors.  But we painted the entire exterior, made plans to redo the pool house and may even put in an outdoor bar.  

This morning I woke up ready for my final weekend.  It’s a mass exodus on Monday and I don’t think we will be back here until the end of the month when I produce an event at the club.  So I got out of bed ready for my summer routine: coffee, work out and then sun.  Its overcast.  And I swear the leaves’ internal timeclocks are off.  There are a million little pains in the ass all around my courtyard.   

Leaves and clouds go away
I want my summer for a few more days.