Daily Cookie

July 1, 2007, 1:36 pm
Filed under: Sanity

It’s the type of gorgeous day you see in advertisements in Cape Cod Life and postcards found at all the penny candy and souvenir shops.  There is not a cloud in the sky and it’s sunny and 75 degrees. A great day to be outdoors.

I started my day about 8:30 (well actually Grover got me up at 5:18 to pee because he is so excited to be here) by putting all the cushions on the outdoor furniture.  Then my summer morning routine began with fresh brewed coffee and today a yummy scone from my favorite Beantown bakery flour (I brought them in one of all those bags).  After that I watered the plants around the pool and front door and checked on my peonies (wish they lasted longer).   You couldn’t help but notice it was going to be an amazing day.  And a great day for a run to work off that scone.

We live on a golf course which is also situated on the water.  My running route takes me through the various neighborhoods within the complex, across the course (I only have to cross one fairway  – thank goodness – as you can imagine I am not the best at making sure a golfer is not about to drive a little white ball into the side of my head) and by the water.  Running outside lets me enjoy the fresh air, be one with nature and helps me find my mental space.

This morning a bumble bee also found my mental space.  This little bastard followed me for about half a mile.  At first I was calm and just kept jogging.  It then turned into a full on sprint and I started flailing my arms and yelling like a crazy lady (great for the golfers on the nearby tee).   I ran until I reached one of the bathroom shacks thinking I would lose the bugger in the ladies room.  It was locked.  And of course I didnt know the combination (did I mention we have lived here for 13 years).  I think the monster was laughing at me as he (you know it was a guy) buzzed right beside me as I headed back on course.  I am now out of breath, sweating and calling too much attention to myself.  I started to walk and it stung me on my left shoulder.  

My tolerance of pain varies.  Bikini waxes no problem (certain times of the month worse but that’s why they invented Liquid Advil, oh and vodka) . . .bee stings big problem. 

I continued on my run (didn’t want to waste a great work out on some damn now dead bee) and realized that the anticipation of the bee sting was worse then the act itself.  Its buzz is bigger than its bite.

The rest of my vacation I will still enjoy the the great outdoors, or at least my version of it.  I will continue my runs, sit by the pool, work in the garden, go to the beach and enjoy cocktails on the deck. 

I will basically be just buzzing about.