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July 3, 2007, 3:29 am
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Now that we are better acquainted I feel comfortable telling you all it’s been almost four weeks since my last bikini wax.  I am scheduled for some pruning later this week, but have been dealing with the little pesky renegades all weekend.  I am always tempted to try and “maintain” the nether regions while waiting for my next appointment but know its only a quick fix and ends up presenting more irritating problems.  Plus I had a horrendous experience with Nair two years ago, which I wont go into now, (if you ever meet Mo or Denis ask them) that emotionally scarred me for life.  And you certainly can’t go in for a wax too early.  Honestly, who really knows if the hair is a quarter of an inch or not?

So whats a girl to do between bikini waxes?  Or as I so affectionately call it now. . .how does one cope with the tweeners?

Here is what helps me and what I am hoping will assist all my other non blonde fans. . .well let me rephrase that. . .my wonderful friends whose carpet does not exactly match the drapes. 

Taking care of the precious pudenda (just for you Soos) should be a part of your daily routine.  Here are the tools and ingredients of my bikini cocktail.  I am a big fan of exfoliation.  And have finally found the perfect thing to buff the muff (Nance that was for you babe). First go to your local drugstore and buy a pair of the cheap plastic exfoliating gloves (thank you Callie).  Next find a shower gel that you love.  I adore Fresh Lemon Sugar or Hesperides (great scents for summer too).   You will also need some sort of a bodywash with a glycolic or salicylic acid in it (Neutrogena makes a gentle one) and an antibacterial cleanser like Hibiclens.  Soak in the shower or tub, fully wet the gloves, mix all three ingredients on the gloves and start to scrub in an up and down motion (never circular).

 Scrub is the key word here.  I mean really scrub.  Sometimes I swear I catch myself clenching my teeth as if I am scrubbing and saying, “take that you bastards!”  I am also a big fan of elimination.  Once dried off, you will need some sort of an ingrown hair eliminator.  I buy the bliss ingrown peeling pads in bulk.  The last trick up my sleeve, ha ha or skirt, is a great moisturizer.  I love either the matching Fresh lotions or my good old Palmers Cocoa Butter.  I have been using this since I was in high school. 

So now I trust you are better equipped to deal with your incoming stubble.  And whether you are a fan of the basic bikini or the full monty,  this is a must between your waxes.   Or as you can so affectionately call it now. . .tweeners.