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July 30, 2007, 4:50 pm
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I feel like I have finally shed my winter coat.  I am not talking about a fur or a Montcler, but rather that little extra roll that gathers around your midriff over the holidays and winter months. Mine came out of hibernation a bit later this year, but I feel like I am now at my summer weight.   

I honestly don’t want to come across like one of¬†those stick thin girls who is always complaining she is fat.¬† I eat healthy and am a fitness fanatic.¬† But I am also¬†a victim of liking my wine and penny candy.¬† I swear if I cut both of out of my life I would be killer, but life is way too short and¬†I crave my Skittles.¬† And I know there are alot of you out there who can relate.¬† We know our own bodies to the point where it becomes an obsession.¬† And that extra 2 – 3 pounds we gain each month just puts us over the edge.¬† Suddenly even our “fat jeans”¬†don’t sit as well and everything in our closet just seems a bit snug in all the wrong places.¬†¬†¬†Yes,¬†I wear my cranky pants about once a month –¬†however now they don’t feel¬†as tight.¬†¬†

This summer I have been determined to overcome these feelings both mentally and physically.¬† I have always been a fan of working out.¬† I can’t function if I dont have some sort of physical activity in my life to balance out the stress of my job.¬† Sweat, listening to my all time favorite rock songs¬†(I have a playlist “Dirty Rock Songs“on my iPod just for working out) and those sweet little cuts you get on either side of your stomach are my saving graces.¬†

Which is probably the reason why I am also obsessed with pilates.   Pilates is both a mind and body exercise.  I have been practicing pilates for years now.  Okay you got me, sometimes consistently and sometimes not.  I started pilates seven years ago with private lessons three times a week.  I used to think money grew on trees.          

Coincidently, this is also the same time I started working with that guy who was just nominated for Best Actor in a Drama.  So Sarah (my instructor ) became my personal trainer and my therapist at the same time.  I truly believed she changed my body and my life.  She is now one of my best friends.

What I love about pilates is that it strenghtens and tones without bulking.¬† I hate the word bulk.¬† It’s an amazing work out if you give it the time and devotion it needs.¬† You learn how to isolate and use muscles you never knew you had.¬† It cuts inches of your problem areas and elongates your muscles giving you¬†a celebrity physique.¬† Your posture improves, your core¬†becomes flat and sexy minus the six pack look and¬†your legs look longer and leaner.¬† Hello gap shot.¬†¬†

Think about it.  Instead of always contracting your muscles, you elongate them.  Long, lean muscle without the bulk.  I am in!

I also like to run.¬†¬†I know I am contradicting myself, but can’t help it, I¬†love the rush and the sweat.¬† So pilates helps me that much more.¬†¬†And for any guys out there who may be reading this, it’s all about your core.¬† Think hockey.¬† Think baseball. Think golf.¬†

Recently, I¬† took this whole strengthen and stretching concept one step further.¬† I tried Gyrotonics.¬† Ever seen any of these machines?¬† The look like they have guest starred¬†in a¬†Hannibal Lecter¬†film.¬† They are scary and intimidating, but again the results are fierce.¬†¬†I have tried a few times now.¬† We end our pilates routine about 15 minutes early to stretch even more and gain flexibility.¬† Let me tell you, when¬†I get step off one of these contraptions I feel like I don’t need my heels.¬†¬†I swear I grow¬†2 inches each time.¬† Now I know what Bobby Brady¬†was thinking when he used to hang from the swing set.¬† Same effect.¬†¬†

If you haven’t tried pilates, I urge you to give it an honest¬†shot.¬† Not once or twice, but for an extended¬†period of time.¬† Buy all the classes in advance.¬† You will feel obligated to go.¬† Try privates at first to learn the exercise philosophy, the routines and to find the best instructor for you.¬†You can introduce duets or trios into the mix later.¬† This will save face with your checkbook.¬†¬†You will feel destined¬†to go after you see the results.¬†¬†¬†

I have decided to invest in a great new winter coat this year.¬† To quote my friend Mo, “The kind that when you have it on,¬†it doesn’t matter¬†what you are wearing underneath.”

Until then, my only other major purchase is a renewed membership to my pilates studio.  This morning after a great workout, I bought another 10 session card. 

Aahh. . .summer thinking weighing in.  You better believe it matters what is underneath.