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July 12, 2007, 1:11 am
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I am not the type of girl who has a signature scent.  My mom wore Chanel No. 5 for years and I was into Coco Chanel as a teenager (the double C’s were also my initials so I thought I was way cool) but that has all changed now, including my initials.
I tend to find fragrances and wear them for a long time.  It becomes my “all-time favorite perfume right now.”  I just started laughing out loud on a train because this title also applies to my music.  I have quite the list of my all time favorite songs right now too.  Guess it’s just a character trait.  Anyway I just drained my third bottle of Velvet Rope by Apothia and before that I was really into Bond No. 9 Nuits de Noho.  Both scents so appropriate for my profession but I assure you purely by coincidence.  I have been spraying and sniffing for a new summer scent for weeks now as I feel they are both a bit heavy for New England’s heat and humidity.    
Really not a fan of major brands either.  They can be too perfumey and honestly so predictable.  I like the boutique perfumes if there even is such a thing.  Last week, after spraying numerous paper wands, my wrists and my friend’s wrists, I finally found my all time favorite summer scent right now. 
This week was a test drive of both its scent and sensibility.  The heat and humidity in NYC was unbearable at times.  The temperature reached well over 95 degrees and I swear it just radiates off the pavement, my sunglasses and just about everything else on my body.  There was no breeze and all the wonderful aromas found on the streets of New York just linger in the air.  Note W 56th St is a pretty stinky street.  I found myself constantly reapplying the perfume and it never got too heavy and always got a reaction.  It’s a keeper. 
Yesterday in one of my meetings a woman stopped mid-sentence to ask me what fragrance I was wearing.  Now girls just don’t outright compliment one another unless they are one of your BF’s.  Then today when checking out of my hotel the man behind the front desk told me that I smelled “amazing” (as you know this is one of my words) and was very flustered by my presence.  He continued to tend to his front desk duties but was grinning ear to ear.  He looked up and finally said, “Wow you really got to me.”  Remember from yesterday’s post when I was saying to myself how I really love this hotel and how this could be my new midtown hotel?  Good lord I have a new all time favorite mid town hotel right now too.
Another man stopped me as I exited the hotel.  He followed me out the door to tell me he liked my style and that I smelled good (not quite like amazing, but I’ll take it).  He then gave me a boxed tasting set of Pravda Vodka.  All I could think of was that old drugstore body spray Impulse.  Cheesy product, great tagline.  “When a man suddenly gives you flowers, that’s Impulse.”  That just happened to me but I got vodka instead of flowers.  Okay maybe he was pushing his product, but he followed me out the door. And it worked I mentioned his vodka here and I italicized it! We girls are such suckers for ego snacks.
So here is my two cents on summer scents and sensibility.  Trade your heavy perfumes and thick lotions for products that are more climate friendly. Your summer scents should be light and fresh, refreshing and alluring.  And your natural scent should come through in a soft, yet powerful way.  Let them try to get a little closer to breathe you in. 
Its common scents and the nose knows.      

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I suspect men would be following you whatever scent you wore..I think the Face and Body attract them..Their eyes are working also…AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

Spoken like a true godmmother!

Comment by Cookie

Hey lets not be wondering about other men. Her husband’s eys are checking her out always!!!!

Comment by The Grand View

As the mother of a 3 month old and a toddler, I find my nuisance – oops, excuse me, my “new scents” – to be spit up and sunscreen. Far from alluring. Maybe we can split the vodka?

Comment by A Not-So-Grand View

Clever Susie Q – I love it and you! And really miss my boyfriend. When can he and I wiggle again? xo

Comment by cookieaday

what is the name of this incredible fragrance????

Comment by Cookie

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