Daily Cookie

August 7, 2007, 12:43 am
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This past weekend I went to see the Steve Miller Band in concert.  We were asked to go months ago and I remember thinking that it would be alot of fun.  I mean who doesn’t remember and love the song The Joker?  Got to admit, I forgot about it until I received the reminder email, but then began to listen to all their old hits.  A girl has got to prepare.  I immediately sensed the vibe and was automatically transported back to my days at Boston College.  Presto. . .once again I wanted to Fly Like an Eagle.

My husband was formally a rock star (no pun intended) in the music industry and used to book and manage bands.  He will shoot me for writing this, but he toured with Robert Palmer and dated (well whatever you call it when a cougar “dates” a young, stress is on young here folks, man) ?????.  How he ever got into money management from there I do not know, but luckily he did.  Hit songs and hit stocks were integrated (Nance that word is all yours babe) and became his thing.  Anyway, music is a part of our daily lives.

That being said, we have very different taste in music and a very different approach to its enjoyment.  I tend to listen to my “all time favorite songs right now” over and over and over again.  This drives him batty by the way.  But it sums up my personality and what makes me tick.  I bet there are tons of other Space Cowboys (I bought the shrunken tee!) out there who feel the same exact way.  The music moves us and for whatever reason.  The songs and/or the band are our illusionists.  Care to join me in the front row?

I ventured down there a few times at this concert.  There was no stopping me.  I went to hear 3 songs and I wasn’t leaving until I did.  Everyone else was complaining it was too hot (it must have been 120 degrees under that tent) and they were tired.  As soon as I heard the first few notes of Rock ‘N Me, I was off.  Ran right by my husband, right by my group and right by the security guards.    There I was in the front row swaying and sweating to one of my all time favorite songs. . . right then.  For about 9 minutes I was a BC Eagle all over again and a Steve Miller groupie.

Songs remind us of times – whether they are happy or sad. Or they remind us of people – whether they are good or bad.  And somehow everytime they manage “to reach out and grab” me.   They must be magic.