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TODAY’S COOKIE JAR – Let Them Entertain You
August 20, 2007, 12:50 am
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This weekend all I wanted to do is forget about everything that is dancing around in my head.  I am juggling alot these days – personally and professionally – and was craving a good massage and someone else’s life.  So much so that we passed on a few social engagements.  I always feel badly doing this as sometimes our friends think that I am being snobby or distant.    I am not.  But perhaps a tad selfish. 

Rest, regroup and someone’s elses worries, unpredictable situations and goals are what I wanted to focus on.  Or I guess more accurately to really not to focus on.   I wanted absolutely no control.   

Skip to I am completely absorbed in a 90 minute identity theft, love story, hunt and never ending chase.  See already I forgot about all my concerns.  Thankfully I am not Jason Bourne.   Or Julia Stiles for that matter – her highligths looked horrible.  And she was wondering why he didn’t make a pass at her. . .

Anyway it was a good movie.  Predictable yes, but it did the trick for me last night.  And it also got me thinking about why I love the movies, and yes, my all time favorites.  So in no order in today’s cookie jar are are my top 10 all time favorite movies.  Grab some popcorn and twizzlers. 

1. The Thomas Crown Affair – love Pierce, love art and absolutley loved Renee Russo’s wardrobe.  I love the original too but Celine did not exist then, so for outfits alone I have to go with the remake.  That black lace dress was fierce. 

2.  Cinema Paradiso – it was the last movie I ever saw with my grandfather.    Ironically, the movie centers around the main character’s memories of his childhood.  My Papa was the best. 

3. Pretty Woman – I have watched this movie more times than I can remember and can probably recite the lines from every scene.    Edwin Lewis is one of my all time favorite heroes too.

4. Love Actually – is actually a Christmas movie with the perfect sentiment and a great soundtrack.  The scene when the guy speaks to the true but forbidden love of his life via messages on cards melts me. 

5. Finding Nemo – Dude, I adore this little fish and put it in when I am sad and need to cheer up.  It also reminds me of a college friend’s little girl who I have only met once in my life.  We were in the ocean in Puerto Rico a few years ago and she was shouting at the water in Spanish.  I asked Moomie what she was saying and she told me she was calling her friend Nemo.  I joined her.

6. Sixteen Candles – reminds me of high school – my friends, my boyfriends, the cliques, the proms and basically what is was like to be a teenager.  Oh and I wanted to marry Jake.

7. Pulp Fiction – this movie was pop culture. The year it came out I dressed as Mrs. Mia Wallace for Halloween.    My husband made a mouse pad out of this picture of me.  Guess he liked the movie and the look too.

8. Life is Beautiful – I cry every time I watch this film.   The circumstances horrific, but love the father had for his little boy is absolutely beautiful and his imagination, an inspiration.  Bongiorno principessa. 

9. Breakfast Tiffany’s – yes I know its a classic.  There is a reason for that.  Audrey Hepburn was one cool lady.

10. Me, Myself and Irene – I had to list it. . . I am in it.