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August 30, 2007, 6:16 pm
Filed under: Feast

Last night Di, Mosey and I tried a new restaurant.  We were celebrating Mo’s birthday and wanted a different scene.  Plus, we thought we should give Mistral a break – they usually have the pleasure of our company on such festive occasions.  We are creatures of habit though and decided to try Jamie’s latest addition to his Beantown restaurant collection, Moo.

Now with a name like Moo you must specialize in one thing.  Unfortunately for me it’s not milkshakes.   But they do make a mean vodka mojito! (its kind of milky looking)  Why JM decided to open another steak house in this area, (we already have Ruth’s Chris and fellow newbie KO Prime) I have no idea, but I have to say he did a nice job.

I arrived first (shocker) and sat at the corner of the newly appointed and expanded bar.  This was the old Federalist – swanky and therefore overpriced  – restaurant in XV Beacon.  Still love that hotel.  Anyway I also loved the old decor of the Fed.  So much in fact that I designed my family room on the Cape to match.  I loved the dark wood, red and gold accents and masculine feel to the place.  Moo is a blonde for sure.  A dirty blonde, but still much lighter in look and feel.  The bar area is good to hang and talk which is sometimes lost on new spaces.  Here’s a clue: we like to be lounge lizards – give us the right space and atmosphere and we will come back.

We were going to hang in the coveted corner booth of the bar but decided to join the other guests in the main dining room.  Not for us – still had that stuffy feel and clientel of the Fed.  So we moved. .. again.  By now we had made our presence known (we brought the average age down to alive and we do not exactly blend) so the staff was doing everything they could to accommodate the three of us. 

Mo ordered the petit mignon, Di had the swordfish and I settled on the sea scallops.  My scallops were delish and worth the wait.  We also ordered many sides – the gratin potatos and corn succatash are to die for.  But do not go there thinking you will be able to diet.  The chef sent over foie gras.  I was thinking do I eat this or just smear it directly on my ass where it is going to end up anyway? That and the corn and potatos with gruyere cheese.

They also sent us dessert.  Not one treat to split but three separate yummy devils.  Hey guys do we look like we consume all that sugar?  Well, we did last night.  A banana split from heaven, a lemon meringue mini pie like grandma’s and a piece of chocolate cake that weighed more than Mo’s new red Chloe bag. 

We left the restaurant full, happy and satisfied.  And with all that we ate last night, mooing. We will graze here again I am sure.

Happy Birthday Mosey! xo