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Barefoot Cape Codder
August 26, 2007, 10:49 pm
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Summer Sundays are always a struggle.  Do we stay on the Cape and leave early the next morning or do we pack it up and try to guess when we will not end up victims of the weekend traffic.  Today was no different except for the fact that we realized its the last weekend before Labor Day and summer is quickly coming to an end.  It is Sunday evening and we decided to stay.   I am barefoot and happy.

It was a gorgeous day here and who really wanted to go home to the intense humidity that I am sure just radiated off the pavement in the city.  Plus after a great weekend, I am completely relaxed and into my boho vibe that I have been cherishing all summer long.  Last night we were on the “no plan” plan (my favorite kind of plan) but ended up having a really fun dinner at the Club with an assorted crew.  So tonight I wanted to stay home and cook. 

My summer table is always a reflection of the easeful days and simple stuff of the season.  My in-laws have a fantastic garden and called to say they had some veggies for us.  Their stuff beats the local garden and farm stands and it’s a lot cheaper too!  I got the call in the middle of optimal sunning hours and I really didn’t want to vacate my spot and my tan for some zucchini and eggplant.  Perfect thing was I didn’t have to.  My parents called and said they were dropping by to pick up some vegies too.  “Would you grab mine and drop them at my house?”  Good old Dad.  It gave them another excuse to come over and see Grover (their grand dog).  Bet you have figured out by now that we all live fairly close to one another.  About 7 – 12 minutes from door to door to be exact.  I cherish that too.

When I got home from the beach there was a large tray of fresh veggies waiting for me.  Lots of green beans, tomatoes (they are unbelievable right now), zucchini and eggplant.  All the right ingredients to make a summer ratatouille.  A dish that I grew up with but have only recently come to love.  My Mom makes a mean one and shared her recipe with me.  Well not really, my Mom doesn’t really do recipes – its whatever she feels like throwing in.  That being said she is a great cook.  My Nana taught her well.  And my husband is lucky enough to now have me who came packaged with the cooking skills of both amazing women.       

So here I stand barefoot in the kitchen on a Sunday night in summer.  I am glowing from two days of sun, not a stitch of makeup on my face and armed with a wooden spoon and cheese grater.  I am content and I am hungry.  Tonight, we will feast on a summer ratatouille.  I made this last weekend too – it’s that good and good for you too. 

Next weekend I urge you to shop a local produce stand.  Dodge your shoes, stay in one night and make your own ratatouille or some other summer recipe.  Take time to really enjoy the process.  If you are not a cook, don’t think of it as cooking.  Think of it as truly enjoying the simple delights of summer. 

I promise it will be one of the most relaxing and rewarding things you do Labor Day weekend.  Bon apetite.