Daily Cookie

August 4, 2007, 6:13 pm
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My apologies to my readers for not posting this past week.  My busy season has officially begun and my time management skills have been overworked with clients.  But it’s the weekend and I am catching up – on sleep, on family time and on Daily Cookie

Most of the time I am home, I become a true homebody.  My job takes me out so much that my sweats and my own bed are that much more appealing when I return.  

However there are many times, and this is perk number 5 (I think that’s where I am at) of being an event producer, we get to mix business with pleasure.  

I was in NYC with a client for two days of back-to-back planning meetings.  I knew about this party for a while and always intended to go, but somehow the combination of my exhaustions (feet and heat) wore me down.  Couple that with the bitchy PR chick managing the list (who had classic list attitude – you know the kind, power from a clipboard) and I really did not want to go.  But my client did, so guess what?  We went. 

Hugo Boss definitely wears the pants in the city.  The view alone from this location was worth the trip.  And although it was hot and steamy all day and there were about 750 bodies in one space, it never felt sticky or congested.  The open air on the rooftop was refreshing and the vibe created was contagious.  Boss was hosting a party and screening a documentary on Joe Strummer, drive in style. 

There was a huge screen on the far end of the roof and then lots of “parking spaces.”  Instead of cars, there were beds.  And lots of them all covered in white and adorned with great pillows and throws.   In fact, as you entered you could grab a bag of popcorn (and may I add with no company logo printed on them, just a clean black bag), a drink and a pillow and/or throw that were also being “served.” 

The DJ was fantastic and the beautiful crowd mingled, sipped and lounged while waiting for the main event.  After a brief intro the film started.  All 750 guests hushed up, found a space, found a bedmate or 6 and watched the flick.  And I mean we actually watched the flick.  I couldn’t believe that this energy filled space that was buzzing with talent became totally silent.   The event brought in the auduence, but the audience got the event. 

Welcome to doing business and having fun in New York.  I love the combo.