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March 3, 2016, 2:53 pm
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flightGreetings from the sky. I read a recent post from a fellow blogger that resonated with me because we both have to travel all the time for our jobs and share a fear of flying. Of course she is a well-paid (and even better well-dressed) fashion blogger who was on her way to Paris with many show invites to PFW, and I am just an event producer doing my thing. To find out she was afraid of flying too made me feel a little better.

Here I am sitting on a JetBlue flight on my way to Miami for both work and play – well okay one day of work but nonetheless, I am in the friendly skies again. The plane just started to shake (a lot) and the Captain came on asking us to return to our seats and fasten our seatbelts. I immediately tense up, look out the window for any visible signs of bad weather and grab whatever I can to hold on to (in this case its my laptop). Michael (my hubby who remember is the quick and efficient packer and very experienced and obnoxiously calm flyer) just leaned over from across the aisle and mouthed to me “OMG,”  which of course was a joke, but just fueled my fears even more. Welcome to my world. Its either that or he sends me statistics about flying, how turbulence is nothing to be afraid of, blah blah blah.

None of which helps when you are smack in the middle of rough air.

Normally I travel with my “airplane medicine” as one of my BFFs and esteemed doctor friends Alex calls it. But today’s 7AM flight time and the fact that once I land I am representing a well respected client and in back-to-back meetings straight through dinner  didn’t really warrant the meds. Hence I remembered what Sophie would do. The only problem is that in my frenzy to wrap my week and prep for this trip, I forgot to download the meditation app she recommended.

I am going to do that as soon as I am safe on the ground. Now If I could only shop her closet,  I am sure that would eliminate more of my fears too.

And just like that, the seatbelt sign went off and the wonderful JetBlue pilots found us some smooth air. The Captain came on again and this time told us to sit back and enjoy the flight. I wonder if they read my blog?

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June 15, 2009, 7:13 pm
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Spoon (spoon) v. 1. To cuddle in a spoonlike position.

Had to share this Kodak moment because no one would have ever believed me otherwise!  Me, Grover and Grover’s new all-time favorite toy got it down pat (no pun intended) last night.

Grover was curled up in the crook of my arm with his back and little butt all cozied up to me.  He also brought his new best friend (a birthday gift) to bed with him and positioned that thing underneath his paw and cozied up to him.  It was a three way spoon.    

The salty air does wonders for me.  I sleep like a baby when we are on the Cape.  And apparently so does my pooch.

Many Thanks
November 30, 2008, 10:15 pm
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Happy belated Thanksgiving.  I apologize it has taken me this long to blog and for not keeping everyone updated of what has been going on in my crazy world for the past month.  And quite honestly, with all that has happened since my Mom’s birthday and my last post, this one could go on for days on end. But the truth of the matter is, I am grateful to have been so busy and to have things to look forward to now. For that I give many thanks.

Since the end of October, I have channeled Angelina Jolie, produced 6 major events in New York City, met and received a Challenge Coin from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (received two others as well but this was the most impressive), bowled with Paul Pierce and the Celtics, produced an auction for a celebrity event in Boston, celebrated and shared a friend’s accolade from Esquire Magazine, dined at Nobu, went to my high school rivalry football game with one of my oldest and tried and true BFFs, witnessed live what could be the next hottest band from Boston, ate turkey dinner at a restaurant for the second time my whole life (only thing we missed were the leftovers) and spent some much needed quality time with my family and friends.  More on all of these and updates from my fabulous fall events later this week.  

Tomorrow is the first day of one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the holidays and I love being home for the holidays.  The lights are up on the Commonwealth Mall, the social calendar is getting full, Christmas music and scents fill the air, photo cards showing growing kids stuff the mailbox and the promise of new beginnings is just around the corner.  Our stinky economy and financial situations may shout ba humbug, but our spirit and attitude can still shine bright (especially if you can score that pair of boots you have been drooling over all fall now at 70% off).    

But this season try to remember it is not about what you can or can not afford.  It is about celebrating what is already in your life, the goals that make you strive for more and the people that surround you and support you with both.    

For that I give extra thanks.

October 12, 2008, 8:25 pm
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This photo was taken last week. It was a gorgeous fall day in NYC and I was in town with a group of folks on a press tour for one of my upcoming events. We scouted about five different locations, but this one now stands out in my mind and really makes me stop and think.

We are standing in front of the World Trade Center site.  The ground right beneath us is bustling with cranes, trucks and constructions crews.  It looks as if they are bulding a small city right before our eyes.  The construction is fast and furious to the point we may need to alter my transportation plan because the location where we are supposed to load out may no longer be standing in a few weeks.   Selfishly speaking, so I do not have to re route all my cars and buses, I want them to slow it down.    

The token guy in the middle is the manager of the site.  He is honestly one of the most genuine people I have come across in the city.  He is never stressed, never too busy and always accommodating; and yet he  probably has one of the most stressful and emotional jobs around.  His office is adorned with photos of him and all kinds of famous and powerful people who for one reason or another have come to Ground Zero.  The most recent shots are of him and Sarah Palin and him and Obama. 

He wanted to take our photo to add to his collection.  Within an hour of posing for this shot, he emailed it to us with a caption that we were now positioned right next to the Palin shot.  Something tells me he honestly enjoys our visits and that the event we are hosting there in a few weeks means a lot more than any presidential candidate walking across this promised land.      

I am very familiar with the tragedy that caused this new construction and the what seems to be the never ending ramifications.  I have produced events for a firefighters foundation for the past 8 years and I am now working on an event in support of our US troops.  Inevitably, 9-11 comes up.  However, I think the celebrity appeal and super fast pace always sugar coated the hard cold facts, at least for me, and the effect did not resonate as much.  I have always been in high gear.  But the first time I actually came here on a scout, I was not prepared for the effect.  I was thankful it was mid July and I was wearing my large black sunglasses.  All the fame and hype vanished as soon as I slowed down to really look around.

This November right before Veterans Day, we will be producing an event for Microsoft and in partnership with the USO, for a number of wounded warriors from the Walter Reed Hospital for a weekend celebration in NYC.  By request, the World Trade Center site is one of our stops.   

The signage in the photo, “use low gear” although staked for safety reasons, clearly has an alternate meaning. Life does indeed go on, but whenever I visit the site of the World Trade Center everything grinds to a halt for me.

September 1, 2008, 2:28 pm
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Today is September 1st.  Not the official end to summer, but most definitely the official closing time of three months of summer life.   To inspire today’s blog and to fend off my sad end-of-the-summer feelings, I went into the archives of the Daily Cookieto see what I wrote about at this time last year.  I spoke about all the things I accomplished last summer and some of the things that never got done.  This summer brought new experiences, but was a lot of the same.

We spent many hours exploring more of the Cape looking for the perfect new neighborhood and home.  And every time we convinced ourselves how much we wanted to move, we came back here to a great time with punctuated by friends and families.  Moving will be a big decision to make, so I think finding our beach house near by is in our forecast.  Or we may decide to try out all different neighboring hoods next summer before starting the next chapter.

And we spent a lot of quality time in our home.  We cooked and entertained a lot more.  We spent even more time with our friends and families.  I found a great new pilates instructor and natural foods store.  Mike taught us how to play poker and himself how to mix up the best sangria around.  We discovered and joined a wonderful local farm and learned how to pick the best produce and eggs.  We helped the economy by becoming investors in Wiliams Sonoma.  We found a n amazing new beach.  I went to the beach just about every weekend.  Mike went to the beach a remarkable and record four times.   We had a lot of the regular house guests and expanded our guest book with some new names to check in to Camp DiCarlo.  And although I was constantly washing sheets and towels or cutting fresh flowers to fill the guest rooms, for the first time in years, I was not consumed by the house’s imperfections and just enjoyed the home.

This summer was not about what we wanted or needed to get done, but rather more about what we did not have to do and how to enjoy what we had.  I even tried to pack less in my weekend bags and exemplify the laid back prepster look of my surroundings.  And we started taking a lot of photos again to document the latest and greatest memories.

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach with 19 of our friends – again a mix of the usual suspects and a few new faces too.  It was the perfect way to end the summer.  We talked about all the great meals we shared and about the goals everyone had set for themselves starting today.  I spoke about all the events I have coming up and the travel plans in my immediate future. And suddenly I became very excited for what lies ahead of me this fall.

It is closing time and although I am a bit melancholy that summer is winding down, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Happy Labor Day.

July 12, 2008, 10:09 pm
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The three year anniversary of the death of our dog Griffin just passed.  On July 9, 2005, our dog Griffin was killed.  He was our first dog and brought us joy every single day.  Mike got him for me after we saw the movie As Good As It Gets starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and Verdell the Brussels Griffon Terrier.  I fell in love right then and there and actually cried that I “needed” this dog.  So for my 30th birthday, Mike presented me with the bestest gift ever.  He gave me peace, love and hope.  

Griffin was a spit fire right from the start.  Smart as hell, easy to train, loyal and lovable, yet had his moments and so many idiosyncrasies.  He loved to eat the Spanish moss out of our potted plants, he loved to chew, he was so melodramatic and went into a complete coughing/sneezing/clearing his throat tantrum when he didn’t get his way and he was very picky about who he liked and who he disliked.  He loved Mike, he loved me (although I was definitely second to Mike), and he loved my parents.   He was their Grand Dog and they treated him like a King.    

He did not like kids. . .at all, he did not like our cleaning lady, and he basically did not like anyone else who came between us and him.  And very like someone we know, he was high maintenance by choice.  He was a happy pup that lived quite a life.  Summers on Cape Cod, an apartment on the river in Back Bay, designer duds and private daycare service.  

When Griffin was killed I wanted to get something to remember him.  We did not get the chance to do a proper burial or anything so I really needed something that I could visit from time to time.  We decided on a rosebush that we could plant in our yard and visit as much or as little as we wanted.

We finally found the right bush,  although anyone else who saw it would not agree with us.  This bush had only a few forgotten buds on it, the leaves looked like they had been eaten by bugs and the entire thing resembled Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  We bought it anyway. 

I watered, fertilized, and talked to the Griffy Bush every day. On occasion it would appear to be doing better, but it never fully settled in to its new surroundings.  It really was depressing.  I found that because of this, I only grew more sad when going out back to visit “Griff”.  Result was I did not do it as much.

Grover entered our life 3 months after Griffin exited.  It took me a while to get adjusted and to fall in love with this little guy.  But as you all know, I am completely head over heels.  And he is definitely my dog.  It’s almost as if he knew. I also have finally accepted the death of my first dog and have come to peace with the entire ordeal.

This summer, we kind of thought the bush was dead, but I would not allow the landscaper to remove it when cleaning out the flower beds.  This photo was taken almost two weeks ago now.    It is our Griffy bush.  This season one perfect flower bloomed right before July 9th.

The bush still looks a bit under nourished, but it is fat with love.  We picked it out three years ago from all the other flourishing rosebushes simply because of its variety and name. 

Peace, Love and Hope.

July 4, 2008, 4:49 pm
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Having a summer house means having house guests.  We love sharing and entertaining at our home.  And this past week has provided us with plenty of occasions to do both.

I can’t believe I have already been here and on vacation for an entire week.  Usually, time starts to fly by after July 4, but this week traveled at light speed.  Maybe it is because we have packed each day with various activities, thrown at least 3 dinner parties and hosted a few guests, one even of the four-legged variety.   

Our guests (Maria, Susie and Stella the ballerina puppy) “checked in” Wednesday.  That night we grilled home made sausage (my Mom brought them down from Dom’s) and peppers and made an absolutely delish penne margherita with the bestest pasta (Pasta Setaro – Torre Annunziata – Napoli) Maria brought us from her store.  It was a fierce meal that we enjoyed with another batch of yummy sangria.    The six of us dined outside in our courtyard and were then joined by an assortment of friends.  The front door just kept opening and before I knew it, we were throwing a party with the music blaring and the sangria flowing.   Stella pooped out earlier than the rest of us, but that’s my Grover right by her side.  I think he was looking for a little action.  

The next morning us girls took a long walk to the water with the two dogs.  This was quite the sight.  Both dogs are under 10 pounds so managed to walk about half of the way and then needed to be carried for the remainder.  I guess my dream of running along the beach with my best furry pal is not going to happen.    

We then took Maria and Susie to the famous Raw Bar for one of Bobby’s enormous lobster rolls (pictured above).   It was a gorgeous day and sitting outside in the sun eating great seafood was a perfect way to spend our afternoon.  What else would be a perfect thing to do?  Shop of course.  And after lunch, that is exactly what we three girlie girls did.  Got to love summer sales and I truly believe a girl can never have enough tank tops or sundresses. Or at least I have said this so many times, I am now starting to believe my own crap.

Maria had to leave us later in the day (she was headed to ACK), but Susie, Mike and I went to the Ridge Club with my folks for their annual 4th (or in this case 3rd) of July BBQ and fireworks.  The skies threatened a storm, but we never got a drop of rain and the fireworks went off without a hitch.  It was a super show.

Today is July 4th and we are doing it all again.  Although tonight we are going to a dinner party at a friend’s house making us the guests and giving me a little independence.

Happy 4th of July to all!