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February 26, 2008, 3:58 pm
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I woke up Saturday morning with a severe case of the winter blues.  I felt it in my bones and it was visible on my face.  I told Mike in a perfect world I would be getting a massage and a facial today.  And he replied, well what is stopping you?  You do not need to tell me twice. . .and in an instant I scurried across the room in my cozy leopard slippers to grab my phone.

The long hours at work, the constant travel, the lousy weather and the lack of time to take care of myself was taking its toll on me physically and mentally.  The spa was exactly what I needed.

I checked in at 12:45PM and by 12:50PM I was in a warm robe, sipping green tea and oblivious to anything else but me.  I don’t think I have done this, I mean truly done this, in ages.  Sure I run from maintenance appointment to appointment, but it is always a quick half hour here or squeezing in a mani before my next flight.   At the very best, I can get a polish while I process, but lately that is the extent of my me time.  Having consecutive appointments is a true luxury. 

I listened to my facial options and decided the Ultra Luxe was the one for me.  This one promised to plump up my cells, scrub away the dead skin, moisturize to the max and give me that youthful glow.  Truthfully, she did not even need to explain all the benefits, she had me on the first two words, ultra luxe.  Sold.      

For the next hour my face, chest and neck took over my entire body.  We started with the yummy Sonya Dakar Nourishing Cleanser (I have used it for a few months now and am a huge fan.  Get it – it smells like grapefruit and is a little pump of heaven every morning), then a toner, and enzyme peel (a bit tingly but I convinced myself this is how I knew it was working).  Next came the enzyme mask and the part of the facial that I would go back for every day, the head massage.  You got to love when someone plays with your hair.  And she pulled it too – no wussy hair tickles here. My roomies and I used to take turns playing with each others hair while watching TV (oops sorry Mom I mean while studying) at college.  We would take turns sitting behind each other and make a hair tickle train.  Sorry guys, nothing sensual about it, well at least not for us. 

Anyway back to my ultra luxe facial.  There was no extraction with this one.  Personally, I am a fan of “gentle extraction” at times, but mostly in the summer when your pores tend to get a bit clogged with sunscreen.  This time it was not wanted or needed.  We ended with a series of moisturizers – vitamin C cell boosters,  cell plumping serums, cell firming serums and cell renewing serums.  Eyes, face, neck and chest  – check. 

When I finally climbed off the bed and back into my clothes and snow boots, I noticed that my skin was truly glowing.  I did not need to put a stitch of make up on and walked home feeling like a new person.

Do yourselves a favor and hit the spa ladies.  It does wonders for the face and the soul. 

Ultra Luxe because we are worth it. 


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