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March 27, 2008, 5:03 pm
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Hey Guys! I think I said this at least 500 times last night.  It was my opening to get people’s attention.  We were at the Celtics game at the Garden (I refuse to call it by its full name) working for the Truth Fund.  Our job was to man the Truth Fund table and solicit donations for a promotion we are currently hosting.  This was our third night.  And “Hey Guys,” is now my classic pick-up line.     

What we picked up (besides donations) should be made into a comedy show.  Besides seeing and socializing with alot of familiar faces, we also made a few new friends.  Shocker.

Our first night we were all fired up and even sported Pierce baby tees and bought other Celtics paraphernalia to get us and fans in the spirit.  And when the team is as hot as they are right now, that part was not too tough.  I got a tattoo on my left arm (a green shamrock with a gold glitter #34 in the center) and wore a giant green foam finger.  The foam finger came in handy as I stood in the middle of the concourse tapping people on the shoulder and then pointing them in the direction of our table (two good jobs for a foam finger don’t you think?).  Our table was such a hit that night that they had to send over the security guards to stand by us the rest of the night.   Thanks Jake. 

The second night was a bit slower in sales, but not in action.  It was military night at the Garden.  Lots of uniforms in the house and lots of testosterone.  A group of sailors came over to our table and asked if they could take a picture.  Not of what we were selling, but of us.  “Sure if you make a donation.”  Then one of the sailors was called to the floor for the free throw contest.  This guy was tall.  He was taller than some of the players.  They blindfolded him and he had to make two foul shots, but from way behind the free throw line to win $5000 and free Lasik eye surgery (it is vision awareness month – maybe that is why they blindfolded him).  Anyway, this guy made them both.  The crowd went wild.  We decided to pack up the table after this because as the more excited the guys get, the more beer they drink and the more boyish they get.  I know you know what I mean.

Last night we started off pretty busy.  Paul had just taped a new video message advertising the promotion and our table.    People threw money at us, flashed us (oh did I forget to mention we gave everyone green beads when they donated), asked us what we were doing after the game, asked us to dance and asked us any question at all about Guest Relations.  We made all kinds of friends. Stretch, Christian, Joe (who truly pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket and threw $100 at me), Dr. Goldsomething,  and last but not least, Shannon. 

Shannon and his crew were a real treat.  He wore a backwards baseball cap (Red Sox) and had one of the strongest Boston accents I have heard in a long time.  He decided to help us and everytime we shouted out for donations he would add his own words in this very same strong Boston accent. When one of his friends decided to strip off his shirt and flex his muscles and beer belly (one of the largest beer bellies I have seen in a very long time), we decided it was time to go.  

Despite a few overly excited  fans (and honestly who can blame them – remember where the team was same time last year) the promotion is going well and it is for a super cause.  This is truly one of the rewards of my job and makes these stories and the characters that star in each, all worth it.  

Hey Guys! Tomorrow night we get our Green On and do it all again.