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April 16, 2008, 12:56 pm
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Today is the day we had to bring Grover in for his laser hair removal procedure. In fact, he is probably in surgery prep now.  We feel so badly for him.

I swear he sensed something was up this morning.  He always sleeps in the bed with us, and generally is very close to me, but this morning he was literally attached to me.  And kept backing in to get even closer.  As soon as we got up, he started acting a bit scared.  Even when we told him he was coming with us (which is his favorite thiing to hear besides treat), the usual sprint to the elevator and thenthe elevator dance just was not the same.  I let him sit on my lap in the car and tried to calm him down the entire way to Angell.

He forgot momentarily where he was because for a few moments he was back to his mischievous self. The poor little guy was happy as he strutted into the hospital.  He started barking and running around like a madman.  Had to go up to every dog in there, big and small, to sniff them out and see if they wanted to play.  Then we were called into the room and the nurse put a medical ID tag collar on him.  For those of you who really know Grover, this was not good.

He hates his own collar (god forbid I bring out the fleece I bought him at Louis) and truly just loves to be naked.  This new white plastic scratchy thing just made him miserable. Then they tried to walk him away from us.  Grover can be very stubborn at times and just sat down and dug in  – all four heels.  They had to carry him away.  And of course, he turned around to look at us. 

I wanted to go back and just stay with him until the actual surgery, but I knew this would only make matters worse.  In a few hours it will all be over and he will no longer be sad and scared.  The doctor said he would be back to himself by the weekend.  And the irritation in his eyes would be gone forever (well I am hoping dog laser hair removal is just like humans).

But until then we are the ones who are sad.  I mean look at the face, how can we not?