Daily Cookie

Daily Cookie

Thanks for visiting Daily Cookie.  First, I think it’s really important to tell you that I am not trying to replace or mimic Daily Candy.  In fact,  I love Daily Candy and use the Boston and New York City versions on a daily basis.  They are both full of great information and have become a regular resource for me on many occasions. 

Daily Cookie is going to be what I think about, experience and how it effects both my personal and professional life.  My friends are going to be referenced and quoted constantly, as they too are a regular source of inspiration.  

I am an Event Producer and having been coordinating, managing and hosting both corporate and not for profit events now for 11 plus years.  Yikes!  Not giving away my age here. . .but you can probably fugure it out.  What I have learned either by planning an event or going to countless ones I want to share with all of you.  

Why the name Daily Cookie?  This is one of my nicknames – not my favorite I have to confess, but one that has grown on me.  A few years back I went to visit the Mayor’s office with a long time friend and colleague, Becky, (aka the Force) for an event I was co producing for another good friend, Soosie (love the spelling huh).  The Mayor’s right hand lady came out and greeted us both with the names “Force” and “Cookie”.  Mine stuck.

Welcome to Daily Cookie.


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