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The Overnight

What to Wear Where – The Overnight

One of the perks of my job is that I get to venture to many different destinations. Some people may think this is a hardship rather than a benefit, but I truly like to travel (minus the actual flights) and explore.

So far in 2016 I have been to Florida twice, NYC, Savannah and Charleston. And this week I am at it again.

What I dislike about all the travel is all the packing and worst yet, all the unpacking. I am pretty good with long trips, but sometimes the short trips aka the overnights present a bigger challenge.

Today starts my two short, back-to-back trips. I am in NYC now for an all day planning meeting with a great new client. And tonight I am attending the USO’s 75th  Anniversary Event. The second trip this week is a weekend escape to the Cape to watch the Super Bowl.

If you ask my husband, or as I will refer to him for the purpose of this post “Mr. Carry-On Only,” he would tell you I am the worst packer, especially when it comes to my frequent trips to NYC.  But I finally think I have the formula. Hope you read that, Mr. Carry-On Only.

I pick one piece to build my outfits from and make that piece work for both days. A good start is using a color scheme. I wear a lot of black so that always works or a very neutral palette – gray, denim, camel, white, more gray and occasionally with a pop of color.

This trip it’s centered around some off black jeans that I am currently addicted to, two tops and boots. A silk blouse is always a strong option for work and dresses up your jeans. I am thankful that my job is more creative than corporate and use that to my advantage when dressing. There are a few times I need to look more professional, but the majority of the time casual chic is appropriate.

Then it is really what my career is all about: the attention to details. The look above with the ease of the shirt and accessories complete this outfit. The shirt is what makes it though. This winner by Superfine is not your typical blouse. It has a ribbed hem and sleeves and mesh pockets, which makes it that much more interesting. And the fitted drape makes it a long term staple. Luckily my evening event is casual too so a quick change into a pair of higher, sexier shoe boots will take me well into the night.

Tomorrow is about being comfy and cozy on the train home — a cashmere turtleneck sweater will be perfect. The same sweater will then be repacked for my weekend journey.  I will simply swap out a top, throw in another pair of boyfriend jeans and some work out gear and I am ready for my weekend escape.

Go Panthers!

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Almost Snowed In
January 29, 2016, 6:55 pm
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What to Wear Where – End of January

This week was all about casual comfort. From an almost snowed in weekend to a Robert Burns Supper, to working at home and a Friends and Family Dinner, I found myself looking for comfy, chic outfits that could take me from day to night with ease.

The start of the week took us to an official Robert Burns Supper at The Haven in JP. I struggled a bit in the morning with what to wear as I knew I would be coming right from a client meeting so jeans were not really an option.

Alas! Look what I found in my closet. I got these in the fall of 2014 while vacationing in Capri. I’ve worn them a few times with big chunky knits, but this Scottish dinner proved to be the best time to sport these Italian trousers.  I am now claiming this tartan the marker for FRA!

The rest of the week I was supposed to be in NYC for planning meetings, but winter storm Jonas and a change in a client’s schedule allowed me to stay put and work from home. #thankful

And finally, TGIF brings us to the grand re-opening of Uni, an excellent sashimi bar. There has been much press about this reinvention, so I’m very excited to test it out tonight. Our great friend Chef Ken Oringer is simply amazing. The week is ending unseasonably warmer so a pair of tried and true fall cargoes and a cropped sweater are just right.

I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest. I pin things all the time when they catch my attention for many reasons and purposes. One of my boards is called “Caught My Eye” and I refer to it just about every day for ideas. It’s a great way of tracking what looks, trends, designers and shops I like, and it helps me streamline my style and shopping.

Here are a few other looks of the week straight from my Pinterest board. When shopping in my own closet, I find it easier to build an outfit based on one piece or accessory that I want to showcase.

Look 1: Vegan leather aka pleather pants by Zara, a Gray 2-in-1 Crew by Band of Outsiders and Bone Fur Clogs from the No. 6 Store. This outfit took me through the day to sushi at night with friends. And yes, those are open back clogs, but so warm and cozy I walked all the way home.

Look 2: AG skinnies, my long Sunburst tee from the Raquel Allegra fall collection, a Figue Pom-Pom Cardigan that both my BFF Jodi and I scored this summer in the Hamptons and my all-time favorite Shearling Boots from the No. 6 Store. Winner!

Look 3: Ulla Johnson pants, an Autumn Cashmere cropped sweater and my Barneys New York Suede Booties (worn half zipped as taught to me by one of my BFF’s Celine).

Happy Friday!

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April 25, 2010, 11:57 pm
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The weather is shaping up despite a few downpours, and it is time for some spring cleaning and shopping.  I am officially out of hibernation and ready to put some pep in my step and new fashion tips and trends to the test. I would like to dedicate this post to Rachel, the one who truly with one plea for help, inspired me to get out of my uggs and into my groove.  

Spring fashion is all over the map – literally. Knowing what you love and what looks good on your body is now more important than ever. And I find as I get older, the easiest way to always look good. The trends do not work on everyone and are not appropriate for everyplace. Sort through the magazines, try on many styles and cuts before you buy whether in a store or on-line and shop your own closet for pieces that you can make work now and that finish many different outfits. Remember fashion is fun, and spring and summer are the times to dress to make you feel more youthful and happy.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up! For shoes this season, it is either sky-high or flat as a pancake for me.  There is NO in-between. I am still loving wedges – added height, comfort and stability.  The ones that are hot now are with cork or rope heels or wooden – a modern take on the clog.  The idea is to elongate the leg, so wear them with dresses and shorts or with skinny jeans that you can roll and cuff at the ankle.  High clogs also look great with a wide leg jean.  I have my eye on two pairs from Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta.

I am also loving flat sandals – yes I just said that! Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my heels, but a cool pair of new gladiators, with a zipper closure  or an embellished thong can be super hot too. It’s about proportions here, try them on with your outfit – you will know instantly if your leg needs more height or if you can rock the laid back vibe. Sometimes heels with everything make you look like you are trying too hard. Lately for me, running around Boston or NYC has been easier in my favorite distressed riding boots.  This look translates well to a great pair of sandals or even my tried and true metallic havaianas.  I pack the heels for dinners or events. Some sandals I am considering are , “they were so hot last year they brought them back” snake beaded from Calypso, a suede neutral by Antik Batik and a gorgeous warm brown zip up gladiator from Givenchy. And K. Jacques always has some great leather sandals and wedges at very reasonable price points. Years ago, I bought two pairs at Jeffery NYC, a pair of gold wedges and turquoise suede flip flops, that are still in great shape and style.   

There are tons of great heels out there now.  The platform is still fresh and anything with numerous straps, cut outs, chain links or zippers are on fire. I avoid the overly ornate or sculptured heel, those will be so last season so fast and not a good ROI.  I already bought a pair of LAMB super high, cut out, open toe booties.  I have been sporting them with skinny jeans and must admit as soon as I zip these up, I feel like a true rock star. Balenciaga also has a killer pair of heels this season with a soft piece of black leather in the front that looks bad-ass off and I assume does wonders for your leg on.  And Prada, one of my favorite brands for style and comfort, has some gorgeous platform pumps for both work and play.  The open weave Louboutins look fierce and I am such a fan of that bright red bottom, but I don’t think will be that comfortable after hours on your feet.  My advice is buy one or two pairs now that you love and can wear many different way.  Then wait until a couple of months for all the summer sales and you can scoop up one or two more!

I am not sure of the socks with sandals look.  It never worked on Papa and I am not sure it will work on me either.  If you are tempted to venture down this sock path, I would try them with a cropped pant and a bootie or a midcalf dress with a high sandal.   

Okay now lets move our way up to pants.  Denim is everywhere.  Jeans, pants and dresses.  And god help us, the jean jacket is back too.  And back for another season, the skinny silhouette is the rage.  I am still loving my AG Adriano Goldschmied stilts but I got a new, lighter wash.  These look great with heels or flats.  I would like to try on the J Brand/Duarte jeans for that rocker Balmain look which a part of me will always love. But you will also find some baggier styles out there too.  This tomboy look is fab with a tank or oversized button down tucked in with a great belt. 

Cargo pants are also all over the streets because of the utilitarian chic trend.  I love cargo pants and think you can wear them day or night.  I want to try the J Brand  – they are super skinny and with a great soft tee and slouchy blazer and the right jewelry make a hip outfit or are “celebrity casual” and perfect with an oversized super soft, lightweight cashmere v-neck sweater on a cool summer night.  And I am loving the glitter meets military look. Recently for dinner, I paired an army green pair of fitted Proenza Schouler chinos with an oversized gold sequined Gryphon tank and super high heels.  All of which may I add were reinvented by shopping my closet.

Soft pants are current now too.  These I have mixed feelings about – I am not a fan of the overly loose, draped or bloused dhoti styles but do like an easy fluid menswear inspired pair in a neutral shade or classic black.  I bought some in black silk by Isabel Marant that I plan to wear with a knit or cashmere tank and a great long, bold necklace and be polished enough for work meetings or with a simple cotton tank and wedges for a summer outing. The key with these is to balance the softness with something more tailored like a vest and someting simple on top.  Richard Chai also has a great pair and I bet you Banana Republic has a few styles that won’t break the bank.     

Who wears short shorts? Honestly if you are somewhere around that jailbait age or got the tan legs to do them justice, go for it for day or night.  If not, stick to a tailored pair of trouser shorts with a grown up strappy platform or wedge and a blazer or shirt for dress up daywear or a cute pair of cut offs or low slung short shorts with a great striped top for weekends.  I even like the pockets hanging out if paired correctly with a french inspired striped top (can’t go wrong with the St James striped tops at Calypso) and a pair of flips, laceless sneakers or if you dare sneaker wedges.  This is not your typical Daisy Duke outfit. I picture this on a ferry or at a picnic.

Today I went shopping with BFF Candy and we tested some of the above advice and targets.  I ended up getting another pair of the AG stilt jeans but in white.  White jeans are a summer staple.  The AG stilts are soft and look great on the leg. . . even in white.  And I did splurge and got the J Brand cargos.  (I had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket. . . thank you Di!) I also purchased an adorable pair of G-One short shorts – 100% linen, low slung and super casual. They reek vacation and beach weekends.  With a simple navy or white tank and my havaianas, I will be good to go!        

Next up dresses, tops, jackets and the accessories to wear with it all. I am out of hibernation and only starting to feel the heat. Stay tuned!

June 30, 2007, 1:32 pm
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My sweet little pooch Grover sat perched on top of one of my bags in the back of the car.  That basically reveals how much room was left in our SUV on the trip last night from the city across the bridge to the beach.  I am not a light packer. I suffer from Over Packing Disorder.

There was approximately the top of one small Tumi suitcase available between the bags containing clothes, contents from the “take to the Cape closet”, groceries, more bags containing clothes,  the bag of magazines to read, hang up clothes, the bag of shoes, a few loose decorative items I picked up this week, Grover’s bag (he has his very own), more bags containing clothes, our dinner (which I made sure the cashier put in a separate bag for the ride)  and my husband’s assorted golf items thrown in the way back.     

A passerby would think that we were on our way to a brand new place, moving in for the entire summer and filling barren cabinets and closets.  We have owned this summer home for 13 years now.  The closet is about as big as a small studio apartment in NYC and its already full with what I have labeled as my “summer” clothes.  So what pray-tell was I bringing for this long week stay?

That would be my “favorites.”  I have tried buying two of everything but this only works to a point.  All the household items are great examples – kitchen utensils, linens, cleaning products,  electronics, and so on.  Bathing suits, Gap tee shirts, Fresh body lotions, tinted moisturizers, underwear, socks, hair products, work out clothes and some face products are some others.   The rest I am sorry to report goes back and forth.   

I have also tried to pack light and plan out my outfits.  Each time, I failed miserably.  Just as I know I thrive in the fast lane, I have also realized I need my “stuff”.   Which explains why I brought 6 pairs of jeans on this trip when honestly I will probaly spend 90% of my time here in a bikini (have about 12 of those stashed), a sundress or my tried and true Cape jeans.   

It all comes down to the comfort of knowing you have choices.  So at this point in my life I have been diagnosed (some self diagnosed but nonetheless) with ADD, OCD and now OPD.

Hope you have a great weekend – I have to go unpack. 

About Daily Cookie
June 24, 2007, 7:53 pm
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Thanks for visiting Daily Cookie.  First, I think it’s really important to tell you that I am not trying to replace or mimic Daily Candy.  In fact,  I love Daily Candy and use the Boston and New York City versions on a daily basis.  They are both full of great information and have become a regular resource for me on many occasions. 

Daily Cookie is going to be what I think about, experience and how it effects both my personal and professional life.  My friends are going to be referenced and quoted constantly, as they too are a regular source of inspiration.  

I am an Event Producer and having been coordinating, managing and hosting celebrity, corporate and not for profit events now for 11 plus years.  Yikes!  Not giving away my age here. . .but you can probably figure it out.  What I have learned either by planning an event or going to countless ones I want to share with all of you.  

Why the name Daily Cookie?  This is one of my nicknames – not my favorite I have to confess, but one that has grown on me.  A few years back I went to visit the Mayor’s office with a long time friend and colleague, Becky, (aka the Force) for an event I was co producing for another good friend, Soosie (love the spelling huh).  The Mayor’s right hand lady came out and greeted us both with the names “Force” and “Cookie”.  Mine stuck.

Welcome to Daily Cookie.