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Save the Date
February 1, 2016, 3:49 pm
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NEVYs_STD-26-2016_v19We have recently consulted and helped produce two Save the Dates (or STDs as we call them in the biz) for upcoming events, and I thought it was a good time to talk about their importance.

By way of background, a STD shares a lot more than just the actual date. They are a call to action and an event marketing tactic in their simplest form.

Save the Dates promote an event and build excitement and anticipation the minute they are received. And they build attendance by giving guests advance notice so they can plan their calendars accordingly. This is especially helpful in event seasons (spring, fall and holiday). As anyone in this industry understands, events jockey for position. Many times who attends your event is more important than when it is. If this is a significant factor and you want the executives or your group of besties there, get your event on their calendars early.

Advance notice is also helpful with any destination events. The added time provides better planning for hotel, travel and a variety of other logistics including what to wear — there I go bringing my post right back to fashion! But seriously, this is a key factor too.

Save the Dates also allow us as the professional planners to help our clients plan their guest lists well in advance. This gives both sides some concrete numbers to work with and aids in budget forecasting.  All of this translates to less stress in the long run.

Take for example the STD featured here: this went out last night and already there is a buzz percolating about this May event. I have received a couple of emails from vendors who want the business. And at first glance of our chosen theme, I know the audience is already scouring the internet for chaps. What a great way to kick off the event.

Yee Haw!

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April 25, 2010, 11:57 pm
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The weather is shaping up despite a few downpours, and it is time for some spring cleaning and shopping.  I am officially out of hibernation and ready to put some pep in my step and new fashion tips and trends to the test. I would like to dedicate this post to Rachel, the one who truly with one plea for help, inspired me to get out of my uggs and into my groove.  

Spring fashion is all over the map – literally. Knowing what you love and what looks good on your body is now more important than ever. And I find as I get older, the easiest way to always look good. The trends do not work on everyone and are not appropriate for everyplace. Sort through the magazines, try on many styles and cuts before you buy whether in a store or on-line and shop your own closet for pieces that you can make work now and that finish many different outfits. Remember fashion is fun, and spring and summer are the times to dress to make you feel more youthful and happy.

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up! For shoes this season, it is either sky-high or flat as a pancake for me.  There is NO in-between. I am still loving wedges – added height, comfort and stability.  The ones that are hot now are with cork or rope heels or wooden – a modern take on the clog.  The idea is to elongate the leg, so wear them with dresses and shorts or with skinny jeans that you can roll and cuff at the ankle.  High clogs also look great with a wide leg jean.  I have my eye on two pairs from Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta.

I am also loving flat sandals – yes I just said that! Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my heels, but a cool pair of new gladiators, with a zipper closure  or an embellished thong can be super hot too. It’s about proportions here, try them on with your outfit – you will know instantly if your leg needs more height or if you can rock the laid back vibe. Sometimes heels with everything make you look like you are trying too hard. Lately for me, running around Boston or NYC has been easier in my favorite distressed riding boots.  This look translates well to a great pair of sandals or even my tried and true metallic havaianas.  I pack the heels for dinners or events. Some sandals I am considering are , “they were so hot last year they brought them back” snake beaded from Calypso, a suede neutral by Antik Batik and a gorgeous warm brown zip up gladiator from Givenchy. And K. Jacques always has some great leather sandals and wedges at very reasonable price points. Years ago, I bought two pairs at Jeffery NYC, a pair of gold wedges and turquoise suede flip flops, that are still in great shape and style.   

There are tons of great heels out there now.  The platform is still fresh and anything with numerous straps, cut outs, chain links or zippers are on fire. I avoid the overly ornate or sculptured heel, those will be so last season so fast and not a good ROI.  I already bought a pair of LAMB super high, cut out, open toe booties.  I have been sporting them with skinny jeans and must admit as soon as I zip these up, I feel like a true rock star. Balenciaga also has a killer pair of heels this season with a soft piece of black leather in the front that looks bad-ass off and I assume does wonders for your leg on.  And Prada, one of my favorite brands for style and comfort, has some gorgeous platform pumps for both work and play.  The open weave Louboutins look fierce and I am such a fan of that bright red bottom, but I don’t think will be that comfortable after hours on your feet.  My advice is buy one or two pairs now that you love and can wear many different way.  Then wait until a couple of months for all the summer sales and you can scoop up one or two more!

I am not sure of the socks with sandals look.  It never worked on Papa and I am not sure it will work on me either.  If you are tempted to venture down this sock path, I would try them with a cropped pant and a bootie or a midcalf dress with a high sandal.   

Okay now lets move our way up to pants.  Denim is everywhere.  Jeans, pants and dresses.  And god help us, the jean jacket is back too.  And back for another season, the skinny silhouette is the rage.  I am still loving my AG Adriano Goldschmied stilts but I got a new, lighter wash.  These look great with heels or flats.  I would like to try on the J Brand/Duarte jeans for that rocker Balmain look which a part of me will always love. But you will also find some baggier styles out there too.  This tomboy look is fab with a tank or oversized button down tucked in with a great belt. 

Cargo pants are also all over the streets because of the utilitarian chic trend.  I love cargo pants and think you can wear them day or night.  I want to try the J Brand  – they are super skinny and with a great soft tee and slouchy blazer and the right jewelry make a hip outfit or are “celebrity casual” and perfect with an oversized super soft, lightweight cashmere v-neck sweater on a cool summer night.  And I am loving the glitter meets military look. Recently for dinner, I paired an army green pair of fitted Proenza Schouler chinos with an oversized gold sequined Gryphon tank and super high heels.  All of which may I add were reinvented by shopping my closet.

Soft pants are current now too.  These I have mixed feelings about – I am not a fan of the overly loose, draped or bloused dhoti styles but do like an easy fluid menswear inspired pair in a neutral shade or classic black.  I bought some in black silk by Isabel Marant that I plan to wear with a knit or cashmere tank and a great long, bold necklace and be polished enough for work meetings or with a simple cotton tank and wedges for a summer outing. The key with these is to balance the softness with something more tailored like a vest and someting simple on top.  Richard Chai also has a great pair and I bet you Banana Republic has a few styles that won’t break the bank.     

Who wears short shorts? Honestly if you are somewhere around that jailbait age or got the tan legs to do them justice, go for it for day or night.  If not, stick to a tailored pair of trouser shorts with a grown up strappy platform or wedge and a blazer or shirt for dress up daywear or a cute pair of cut offs or low slung short shorts with a great striped top for weekends.  I even like the pockets hanging out if paired correctly with a french inspired striped top (can’t go wrong with the St James striped tops at Calypso) and a pair of flips, laceless sneakers or if you dare sneaker wedges.  This is not your typical Daisy Duke outfit. I picture this on a ferry or at a picnic.

Today I went shopping with BFF Candy and we tested some of the above advice and targets.  I ended up getting another pair of the AG stilt jeans but in white.  White jeans are a summer staple.  The AG stilts are soft and look great on the leg. . . even in white.  And I did splurge and got the J Brand cargos.  (I had a gift certificate that was burning a hole in my pocket. . . thank you Di!) I also purchased an adorable pair of G-One short shorts – 100% linen, low slung and super casual. They reek vacation and beach weekends.  With a simple navy or white tank and my havaianas, I will be good to go!        

Next up dresses, tops, jackets and the accessories to wear with it all. I am out of hibernation and only starting to feel the heat. Stay tuned!

The Year in Review
December 31, 2009, 11:00 am
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it has been over two months since I last blogged. (I did post our Christmas menu though. . . scroll down and take a look.)  Well, actually I can believe it.  November and December whizzed by – just about as fast if not faster than the entire year.

Why is it that as we get older, time goes by so much quicker? I must admit, I am glad this year is coming to an end. I made this comment the other day to Mike and although he agreed, he was also quick to point out that I had quite the year.

2009 brought me to a few new places and to a place that I thoroughly enjoy,  but had not visited in quite some time.  I went skiing in Utah, vacationed in St Barths, partied like a rock star in the Hamptons and went on a birth tour with one of my BFFs in Montreal.

Event wise, I produced a TV premiere, launched a national comedy tour, raised hundreds of thousands for charity, conga-ed with the Capitals, worked with the VP Biden camp and the Secret Service and had mother Nature “majorly” crash one of my parties.

Personally, I had quite the year too. . . although none of it as glamorous as my professional life.  I persevered my second root canal and then early this fall, went under the knife.  I discovered through both that I have quite a high tolerance for pain, but not for worry.  All summer I was convinced I was sick.  I did have a health issue and tried not to think about it and to stay positive, but at night when you close your eyes there are just some things you can not shut out.  Because of this,  I learned what a real support system does for you emotionally and physically and as a result, became a better wife, daughter, niece, cousin and friend. I also tried to master not worrying about what I cannot control.  I still have much practice to do on that front, but it was a start.  And then I also learned first hand what the delivery of good news does to you and everyone around you.   It changes your perspective on just about everything.

I watched my husband take on a new project that in the end just let him down.  I learn from him just about every day that mistakes are okay and our own personal failures only make us stronger. The combination of the two make us succeed when it matters most.  That good things come to those who wait and that money does not buy happiness.

Both of our Christmas cards this year had the same basic message and from the opposite end of the spectrum from last year.  Last year reflected the doom and gloom of the economy and was all about slashed prices.  This year our personal annual CD was titled “Peace, Love and Good Tunes” and boasted some new fun songs but some classic feel goods too.  My work cards read inbright-colored letters “Hope, Peace and Cookies,” and I delivered them with boxes of Barbara Lynch’s home-made cookies.  Both frivolous for sure, but the message was loud and clear.

2010 is a day away and I am ready for everything it brings. My New Year’s resolutions are simple and mirror the sentiment of the holiday cards.   I watched one of my favorite holiday movies last night, The Holiday, and Jude Law’s character is what really inspired me to write today.  It’s the comfort of the things we know, the fantasy of that we don’t and the little things like cookies and great songs that make us who we are.  That is how we get from one day to the next.

I wish you lots of those little things and in true Daily Cookie form,  I know money does not buy happiness, but it does not exactly fend it off either.  So here is more to spend in 2010.

Happy New Year!

June 15, 2009, 7:13 pm
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Spoon (spoon) v. 1. To cuddle in a spoonlike position.

Had to share this Kodak moment because no one would have ever believed me otherwise!  Me, Grover and Grover’s new all-time favorite toy got it down pat (no pun intended) last night.

Grover was curled up in the crook of my arm with his back and little butt all cozied up to me.  He also brought his new best friend (a birthday gift) to bed with him and positioned that thing underneath his paw and cozied up to him.  It was a three way spoon.    

The salty air does wonders for me.  I sleep like a baby when we are on the Cape.  And apparently so does my pooch.

May 19, 2009, 3:28 pm
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Pierre Hardy shoe

Hello handsome.  Where have you been and why aren’t you on my foot? Meet my latest crush.  This particular one is in black, but I covet his younger brother in  gold.  

He caught my eye last week as I was killing time in NYC and decided to peruse the shoe department at Barneys.  Mike was with me and he actually fell in love with this shoe too.  Or at least he acknowledged that this 5.5 inches of pure bliss was fierce and understood my obsession. . . well almost.  But it was a good start. 

There was a young woman trying them on next to the bench seat where my not-so-overly enthusiastic, but obliging husband had parked himself while I dashed around.   She did not buy the shoe, which I am actually glad because personally, I don’t think she could have done this filly justice.  

For me, it was love at first sight.  However I used restraint and left my latest lover safely on display.  I am simply going to wait until everything that is anything  goes on sale in just a few short weeks.  Then I will move in for the kill.

Each spring, two of my BFFs and I spend some quality time in NYC celebrating birthdays, shopping, gossiping and having fun.  Most recently, we have established a fun shoe tradition.  We all buy the exact same pair of shoe and sport it around all season.  And we tend to purchase ones that are not super trendy so we can wear them again and again too.  And every time we wear them, we think of each other. Now that is a bonus on our ROI.   Prada has been our pick for the past few years, but this season I think a new candidate is in town.

So girls, what do you think of my Pierre Hardy fishnet sandals? Do you have a new crush too?

April 11, 2009, 10:51 pm
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In general, I am not a baseball fan.  I am not a crazy, obsessed member of Red Sox nation. And I am by no means a jersey chaser.   I can however appreciate those who are, and can almost understand why they get so wrapped up in it all at times. 

And I admit I enjoy going to baseball games.  Not to sit there for nine long innings, but rather to do what I do best.  I like to hop around the clubs or luxury suites socializing with people.  To me it is an event.  If we are winning, and this puts everyone I am socializing with in an even better mood, well than that is a bonus.   

Last week, I went to the Red Sox’s first night game and got the chance to go on the field.  Now this is worth bragging about.  Baseball fan or not, once standing on the field, you feel pretty damn special.   Morgan Dorr, the lead singer of Endway, the incredible band my husband is now managing, sang the National Anthem.  He was great.  We the groupies got to tag along on field for his moment.    

My friend Traci took this photo with her phone.  You have to admit, I did okay sporting those pigtails under that cute little basball cap adorned with a mini pink “B.” No one would have ever guessed I was only there for the music and the EMC Club.  She then immediately uploaded it to FB (got to love Facebook).  The responses came fast and furious – wondering why she, a tried and true Yankees fan, was standing with a girl wearing a Red Sox hat and how amazing it was that we got down so close to the field.

We were on the field.

That feeling, Morgan’s stirring rendition of the anthem, the apres field cocktail and the group gathering at La Verdad all made for a super night.  Hey wait a minute, I think I could be a fan after all.

24 Hours with a 12 Year Old.
January 4, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Happy 2009! New Years always force people to think about and make changes in their lives.  The resolutions are listed on some task list and many are recycled from year to year.  This year I decided instead of the regular resolutions (get in shape, lose the extra holiday lbs, learn something new and so on. . .) I would make a list of intentions.  

I think Mike did too and one of his intentions was to spend more time with his family.  All of a sudden I was thinking about what I intended to do with our 12 year old nephew who he had invited to spend 24 hours with us this weekend.

12 year old girl, not a problem. I could think of a bunch of places to take her, Mia’s for a manicure, the Copley  for an early introduction to Barney’s,  J Crew for the after Christmas sale (she would fit into an XS) and lunch with the girls.  A boy presents a different story. 

Cameron arrived Friday at 4PM.  Mike was not at home. . .of course he ran into traffic after leaving the recording studio.  So there I was at home still in my sweaty work out gear with my nephew.  The first task at hand was getting Grover to tolerate another “kid” in the house.  He is quite territorial and I have to say a bit spoiled.   By the time the two had bonded, Mike walked in the door and I was able to shower and get ready for dinner.  

My one good idea was to take Cameron to one of our favorite restaurants Shabu Zen.  It is Japanese crock pot cooking and you make/cook everything yourself at the table.  It is fun and healthy.  Cameron loves to cook and to eat, so he was very excited.   On the table was a number of dishes with mix ins for the sauce.  Everything you cook is flavored by the sauce you create – mild to extra spicy.  Mike instructed Cam to taste each to see what he liked.  He forgot to tell him the little green seed things were chilis.   Four glasses of ice water and a banana smoothie later and he was fine.  He actually loved the dining experience and ate all the shrimp and scallops. On the way hme we stopped at the Bleacher Bar to show him one of Mike’s projects and an inside view of Fenway Park. 

We got home around 8ish and decide to watch a movie.  I had been dying to see WALL*E and thought having a real live kid in the house was the perfect occasion. Okay 12 year olds talk and I mean — a lot,  any subject and they know it all and have all the answers.  I was on the couch in the middle of Mike (now snoring to beat the band), Grover who had wedged himself  between me and Cam and Cam who was providing play-by-play commentary punctuated by the non-stop “. . . but Aunt Christine, robots can’t fall in love, they are not programmed that way.  They do not have any feelings.”  I am a still a sucker for a good romantic comedy and finally made everyone go to bed only so we could wake up the next morning to watch the end.  

I woke up to the sound and smell of breakfast.   Mike and Cam were in the kitchen making us buttermilk pancakes. We ate and then watched the end of the movie.  We had to explain to Cam that the Japanese had made a robot that does have human emotions.  Logic is the only way to reason with a 12 year old.  He listened and I enjoyed the rest of the movie in peace.

Next on our agenda was bowling.  We walked to Kings and were the first ones there. Cam threw a strike on his first ball! The rest did not go so great but he tried.  Mike and I were a bit rusty but we managed to have a blast.  I bowled a 103 my second string and was the winner so I really had a blast.

We walked back home after bowling and ate lunch at another one of our local and highly frequented spots Sonsie .  12 year olds are not impressed by the number of people you know or by the fact that a drink is named after their almost famous Aunt.  Mike and Cam spent the rest of the afternoon on his computer playing Mike’s favorite new game Spore. I tried to create a creature but was told my Greckazoid although very cute, would never survive in early life.  I replied he could charm his way out of situations and it was better to be a lover than a fighter and then seized the opportunity to take a nap.  

We really had a great time with Cam but the 24 hours passed very quickly and it was time to take him home.   I think he was the most sad about leaving Spore.  If he wasn’t playing it, he was talking about the game.  Continuously.  Again, we had to use logic and tell him that it was always better to listen than to be a talker.  You could almost see the wheels turning in his brain as he tried to figure that one out. 

Finally we explained to our 12 year old guest, the more he listened, the more he would learn.