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March 3, 2016, 2:53 pm
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flightGreetings from the sky. I read a recent post from a fellow blogger that resonated with me because we both have to travel all the time for our jobs and share a fear of flying. Of course she is a well-paid (and even better well-dressed) fashion blogger who was on her way to Paris with many show invites to PFW, and I am just an event producer doing my thing. To find out she was afraid of flying too made me feel a little better.

Here I am sitting on a JetBlue flight on my way to Miami for both work and play – well okay one day of work but nonetheless, I am in the friendly skies again. The plane just started to shake (a lot) and the Captain came on asking us to return to our seats and fasten our seatbelts. I immediately tense up, look out the window for any visible signs of bad weather and grab whatever I can to hold on to (in this case its my laptop). Michael (my hubby who remember is the quick and efficient packer and very experienced and obnoxiously calm flyer) just leaned over from across the aisle and mouthed to me “OMG,”  which of course was a joke, but just fueled my fears even more. Welcome to my world. Its either that or he sends me statistics about flying, how turbulence is nothing to be afraid of, blah blah blah.

None of which helps when you are smack in the middle of rough air.

Normally I travel with my “airplane medicine” as one of my BFFs and esteemed doctor friends Alex calls it. But today’s 7AM flight time and the fact that once I land I am representing a well respected client and in back-to-back meetings straight through dinner  didn’t really warrant the meds. Hence I remembered what Sophie would do. The only problem is that in my frenzy to wrap my week and prep for this trip, I forgot to download the meditation app she recommended.

I am going to do that as soon as I am safe on the ground. Now If I could only shop her closet,  I am sure that would eliminate more of my fears too.

And just like that, the seatbelt sign went off and the wonderful JetBlue pilots found us some smooth air. The Captain came on again and this time told us to sit back and enjoy the flight. I wonder if they read my blog?

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The Science Project
February 15, 2016, 10:40 pm
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Valentine’s Day, like almost every other holiday we celebrate, is really just another event. This year I decided to bake cakes to celebrate the day.

Martha Stewart proudly posted a perfect, super styled photo of a hidden heart pound cake on Instagram. It caught my eye and I thought how fun and what a great way to bake my love and recognize this event. Plus after my self inflicted Christmas gift wrapping project, I figured I could easily tackle a ton of butter and some pink food coloring. After about two minutes of thinking how and when, I decided to make one for Mike, one for my parents and one for my in-laws and visited Amazon to see how fast they could deliver a loaf pan and heart shaped cookie cutters.

I love learning new things and always pick up a few pointers from all my events. Below is what I learned on February 14, 2016:

  • I am not a baker.  I love to cook, but have my own way of doing things and following recipes. Let’s just say, I am not precise. Everything else I tackle in my life has been pretty spot on, baking. . . not so much.
  • Organic food coloring from Whole Foods might be slightly better for you, but does not work.  You need gel food coloring when you want the colors to actually look like colors. Thanks JoeDee.
  • I am a pretty determined control freak. I made 8 cakes to get it right. And micromanaged my poor Valentine and our friend Marcelene on their respective tasks. Truth be told, I didn’t really just learn this – but it is applicable here.
  • Events are a labor of love. See above, I did succeed.

And last but not least. . .

  • Baking is a science project.

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Almost Snowed In
January 29, 2016, 6:55 pm
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What to Wear Where – End of January

This week was all about casual comfort. From an almost snowed in weekend to a Robert Burns Supper, to working at home and a Friends and Family Dinner, I found myself looking for comfy, chic outfits that could take me from day to night with ease.

The start of the week took us to an official Robert Burns Supper at The Haven in JP. I struggled a bit in the morning with what to wear as I knew I would be coming right from a client meeting so jeans were not really an option.

Alas! Look what I found in my closet. I got these in the fall of 2014 while vacationing in Capri. I’ve worn them a few times with big chunky knits, but this Scottish dinner proved to be the best time to sport these Italian trousers.  I am now claiming this tartan the marker for FRA!

The rest of the week I was supposed to be in NYC for planning meetings, but winter storm Jonas and a change in a client’s schedule allowed me to stay put and work from home. #thankful

And finally, TGIF brings us to the grand re-opening of Uni, an excellent sashimi bar. There has been much press about this reinvention, so I’m very excited to test it out tonight. Our great friend Chef Ken Oringer is simply amazing. The week is ending unseasonably warmer so a pair of tried and true fall cargoes and a cropped sweater are just right.

I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest. I pin things all the time when they catch my attention for many reasons and purposes. One of my boards is called “Caught My Eye” and I refer to it just about every day for ideas. It’s a great way of tracking what looks, trends, designers and shops I like, and it helps me streamline my style and shopping.

Here are a few other looks of the week straight from my Pinterest board. When shopping in my own closet, I find it easier to build an outfit based on one piece or accessory that I want to showcase.

Look 1: Vegan leather aka pleather pants by Zara, a Gray 2-in-1 Crew by Band of Outsiders and Bone Fur Clogs from the No. 6 Store. This outfit took me through the day to sushi at night with friends. And yes, those are open back clogs, but so warm and cozy I walked all the way home.

Look 2: AG skinnies, my long Sunburst tee from the Raquel Allegra fall collection, a Figue Pom-Pom Cardigan that both my BFF Jodi and I scored this summer in the Hamptons and my all-time favorite Shearling Boots from the No. 6 Store. Winner!

Look 3: Ulla Johnson pants, an Autumn Cashmere cropped sweater and my Barneys New York Suede Booties (worn half zipped as taught to me by one of my BFF’s Celine).

Happy Friday!

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Daily Cookie Redux
March 29, 2015, 9:23 pm
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2014-10-21 19.50.24 copy

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

I am Christine and live in Boston. I have been an event producer for over 18 years now and I love every minute of it.

It was only after working some pretty cool events over the past five years that I realized I really missed writing about these experiences. Obviously there are many other amazing event producers and bloggers out there, but I am not always convinced how real they are. I am personally drawn to and inspired by the personal style elements: the ones that really made me feel like I was at the event and/or like I really knew the person.

With that in mind, I jumped in with both feet and seven years ago I tried my hand at it myself and started the Daily Cookie. I published my first welcome letter back in 2007 and after just re-reading it now, I have determined that not much has changed about me. On the other hand, my company, Front Row Associates, has grown like a weed.

I wish I had a more exciting story about my blog name. Truth is way back when, the Mayor’s special events director called me Cookie and it stuck.

Over the past 5 years, my events really became my full time job. I suppose it was a natural progression. My husband Michael and I do not have children and instead, my priority became my business. I’m not saying Front Row wasn’t important before but as the years went by, my priority became elevated.

My blog and posts on various social media outlets always resulted in many questions about style, resources, technique and ideas. I would love my blog to not only be a part of me but to also serve as a tool for anyone that visits.

Living and working in Boston has many benefits. There are all those championships for one and the sense of community here provides the perfect roots. But I love to travel and am very fortunate to be able to do so. Being an event producer is a very interesting and fast paced profession. This comes with great opportunities. I have the chance to work with some of my favorite influencers, brands, causes, athletes, actors and expand my business. I get to dress up, take control and sometimes help change the world.

Having your own business is truly the best self motivator. Thank you to all my wonderful clients and friends who have helped me along the way. Going forward, I hope Daily Cookie makes you proud and I encourage you to provide feedback and let me know if there is anything you would like to read about.

In the meantime, I promise to share everything about my events – the who, the what and of course, the wear.

Welcome to the Daily Cookie Redux.