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May 4, 2009, 1:56 pm
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Yes my friends, a jumpsuit.  This spring and summer, when I am asked what I am wearing to an event or for a fun night out with my hubby or posse, that will be my answer.

I must admit, I too was skeptical about these babies, but after my young, hip salesgirl at Barneys told me to “just try it on,”¬†I was hooked.¬†¬†

Last month,¬†I was shopping for my trip to St Barths.¬† Because of the horrendous economy and my schedule, I had not been shopping in a while.¬† ¬†But¬†I had a gift certificate from Christmas to one of my all time favorite stores and decided my vacation to this trendy, hot spot needed something fabulous and new.¬†¬†I tried on a¬†bunch of pieces – ¬†tops, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses.¬† None of which¬†I really loved or loved enough¬†to pull the trigger.¬†¬†My twenty-something¬†¬†rail thin stylista asked me where¬†I was going.¬† When¬†I told her my destination,¬†I thought she was going to jump right out of her boyfriend jeans she was so excited.¬† “Oh my God, I absolutely love St Barths. . .I was potty trained there.”¬† I felt like replying when about 10 years ago, but¬†refrained.¬† She obviously had spent some time on this chic island and could therefore be of use to me.¬†¬†¬†

She then pointed me in the direction of the central mannequin.  This tall also rail thin plastic creature was sporting a jumpsuit.  And convinced me that this would be perfect for my trip and become one of my favorite things to wear all season.  I tried it on and immediately felt rail thin, glamorous, current and oh so chic. 

My jumpsuit is black with spaghetti straps, a drawstring waist and long wider legs.  A new designer to the scene. . . and is fierce.  The tie belt is great alone or with a bigger belt over it.  I suggest opting for black if you are a newbie to this look.  It is easiest to dress up or down and the most flattering.

I wore my one piece wonder out in St Barths with super high gold heels, chunky gold jewelry and a tan.  I felt like a million bucks and had quite the night as a result.  

Now that we are finally enjoying some good spring weather and my social calendar is filling up again,¬†I can’t wait to wear it again.¬† A great cropped leather jacket will complete the look one night and a huge waist cincher with some funky gladiators another.¬† The possibilities are endless.¬†

I know this is a leap of faith.  But go ahead, make the jump!

Fall 2008: Fashionista meets Recessionista
September 22, 2008, 5:53 pm
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First let me apologize for my lack of posts since Labor Day.¬† Once fall arrives, my schedule does not allow me enough free time to do the things I love to do.¬† But I must say it is my most favorite season to dress.¬† I love boots, sweaters and jackets.¬† This season however my buying in general will be kept to a minimum due to the current economic crisis. I do not know what got more media play this past week, the crash of the stock¬†market or the crash of Sarah Palin thanks to one very talented Tina Fey (she was spot on with that accent).¬† But I do know that¬†the current market blows¬†and the upcoming election woes are severely effecting the retail market.¬†¬†I have just started my fall shopping and this fashionista’s purchasing power¬†is being battled by the¬†dreaded word recession.¬†¬†

So when approaching my wardrobe this season, I thought it would be helpful to list a few categories and my top ten picks for fall to assist me in figuring out what I truly need versus what I really want. Now through next weekend I will go through my closets and do the annual weeding which translates to the keep, the store and the pieces that will be shipped off to the consignment shop.  Then I will be better equipped to shop and really identify the pieces to buy this season to mix and match with what I already have.  My advice and what I have come to embrace as I get older, is to invest in the classics Р a great bag, shoe or jacket will make any outfit current, luxurious and cool.  Trust me, the super trendy pieces that look good on the pages of a glossy magazine will only drain your bank account and mark you as a fashion victim. Buy what looks good on you and in fabrics and colors that will outlive their wear and always make you feel like a million bucks. 

1.¬†Boots – I am looking for tall, black boots with a chunky flat to mid-size heel.¬† I need a black version of my tried and true brown suede Prada mototcycle boots that I wear to death.¬† The black version I will¬†run around the city with skinny jeans or leggings tucked in and great jackets or cardigans layered and belted.¬† I have my eye on Chloe’s Tall Bay Boot.¬†And they may even make my brown ones feel new again.¬†As for shoes, I¬†would like a great sophisticated pair of platform pumps.

2. Pants Рhonestly seem to come in all sizes and shapes.  I think I can get by with two new pairs.  A great fitting killer black wool/cashmere blend and perhaps one other that is either a classy tweed with a stovepipe leg or a higher waist.  Oh and leggings even though I am so not a fan.  But I am finally giving in.  They are comfortable and appear to be here for a little while longer.  I suggest black leggings that look like pants.  I will wear mine under floral dresses and/or with longer tunics, jackets and sweaters. I have been resistant to try the ones from The Row.  They are overpriced in my opinion, but after trying them on this weekend, I am hooked. They work the best and will last.    

3.¬† Sweaters –¬†Knits are everywhere this season as both layering pieces and as jackets.¬† I go for the super soft, super comfy or super sexy.¬†¬†I bought a great shrunken cashmere vest and a longer cocoa brown tunic with a great¬†turtle neck.¬† I want¬†a¬†baggier v-neck¬†to pair with skinny jeans and boots, to wear over a silk ruffle shirt¬† tucked into a pencil skirt with a skinny belt or with¬†a great pair of fitted leg trousers and a killer heel. Invest here, with proper care they will last.¬†¬†

4. Jeans Рthis season I am looking for two styles.  Pin straight legs in the darkest shade of blue imaginable to wear tucked in or over boots and with just about anything on top.  (I bought a pair of J Brand and have another by Nobodyon hold). Boyfriend jeans (overly baggy with optional distressed tears or markings) to wear rolled with soft tees, shrunken cardigans or prepster sweaters and a great vintage belt.  (thinking Gap or Levis here as I am not sure how long these will be in style and these will be budget items) 

5. Something tweed.  Not sure yet what it will be  Рbut looking for a great jacket or pair of pants that can shift from corporate diva in the boardroom to country luxe on the weekends.    

6. Blouses – crisp white with flair or silk detailed¬†to wear to meetings with pinstripe, the above mentioned tweed¬†or classic black trousers –¬†jackets optional.¬†Good old stand by J Crew has a few nice ones that are wallet friendly.¬†¬†¬†¬†

7.¬†A fitted¬†leather¬†jacket in black or super dark muddy brown to wear out at night for instant hippie hipster attitude and when I am listening to G ‘n R.¬† (I have my eye on a great piece by Hazel Brown).

8. Belts Рtwo kinds are everywhere this season.  A skinny belt  Рthinking a dull metallic or a brown/black with some type of added hardware.  This I will wear on whatever sweater, jacket or over-sized top I can cinch in.    And a great wider belt to wear with dressy dresses. Add booties (huge again this season) and and you could be cast in SATC II.

9. Dresses РI wore them all summer and I am still a huge fan.  I am searching for a dark, winter floral dress to layer with a great, thin longer cardigan, a belt and tall caramel or brown boots, easy day-to-night jersey or shift dresses to wear with  boots or platform booties and tights and something in a modern lace to wear to one or two of my events (thinking one in NYC and one in Boston) and over the holidays.

10.  A long black cashmere winter coat to wear over just about everything, that looks fierce plain or that can make a totally different statement when worn with either a fur collar, long leather gloves, a vintage brooch, a statement necklace over the collar or with a great detailed belt.

After writing this, I am confident that once ready to retire my flip flops and really shop, I will invest wisely!  I have flipped through countless mags and have thrown an eye in a few of my favorites stores and can report that just about anything goes this fall as long as it fits your personal style and does not make you look like a hockey mom.

July 10, 2008, 6:34 pm
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I took another pilates class the morning of July 4.¬†¬†It was¬†the only hour left in the studio’s schedule and¬†I figured I would start my¬†holiday off on the right foot.¬† (This would give me justification for embibing a little too much wine later in the evening) My trainer told me that my core was strong (loved hearing this) and that I was perfectly proportioned (wasn’t so sure about this one). So did she¬†mean my hips were as wide as my shoulders? Great, if I were trying out to be the new linebacker¬†for the Pats.¬†And I don’t recall reading this compliment in Us Weekly’s annual Hot Bikini Bodies. Hey check out that hottie. . .she has perfect proportions.¬†

Then I really thought about it, and it is actually quite a great compliment.  Our bodies should be perfectly proportioned.  Otherwise we would be labeled as pear shaped, a Q-Tip, or worse yet, with upside down legs. Our clothes therefore should be perfectly proportioned too, right?

Not necessarily.  Baby doll tops, skinny jeans, high waist pants, wide leg trousers, bootcuts, flats, fitted tanks and sweaters, straight legs, chunky heels, minis, maxis, pencil skirts, stilettos, a-lines and all the various hems.  Each item mentioned speaks of volume or length, yet can be very limiting.  When deciding on an outfit and unsure of what to wear with what, think how you would when finding a date.  Good girl, bad guy.  In other words, opposites attract.

Wear¬†your flowy tops with skinny or straight¬†jeans or short shorts.¬† Slip on¬†your more¬†sophisticated tops or detailed blouses¬†with pencil skirts and¬†pair your tanks and fitted jackets with bootlegs or stovepipes.¬†¬†Add a great pair of flats, chunky heels¬†or wedges to your short shorts, baby dolls and maxi dresses and leave the stilettos for the fuller legs and fitted skirts.¬† Bootlegs are best with… well… boots, but they also look great with wedges and platforms.¬† Skinny jeans look fierce with flats or ruched a bit with a narrow high heel.¬†¬†Don’t do¬†minis with stilettos unless your office is a street corner and steer clear of¬†tight tops with tight bottoms if you want to avoid the stuffed¬†sausage look.¬†¬†

There, now you have pefect proportions too.

June 2, 2008, 7:25 pm
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Yes, I was one of the lovely ladies who wrangled their BFFs, dressed in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion and stepped out in heels to see the movie during its opening weekend. I am a fan and give it a two manicured thumbs up.

Girl power ruled and squashed Indiana Jones. I mean we love crystals and skulls, but usually adorned on our flip flops or on a McQueen head scarf. And finally a romantic comedy beat an action flick.  

As girly girls, our pulse quickens with a different type of action. Give us catfights over swordfights, snakeskin shoes over angry snakes, hip restaurants over dark caves, fast cars over flying saucers, man-eaters over man-eating ants, and a fairy tale over an adventure. In other words, give us a great love story.

The thrill of the chase has an entirely different meaning for us. Scoring your favorite shoes at the Bergdorf’s sale, getting a rezzy at 10AK or the Waverly Inn, and reeling in the perfect guy; now that’s a catch!

The movie did not disappoint. It was full of great girly action. Fashion, gossip, sincerity, careers, feelings, shopping, fantasy, family, dining, design, cosmos, A list parties, life changing moments, getting older and love. Sounds like an extreme list, but with good judgment and priorities, it can be easily balanced. 

SATC will allow you to be entertained and spend quality time with your girlfriends, who you have known longer than the time span between this Jones flick and the last (almost two decades).  After the movie, go out for a cosmo or two and discuss and analyze it all: the fashion Рwhat you craved and what you would not be caught dead in, the issues Рthe similarities and the differences, and most importantly the guys.  The bad boys that made us crazy, the sweet ones our Moms loved, the ones that got away or the keepers that you love forever.  

But the message of the movie is a lot more than all of the above.¬†¬†It is a page we should all tear out of Carrie’s latest book. ¬†

Make time for friends and love.


May 22, 2008, 9:11 pm
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It is almost time to break them out!  I for one am very excited that this weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and the freedom to wear white pants.

I always look forward to Memorial Day weekend.  The ease of work, the ease of dressing and the easy breezy attitude that accompanies the long days on the beach and the many summer activities that we yearn for all year long.   

Each year, we start off the summer season the exact same way.  Usually, it is by fixing something that has gone wrong at our summer home.  Last year, it was a major flood meaning all new floors.   This year, thank goodness, all we had to repair was part of our fence. 

Next, we open up the pool.¬† We are a little behind on this one.¬† But I checked the weather for the Cape and Islands.¬† It is going to be sunny, but temperature wise, I don’t think I’ll be doing much swimming or sun bathing¬†these next few days.¬†Thats why we all venture to these summer destinations though right?¬† Because it is that much cooler and a relief from the hazy, hot and humid.¬† Sure in August, but when you are extending your winter vacation color by self- tanning as much as you can without¬†looking like an Oscar statue, you want the hot sooner than later.¬† Anyway, looks like¬†good old Jergens will be coming to the Cape with me this time.¬†

After the pool, we¬†clean out the fridge.¬† Never a pleasant task, but I am happy to report this has already been done for me.¬† My husband went down to our home earlier this week to “check on things” and to clean out and restock our fridge (yes, I felt his head to make sure he was not suffering from a very high fever).¬†¬†I received multiple phone calls from him while at the grocery store detailing almost every item he bought.¬†¬†Let’s just say I have a lot of new condiments.¬† Why do guys love condiments?¬† We have no burgers, cold cuts, hot dogs etc to speak of yet, but we are fully prepared for all of the above.¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†

Then we bring out the outdoor furniture.  The back deck furniture is easy enough, although it needs to be brought up form the basement.  My Dad may be called upon to assist.  The pool furniture is another story.  It is teak, heavy, and always needs to be cleaned and oiled.  Hhhmmmmm? I wonder if Mikey picked the fridge chore so that he would not have to share in the teak task??!!

Once the furniture is¬†out, hosed off, oiled and set up, I tackle the planting of the pots.¬† I trim the topiary (I am no Edward Scissorhands but I manage to keep a mean ball shape) and pick out new flowers for all the planters around the pool and by the front door.¬† I usually do all one color scheme – white – ¬†but every now and then I add a splash of color.¬† As we know, bold and brights are in fashion this season.¬† So what I don’t sport on my back, I can grow around my pool.¬†

Inside summer preparation is alot easier.  It is basically calling comcast for seasonal renewal, throwing out all the gossip magazines from last season, changing or adding some pictures in the frames, redecorating here and there and restocking many house and guest supplies.  My frequent travels help.  This year guests will enjoy Bumble & Bumble and Fresh bath products in their rooms.   Book your weekends now my friends!

Then I am almost ready to relax and let the summer begin.  The only thing left to do is take my new white pants to the tailors to be hemmed.  

Happy Memorial Day!


April 21, 2008, 4:21 pm
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Grover’s recovery forced us to stay home this weekend.¬† This combined with the sudden nice weather¬†gave me the perfect excuse to finally clean out my closet.¬† I do this twice a year – in the spring and then again in the fall.¬†¬†Coincidentally, these are the two times I shop¬† – well okay, I shop all the time, but I mean “wardrobe building” shopping as opposed to picking up a piece or two here and there.

The twice yearly ritual is typically a two day plus process for me.  I go through all the clothes in my closet and start making piles.  Piles are as follows: See Ya, New Shoes, Mom, Try Again, and Cape.     

Any clothes that I have not worn in the past two years or that need to go into retirement (those gray suede Prada boots for example) make up the See Ya pile.¬† This is the toughest one for me.¬† I hold up the piece of clothing and just stare at it for a few minutes.¬† Then I start trying to envision myself wearing it or making outfits.¬† I, like my Mom, have become a bit of a pack rat.¬† This trait does not fit in with my new simpler is better¬†or quality over quantity motto’s.¬† Yesterday, I threw away a few pairs of shoes, some old tees, some 80’s looking belts¬†and a couple of cashmere sweaters that not even Louis¬†could weave back together for me.¬†

The second pile has basically the same criteria, but only pertains to¬†my designer pieces.¬† This pile I bring to the consignment shop on Newbury Street and let them sell the shoes that never quite fit , or the¬†many dresses or “two time” outfits I just had to have for a specific event, etc.¬† Such a vicious circle isn’t it? Anyway the cash I receive from these sales I use to buy new shoes.¬† Hence the name. This season that store will be receiving¬†a few pairs of jeans (Paige and Goldsign¬† – the Paige never flattered my rear like they claimed, and the Goldsign are just outdated),¬†some Clu dressy tees,¬†a¬†few shirts and pants from Louis and some Prada outfits that I have now worn two times in Boston and two times in NYC.¬† That explains the two time rule.¬† Twice in each city with different audiences is fine.¬† But after that, ¬†the chance of running into someone in either city that has already seen you in that outfit is greater, and therefore, not recommended.¬†¬†If they can be worn separately and¬†can take on a completely differnt look, then they are worth stashing back in the closet for another season.¬† Great expample of this is a an Alexander McQueen outfit I bought¬†for a client Roast in NYC a few summers back.¬† ¬†The top is a one shoulder shredded black tank and the pants are black satin with tiny silver skull pinstripes.¬† Fierce.¬† I wore it in¬†NYC to the event, I wore it on vacation in Paris and I wore it to a Boston Common Magazine party here.¬† The top I sold last year, but the pants¬†I can still rock with a simple white beater.¬† If you can not make any new outfits with your precious pieces,¬†sell them.¬†¬†They are done.¬† I plan on putting them towards the Marni patent leather platforms or the Christian Louboutin wedges I am currently craving.¬†¬†¬†¬†

There are also few items that I know I will not wear again, but that someone else may want to¬†adopt for their closets.¬† My friends and¬†I sometimes share like this or I always fill a shopping bag or two for my Mom.¬† She just left my house with a great pair of Gucci slides and a caramel and black Gucci belt.¬† Mind you the shoes are a size 7 1/2 and she is a size 6.¬† Which explains why I never could wear them¬†without getting a blister and she can make them work.¬† The belt I still like, but I am not¬†wearing logos right now.¬† In fact, I try to stay away from the obvious ones.¬† Ask yourself, if it didn’t have the logo on it, would you still like it?¬†

The Try Again¬†pile is really divided into two.¬† The first goes to the dry cleaners and the second to the tailors or cobblers.¬† ¬†¬†I just dropped off 6 pairs of shoes to my cobbler Sasso for some TLC.¬† He loves when I walk in with a large bag.¬† He goes through them¬†with¬†a huge smile and has a comment for each pair.¬† Some he has seen before, some are new to him this season.¬† But they all need the same work – new heels.¬† That is what happens when you pound the pavement in two cities.¬† I also bring a boatload of clothes into the dry cleaners, and try to time it when we are eligible for the 50% off discount.¬† ūüôā

The last pile is the easiest pile for me.  It is really more of a transfer than anything else.  This is the pile of clothes that I probably will not wear in the city, but I could see myself sporting  on the Cape. Cute little summer dresses that are not the latest and greatest, but could easily work for dinner at the Club or a summer BBQ.  

So next weekend I will head to the Cape to open up the house, to clean out that closet (which of course means another set of piles minus the Cape one) and to drop off the latest pile from Boston.  It is a great sense of accomplishment when it is all done and gives me the perfect excuse to start fresh.

Pile it on.           


March 11, 2008, 3:16 pm
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With titles like “Investing” and today’s “Retirement,” you might think I am a financial planner as opposed to an event planner.¬† Rest assured,¬†I have not changed professions, but am only preparing for a new season.

We invest for a secure and happy retirement right?¬† Well keeping with my cost per wear analysis, we can invest in the new and retire the tried and true (didn’t intentionally mean to rhyme that, but now that I did, I kinda think I just created a new motto to shop by).

For example, I just retrieved an old pair of boots from my cobbler.  He laughs everytime I bring in these particular ones or their fraternal twin.  That actually is an entirely different post Рwhen you find something you love, buy in multiples.  In this case it is a pair of gray suede Prada boots that I bought at LouisBoston in 2003.  I loved them so much, I also scooped them up in black.  But the gray are my favorites and I have worn them all season long for five years now.

I bought them for a celebrity hockey game I was producing for the first time in Boston that promised a crowd of 15,000+.¬† Therefore, I needed a killer outfit that was both practical and stylish (more stress on the latter of course).¬† Maria and Louis did not disappoint and this particular outfit goes down in my personal event classics.¬† Luckily, I am reminded of it everyday by a super cool photo a publicist framed and then sent me after the event.¬† There I am standing between Michael J. Fox and Kiwi in¬†Neil Barrett black cargos¬†, a gray cashmere Tuleh halter sweater (that I still sport with jeans – it’s that good), vintage crystal drop earrings (which I took off about half way through – not sure if the ice or the clip on earrings were numbing me, but they didn’t work for an all day escapade)¬†and the gray suede lace up stilts.¬† They looked like stilts to me at the time as the 4 stacked inches were a wee bit scary to run around the bowels of the FleetCenter.¬†

Let me tell you Miuccia Prada makes one comfy pair of stilts.  I ran in them all day that day and then almost regularly each fall and winter since, which explains the familiar visits to the cobbler.

The time I picked them up and they didn’t look the same to me.¬† Sure the heels were repaired and buffed, and¬†the laces replaced, but something was off.¬† My cobbler had sprayed them with a clear type of gloss¬†to make them appear new again. His intentions were right, but the results just wrong. Imagine cosmetic surgery for shoes.¬† I got the point.¬† Sometimes too much of a good thing is just not good.

They brought me five years of height, happiness, style and confidence.  Cost per wear, they do not owe me a cent.  They returned the favor in spades and I am happy to report come the first spring day, they will be in retirement.