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The Overnight

What to Wear Where – The Overnight

One of the perks of my job is that I get to venture to many different destinations. Some people may think this is a hardship rather than a benefit, but I truly like to travel (minus the actual flights) and explore.

So far in 2016 I have been to Florida twice, NYC, Savannah and Charleston. And this week I am at it again.

What I dislike about all the travel is all the packing and worst yet, all the unpacking. I am pretty good with long trips, but sometimes the short trips aka the overnights present a bigger challenge.

Today starts my two short, back-to-back trips. I am in NYC now for an all day planning meeting with a great new client. And tonight I am attending the USO’s 75th  Anniversary Event. The second trip this week is a weekend escape to the Cape to watch the Super Bowl.

If you ask my husband, or as I will refer to him for the purpose of this post “Mr. Carry-On Only,” he would tell you I am the worst packer, especially when it comes to my frequent trips to NYC.  But I finally think I have the formula. Hope you read that, Mr. Carry-On Only.

I pick one piece to build my outfits from and make that piece work for both days. A good start is using a color scheme. I wear a lot of black so that always works or a very neutral palette – gray, denim, camel, white, more gray and occasionally with a pop of color.

This trip it’s centered around some off black jeans that I am currently addicted to, two tops and boots. A silk blouse is always a strong option for work and dresses up your jeans. I am thankful that my job is more creative than corporate and use that to my advantage when dressing. There are a few times I need to look more professional, but the majority of the time casual chic is appropriate.

Then it is really what my career is all about: the attention to details. The look above with the ease of the shirt and accessories complete this outfit. The shirt is what makes it though. This winner by Superfine is not your typical blouse. It has a ribbed hem and sleeves and mesh pockets, which makes it that much more interesting. And the fitted drape makes it a long term staple. Luckily my evening event is casual too so a quick change into a pair of higher, sexier shoe boots will take me well into the night.

Tomorrow is about being comfy and cozy on the train home — a cashmere turtleneck sweater will be perfect. The same sweater will then be repacked for my weekend journey.  I will simply swap out a top, throw in another pair of boyfriend jeans and some work out gear and I am ready for my weekend escape.

Go Panthers!

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Almost Snowed In
January 29, 2016, 6:55 pm
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What to Wear Where – End of January

This week was all about casual comfort. From an almost snowed in weekend to a Robert Burns Supper, to working at home and a Friends and Family Dinner, I found myself looking for comfy, chic outfits that could take me from day to night with ease.

The start of the week took us to an official Robert Burns Supper at The Haven in JP. I struggled a bit in the morning with what to wear as I knew I would be coming right from a client meeting so jeans were not really an option.

Alas! Look what I found in my closet. I got these in the fall of 2014 while vacationing in Capri. I’ve worn them a few times with big chunky knits, but this Scottish dinner proved to be the best time to sport these Italian trousers.  I am now claiming this tartan the marker for FRA!

The rest of the week I was supposed to be in NYC for planning meetings, but winter storm Jonas and a change in a client’s schedule allowed me to stay put and work from home. #thankful

And finally, TGIF brings us to the grand re-opening of Uni, an excellent sashimi bar. There has been much press about this reinvention, so I’m very excited to test it out tonight. Our great friend Chef Ken Oringer is simply amazing. The week is ending unseasonably warmer so a pair of tried and true fall cargoes and a cropped sweater are just right.

I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest. I pin things all the time when they catch my attention for many reasons and purposes. One of my boards is called “Caught My Eye” and I refer to it just about every day for ideas. It’s a great way of tracking what looks, trends, designers and shops I like, and it helps me streamline my style and shopping.

Here are a few other looks of the week straight from my Pinterest board. When shopping in my own closet, I find it easier to build an outfit based on one piece or accessory that I want to showcase.

Look 1: Vegan leather aka pleather pants by Zara, a Gray 2-in-1 Crew by Band of Outsiders and Bone Fur Clogs from the No. 6 Store. This outfit took me through the day to sushi at night with friends. And yes, those are open back clogs, but so warm and cozy I walked all the way home.

Look 2: AG skinnies, my long Sunburst tee from the Raquel Allegra fall collection, a Figue Pom-Pom Cardigan that both my BFF Jodi and I scored this summer in the Hamptons and my all-time favorite Shearling Boots from the No. 6 Store. Winner!

Look 3: Ulla Johnson pants, an Autumn Cashmere cropped sweater and my Barneys New York Suede Booties (worn half zipped as taught to me by one of my BFF’s Celine).

Happy Friday!

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Happy New Year
January 27, 2016, 6:43 pm
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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

It has now been over 6 months since my last post. In that time, I am guilty of producing 6 major events – one in Nashville, three in Boston and two in NYC – and none made it to the Daily Cookie. Plain shameful.

With that out of the way, its time to start anew (again). And I have decided to make blogging a resolution. My strategy here is if I put it in writing I might stick to it. Plus I have a new team of interns that appear to be social media gurus so we are positioned to share a lot. That is your warning.

2016 promises to be a very busy year for Front Row. We have started working with a few new clients and look forward to executing our annual events too. Our events will take us to Washington DC, Boca Raton, Las Vegas and NYC. And we have a good amount of home grown ones here in Boston too.

When recently interviewing this semesters interns, I realized I was commenting a lot about themes (which you know by now we love) and truly embracing where you are to help maximize the destination event’s potential.

So this year many of our posts will be targeted at exactly that. And I would like to take this time of year for new opportunities to reinvent a fun category to the Daily Cookie – What to Wear Where. This will focus on either my day to day inspiration or what I choose or recommend to others to wear to a specific event.

We will put together outfits, guides, where to find the inspiration or pieces, a few treats and a hot list of the most anticipated events (produced by Front Row of course) for 2016.

The future is bright.













June 1, 2015, 12:18 am
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House of Blues, Boston was the place to be last month when we counted down New England’s Greatest Hits at the 2015 NEVYs!

Way more than an awards show, the NEVYS brings together over 800 venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to celebrate the solid gold tech and healthcare hits of the last year. This year we awarded 14 categories and had over 80 finalists all on stage to celebrate the amazing wins in Boston’s vibrant start up community. Rising stars got to rub elbows with living legends and we saluted all the rock stars that are right here in our backyard. Pretty cool. Hats off to NEVCA for starting such a great and highly anticipated effort.

Guest started lining up right before we opened the doors and the fun only continued from there. We had gold statues greeting everyone at the doors, white and gold mod furniture, a flash mob, solid gold dancers, crazy good tunes from DJ Liz Ladoux,  a gold confetti drop and tons of swag.

The best part was that guests truly embraced the theme and dressed from head to toe in gold. We had a pharaoh, lots of gold sequins and sparkle and one team went all out and bought 30 gold capes for their super team. A huge shout out too to Rent the Runway for dressing the NEVCA hosts and us – check out my vintage Halston Heritage gold number below. Yeah baby!

This party was equals part honor, innovation, fun and a gilded good time. Who says Boston doesn’t like theme parties? All you need to do is build it, promote and they will come.

Want us to put the midas touch on your next big event – call us!


April 8, 2015, 1:27 am
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Last week I produced an event for New England Venture Capital Association, one of my favorite and super cool clients in Boston.

I chose to highlight this particular event because people are always asking about theme parties and if they are a draw or turn off. In my opinion, theme parties have made a big come back. Before everyone wanted to be cool and that translated to uber chic, minimalist and sleek.  That vibe still works for sure, but I feel things have loosened up a lot.

Golfing and playing poker arnevyprepe activities, not theme events.  When I say something is themed, I am not talking about your standard, run of the mill “theme” events like the overdone Casino Night.  I am referring to the types of events that guests look forward to, spend weeks scouring the internet for the best costume and fully embrace the chosen theme down to the smallest details.

They become an anticipated annual event and when done right, provide tremendous client and customer satisfaction, deliver some fantastic photo opps and offer up the best bragging rights for years or at least until the next one!

The Pre Party as we simply named this one, was a preview to a major awards show coming up in May and had two goals: to announce this year’s finalists which were also featured in Bostinno and to get everyone fired up for this year’s theme, SOLID GOLD.


We put the midas touch on all and created a gold entrance, used the now famous Instagram-like gold sequined photo back drop, employed Manicube to paint gold and glitter flare nails and had a Tarot Card reader on site to read everyone’s golden futures. We even added a gold mobile candy bar as a special treat.

Now the real work begins, we need to top last week and most importantly top last year.

Theme parties can be a blast. Pay extra attention to the details and the promotion. The more you are excited about the them, the more your guests will be as well.

I am going to start searching for my outfit now. . .

What I wore to The Pre Party:

@AutumnCashmere black cropped sweater

@OhneTitel pleated silk and leather skirt

Zebra lame black and gold metallic @JimmyChoo pumps

Meet the ChangeMakers!
April 1, 2015, 1:34 am
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Say hello to Robinah, Peter, Patrick and Robert from Choir #43. They are four of the reasons why I love being an event producer.

In my profession, I get to meet some super special people who are doing wonders for the world. And in this case, all before they turn 11 years old.

Last night I produced a small cultivation event at the Liberty NYC to raise awareness for the tens of thousands of children they represent back home.

As you can see I had many assistants. The kids mingled with our guests and then performed four songs.  Once again, their talent and joy won the audience over.

I have been working with the African Children’s Choir (ACC) for the past four years and can tell you they are one of my all time favorite groups to support. I mentioned in my previous post that I sometimes get to help change the world. These kids do it every single day. They are ChangeMakers.ACC Helpers

The ACC has helped educate over 52,000 children to date. Their annual Gala is coming up this fall and the event we hosted last night was our planning kickoff and attempt to secure more committee members to join our efforts. I have been a committee member several times myself. It can be very rewarding especially when you become an ambassador for a cause you truly love.

We have found that adding a social networking environment to the mix is a great way to expand your reach and keep members engaged. Plus you become great friends with the people who you work with all year.

I realize it’s hard to think about what you will be doing this fall, but keep them in mind. Their Galas are not your typical rubber chicken fundraising dinners. Past guests have claimed it is the best charity event in NYC. And I got to admit – they are a blast from start to finish. Imagine my task year after year? No pressure there.

Stay tuned for more event information about the 7th Annual NYC ChangeMakers Gala. And if you happen to be looking for a great cause to support and want to get more involved, please message me.



What I wore:

Crippen flares @crippen

Rag and Bone silk tee @rag_bone

Annie Costello Brown necklace @acbjewels

The long and short of it
January 15, 2010, 4:16 pm
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Fashion is all about legs lately.  And unless you know how to use them, you could find you and your stems on some fashion faux pas list.

New York excites me for many reasons but since this post and my last post all stemmed (pun intended) from my recent trip to the Big Apple, I have to believe it is my fashion inspiration source.  And I don’t like saying that because I feel Bostonians already get a bum rap when it comes to fashion and trend setting even though we have pretty cool stores that know what is in style (Louis Boston for one) before anyone else and some super chic boutiques along Newbury Street and in the South End.  Perhaps Gisele will help rectify this stereotype as she starts strutting her mile long legs shooting fashion campaigns here on our streets, but until then it is up to our very own stylish, well-heeled women to run with it. One thing in common and on both streets here and in NYC – leggings.

Leggings are a trend that have been around for many seasons now.  Leggings in theory are great.  In reality, they do not always work.  I commend Gretta Monahan for coming out in a recent article saying she does not like the way she looks in leggings.  She is not alone.  I see hundreds of women here trying to wear leggings and wearing them all wrong.  First, do we really want to relive that God awful 80s style (I mean just add leg warmers and a torn sweatshirt and you could be flash dancing all over again) and second, why are we substituting them for pants?  Even our work out wear has changed drastically.  Look at the lululemon craze – their Groove pants are on women everywhere.  Why – because they hug and hold where they should and then they let go and elongate too.  Tight butt and thighs with a long and lean leg –  match made in heaven.  Leggings have the opposite effect.

I admit I do own a few pairs of leggings.  I have  basic black (full and cropped lengths) from American Apparel.  The full length I never wear.  The cropped are fun in the summer with flat gladiators or flip-flops and a long (as in cover your ass long) top.  On occasion I have sported these with a chunky high wedge and a dress.  The look here is more sophisticated – throw on a thin cardigan and belt it all or add some great chunky necklaces or cuffs.  This keeps you hip as opposed to the Hannah Montana inspired tweeners that wear leggings as pants.  Be careful with the proportions and “flowiness” – you don’t want to look preggers if you are not.

My other leggings are more formal than your basic pull on lycra.  They are Vince and actually have cute defining lines and zip. These I only wear tucked into flat boots with a comfy boyfriend sweater, a long layered cardigan or vest,  or a tee and long blazer.  I do not wear leggings as pants or with any type of heel.

I have seen many women look great pulling this off – they are either super tall and thin or very petite.  I am not quite tall but not petite either.  At just over 5′ 5″ in height, I am pretty average and I am athletic.  I am not a fan of the more cut leg in full leggings and as I said in the beginning of my legging rant, they have opposite effect on me.  Like Gretta, I too do not always like how I look in leggings.

Okay next up in my fabulous two cities is jeans.  The latest denim craze – super skinny jeans and jeggings, the denim legging.  Both, may I add, are still in style for spring.  Skinnys and jeggings in pastel shades too.  Um. . . no thanks.  For the same reasons as above. But I do love my skinny jeans now and I will also admit I have a pair of jeggings (deep indigo, almost black but not black and not certainly not off- black).  I wear them both tucked into flat or slouchy boots, and this spring and summer, I will try my favorite skinny jeans (Current/Elliott studded) with chunky heels.  By then, they will be worn just enough so they hug less on the calves and fall just perfectly at my ankles. If you can’t do the skinny, try a super straight or cigarette leg. They are flattering to more body types and give you the same lean look. I prefer these styles with a killer pair of heels or boots. And just about any type of top – classic or trendy works with these cuts.

Something to dress by – put on a pair of skinny jeans or leggings, stand in a normal stance and look in the mirror.  Unless you can see clearly through your two thighs,  you should not be thinking you look good in them either.

Truth be told, that is actually the long and short of it.