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May 19, 2009, 3:28 pm
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Pierre Hardy shoe

Hello handsome.  Where have you been and why aren’t you on my foot? Meet my latest crush.  This particular one is in black, but I covet his younger brother in  gold.  

He caught my eye last week as I was killing time in NYC and decided to peruse the shoe department at Barneys.  Mike was with me and he actually fell in love with this shoe too.  Or at least he acknowledged that this 5.5 inches of pure bliss was fierce and understood my obsession. . . well almost.  But it was a good start. 

There was a young woman trying them on next to the bench seat where my not-so-overly enthusiastic, but obliging husband had parked himself while I dashed around.   She did not buy the shoe, which I am actually glad because personally, I don’t think she could have done this filly justice.  

For me, it was love at first sight.  However I used restraint and left my latest lover safely on display.  I am simply going to wait until everything that is anything  goes on sale in just a few short weeks.  Then I will move in for the kill.

Each spring, two of my BFFs and I spend some quality time in NYC celebrating birthdays, shopping, gossiping and having fun.  Most recently, we have established a fun shoe tradition.  We all buy the exact same pair of shoe and sport it around all season.  And we tend to purchase ones that are not super trendy so we can wear them again and again too.  And every time we wear them, we think of each other. Now that is a bonus on our ROI.   Prada has been our pick for the past few years, but this season I think a new candidate is in town.

So girls, what do you think of my Pierre Hardy fishnet sandals? Do you have a new crush too?


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on my radar for the June B-day trip… stunners!!

Comment by Maureen Griffin Balsbaugh

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