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July 6, 2008, 11:26 pm
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Today is Sunday, the last official day of my vacation and I spent it in front of my TV.  Glued to the TV to give you the full description.  I only left my position on the couch a few times, once to shower during the first rain break, a second to make lunch and a third to take Grover for a quick walk during the second rain break. There were a few other moments in which I multi-tasked (bathroom breaks, drink refills, sun checks, etc) but for the most part, my butt was planted in one spot for a full 4 hours and 48 minutes.

I think the mens’ finals was the best tennis I have ever watched.  I found myself staring, adding commentary, screaming and even crying watching these five sets of Wimbledon.  And for me to sit and stay in one place for that long is almost unheard of.  I simply can not sit still.  And I am not a fan of watching sports.  If I am at the actual game then it is a different story (well except for baseball games, then I get bored after the third inning and like to box hop).   But sitting home and watching someone else play a sport on TV is usually not my thing.  I will do it – but it is more of a social experience and certainly not uninterrupted.   

I called my Mom to check in with her and my Dad told me she was a “nervous wreck.”  I talked to her again around 2:30PM and she told me she was still in her pajamas.  She is a real Federer fan, but made a point to tell me they were both such gentlemen and she wished there did not have to be a winner.   

I too wanted Federer to win again as defending champ, but have to admit there was a part of me pushing that buff 22 year old  to dig just a little deeper and make this guy work for it.  And that is exactly what Nadal did.  Federer is still unbelievable, but when there is no competition it makes for a boring match.  Not today.   I wonder if this will change Federer’s #1 ranking?  Let me say one thing, I saw this guy at Nobu in Miami last year and he looks as good off the court as he does on.  He just has this presence that alludes champion.  I know that has absolutely nothing to do with his athletic skills, but I had to mention it.  The guy is handsome and looks fierce in a suit.    

So whether they are ranked as number one or number two, both of these guys are kings in my book and captured and kept my attention for more than half the day. 

Although I did not run, take a pilates class or do anything physical for that matter, today I witnessed an amazing display of athleticism for a full 4 hours and 48 minutes.  

Now that was a work out.


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You are absolutely correct. Federer is a total
champion, both on and off the courts. He is also
very easy on the eyes. He is a class act. Nadal is also a very polite, and charming. They are two
athletes young people should emulate. I was exhausted after watching the best tennis match I have ever seen, and believe I have watched many, many matches. My nerves were totally shot. However, Federer was most gracious in defeat, and
Rafa was just as gracious as a winner.

Comment by cm

Well..Seeing I have a large poster of Roger on my office door..no one needs to ask who I was hoping to win..I cried when he lost…I got a call from Italy at 7 AM saying don’t be sad..everyone loses sometime…I agree but why Roger..It was a close match and there is always next year..AJ

Comment by AJ

Hi Mom and Jubes! Yes we were sad but he handled the loss like the pro that he is. What no comments on my other posts? Did you see the picture of me, Susie and Maria? We had fun – Susie had a blast and relaxed which was good. Jubes you are next!!! Book your trip now! xoxo

Comment by cookieaday

yeah, mom, no comment??????????

Comment by mia

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