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April 4, 2008, 2:51 pm
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Sorry I have not posted in a while, but I have been very busy celebrating my birthday.  Yes, I am a whole year wiser now and already feeling the effects.  The good and the bad. 

First thing I did to “celebrate” or really rather “reverse” the clock, was to schedule an appointment with my esthetician Robin.  I have been seeing Robin now for almost 5 years.  She has captured the fountain of youth.  I guess that’s what happens when you work with a plastic surgeon everyday.  Anyway, I am still searching for that fountain.  I search at Robin’s office, I search at Sephora, I search on line, I just keep searching.  Because, as I say all the time to my clients, it is better to be a fountain than a drain.  “Sand the shit out of my face,” is what I greeted her with last week.  Basically this translates to I am feeling old, make me look 25 again.  My microderm appointment lasted over an hour that day.  She sanded my face, my neck and my chest. I left the appointment feeling like I was twenty-something and with alot of excess crystals in my mouth, ears and hair. 

Second thing I did was mentally prep myself.  Being an only child has taken its toll on me.  As I grow older, I have become more obsessed with things.  Remembering birthdays is one of them.  I even track who calls and in what order.  Bobby Orr was my #1 caller three years ago (Note Mike does not factor in here.  I figure if you wake up next to someone and they can just nudge you, it should not count). My Mom and Aunt Jubes still have not recovered.  This year Mom won.  She is on a roll – Egg Queen and Birthday Caller.  Jubes was my second caller.  I think she did that on purpose.  Last year she was number one and has been on eggshells ever since.

Candy and Sue and my in-laws are always in the top 5 and the calls, cards, emails and means to celebrate came in all week.  My family celebrated early with me on Easter Sunday and treated me like an absolute queen for the day (I graduate one day a year from princess to queen), their gifts were both practical (now burning a hole in my pocket) and sentimental, Becky gave me a super fun and of-the-moment enamel Bendel bangle, Denis sent me a flower arrangement that I swear if I did not know any better I would have thought someone died (this thing was funeral parlor size), Crazy T brought me treats (Bit O Honeys) and a singing card that I still play and dance to every day, and Maria treated me to my favorite lunch (the cod at Boston Public) and gave me the coolest little top that I will rock all spring and summer.  

I also prepped by making sweet Michael promise he would not throw me a surprise party.  I am not good at surprises – giving or getting.  I also probably drove him crazy with all my lists of what I did not want to do etc.,  but he somehow managed to give me an incredible day and threw in a few surprises to boot.  It started with breakfast in bed and ended with a great dinner and presents.  He made us rezzys at Banq, a new restaurant in the South End.  Great room, not so great food,  great company.  We tried all the small plates and drank delish wine.  I looked up to see two people walking towards me wearing skull caps, giant glasses and spoons hanging on their noses.  Oh it’s just Candy and Sue in our favorite disguise.  We used to do this back in our hey day (immaturity at its best) and always had a blast in the process.  They surprised me by showing up and relived the memories for me.  They also brought me a box of my favorite cupcakes.  Obviously, they read my blog regularly because I now had 6 red velvet cupcakes to enjoy!   We ordered another bottle of wine and in walked Maria and Mario.  Our regular Tuesday night double date.  So we ordered yet another bottle of wine and continued the party at our home.  I was now the one on a roll.  The celebration continued through Thursday when I got to see two of my other BFFs.  Mosey and Di (and newcomer brunette Deanna) shared a fun dinner with me at Pho Republique that involved numerous mango margaritas.  Which is the perfect segue to my next thing and paragraph. 

Presents one of my all time favorite things.  All I wanted this year was a trip and time on a beach.  And preferably a beach in St. Barts.   Our friends were building a house there and last fall we made plans to use it.  I had been dreaming about it ever since.  End of March was our week. Middle of March came and we got the word.   House was built, but there was no furniture or linens.  They are a tad slow on the islands.  Big problem mon.

Another thing I tried to do now that I was a year older was not to sweat the small stuff (maturity at its best).  That day I did not nag Mike about being on the computer all day.  He was charged with living up to his motto of “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”  In this instance translating to finding a new and available beach. 

Welcome to Jamaica Mon.   



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Loved seeing the pictures of you and my two favorite friends. I’s so glad you had so many
birthday celebrations. After all you are only this age once. You are very special and your jest
for life is almost contagious. Love you….

Comment by cm

Loved seeing the pictures of you and my two favorite friends. I’s so glad you had so many
birthday celebrations. After all you are only this age once. You are very special and your jest
for life is almost contagious. Love you….

Comment by cm

Had so much fun sharing in B’day celebrations
What are you wearing on the plane………lol!

Comment by mia

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