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March 25, 2008, 3:53 pm
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My cousin Susie and I share an Easter tradition that we look forward to each spring.  We color eggs.  And I am not talking about your typical, run-of-the-mill Paas version.   Our eggtravaganza is a three hour ritual that involves dye, glue, paint, glitter, sequins, and wine.  The results are on display above and star two newcomers, Ed and Fred (the two with the purple beaded toupees and googly eyes.)   

Although our creations may not show it, we were up against a few challenges.  This year was the first in a long time we spent our holiday in the city.  We are usually on the Cape when the Easter bunny comes so all my supplies are across the bridge.  (I was fearful that the Easter bunny would be confused, but somehow that little cotton tail still managed to find us.) Anyway back to my supplies.  There are years and years worth of Williams Sonoma and Arthur Court (yep the bunny pattern.  I know I don’t strike you as the cutesy type, trust me it is the only thing that is cutesy about me or my stuff) housewares that will now have to sit dusty for another whole year.  And my arts and crafts supplies  – what truly makes our eggs the all time, give that Martha chick a run for her money, best are sitting right there on the shelf next to the bunny platters.  The stamps, the bag of sequins, the pipe cleaners, the egg cups – all MIA.

Susie, my younger cousin however always noted in my family as the more mature, practical and sensible one, bought us a new and improved kit from WS and I found a super cheeseball glitter egg kit at Target (now look at who was being practical).  Leave it to me to find bling for my eggs.

Saturday afternoon the scene was set and we were ready.  I must admit the house looked fabulous and very springlike even though the city hustle and bustle was only steps downstairs and the temperature still reminded us it was winter.  I went with a pussy willow and French tulip theme this year.  The pussy willows for the height and the tulips for the season.  I also added three small floating yellow orchids around the base of the large arrangement on my foyer table.  Simple yet elegant way to decorate and the branches and color really filled the entrance. Hint to my readers – start adding fresh flowers to your homes and/or desks each week.  They are a great mood enhancer and a sign of spring.  After commenting on how great the house looked, we transformed my kitchen table into our workbench and let the fun begin. 

The next challenge we faced was sediment.  And I don’t mean in our wine.  For some strange reason the dye tablets did not mix well with the white vinegar and water and the results were not too pretty.  The green, orange and yellow were okay but the pink, blue and purple looked like something Jerry Garcia would have loved.  So we made lots of green, orange and yellow at first but then tried the mix from the cheeseball kit I picked up at that suburban housewife bargain store.  And guess what?  That little five dollar kit was our saving grace.  And may I add, very neat too.  No dipping or dye involved.  All we had to do was plop an egg into a plastic bag and mix with a few drops of color and glitter.  Shake and bake for eggs. 

We discovered a new way to color our eggs and made less of a mess.  Susie and I had a great afternoon and evening and accomplished what we set out to do.  We created a masterpiece and spent some quality time together.  Natalia, thank you too for dropping in and for the wine.  It was so fun to see you and have you join our egg party.

The rest of the weekend and Easter dinner was also very special and quite yummy.  Easter is one of “my holidays” which means I get to cook for my family.  I made one of my Aunt Jubes all time favorites and my Mom baked one of mine,  her famous Easter bread.  We also used our masterpiece to play our silly game.  Each year, we pick two eggs from the bowl (Ed and Fred were disqualified due to the home hair advantage of their purple toupees) and hold them in either hand.  We then go around the table and hit and try to crack the person’s egg sitting next to you.  The one who is left with an uncracked side of an egg at the end of the game wins.  My mom is the reigning champ now three years in a row.  And trust me, she loves to win.  My Mom, the Egg Queen.     

Happy Easter! Love, Me, the Egg Queen and our two cousins Ed and Fred


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Well may I say a wonderful time was had by all..The house looked picture perfect as usual and the Easter Eggs were truly masterpieces..Yes my sister is the reigning “Egg Queen”for three years running and she does love to win…But it was a spectactuarly wonderful time and everyone had a fabulous time…Especially me…AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

Hi Christine-

I love your Easter eggs-very cute! i had no idea you were so crafty.
btw, I hope you have a great birthday!

Comment by jen

Little Chris,

Hope you had fun at Easter!!! We hide candies from the Bunny and I love when the kids find unfound candy days and weeks later!

I’m checking in to say I hope yesterday was AWESOME!!! Happy Birthday!!!


Comment by Alish

Alish!!!! Happy Easter and Happy Spring! Thanks for checking in and for the birthday card. xo

Comment by cookieaday

From the Egg Queen. Yes I do love to win especially when it includes some of my favorite
relatives. Your house looked spectacular, food
delicious a great time was had by all. Thank you.

Comment by cm

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