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March 13, 2008, 7:04 pm
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I recently joined a new gym but still needed an extra jump start to enhance my spring training.  Every year at this time, I grow tired of my winter wardrobe and one item in particular, my winter coat.  And in this case, I am not talking about my Montcler. I am referring to that little extra something that seems to creep up right around the holidays and then hangs out around your middle.  It is so not in fashion for the next two seasons, making it so time for some good spring cleaning.

Joining Equinox was a great incentive and it feels great to be back in a routine and in different classes.  Me and Tanya took a great one last night.  But trust me your lululemons will look that much cuter after a good cleanse.  And if you are anything like me, once you do a cleanse and start seeing the results, it is much easier to stay active and eat healthy (I type this of course as I stare at the huge candy jar filled with jelly beans on my desk). 

Last year, I tried the Master Cleanse.  It is a great concept but not great for me.  I am anemic and happened to start this process at a particular girly time of the month and then tried to take an advanced pilates class.  I ended up face first on Commonwealth Avenue after I practically passed out walking home.  My Mom had a cow and I basically abandoned my disgusting home made lemonade that night.  This year I wanted to try something to detox, but took a healthier approach.

I just completed Jay Robb’s Fruit Flush.  It is a three day cleanse that simply rids your body of excess.  It is not truly a weight loss diet, but if you need to shed a few pounds quickly (I lost 3) it is a pretty simple and painless process. Thank you Deanna and Frances for sharing this one with me! No wonder you guys always look so great on TV. 

The first day you drink protein shakes all day.  The protein you choose can be egg white or whey but with no additives.  Jay Robb makes some yummy ones (shocker seeing it his flush right!?)  Then you can eat a lean piece of chicken or fish and a raw vegetable salad (with lemon and olive oil or avocado).  The second and third days you eat servings of fruit (almost any kind but limited amounts) all day long  – in two hour intervals.  The sugar from the fruit keeps you going all day I promise.  And you must drink lots and lots of water.  Dinner is just the raw veggie salad – but you can consume up to 6 cups each night.   Your “dessert” is a smaller protein shake – the chocolate flavor was a nice treat.  

The three days passed quickly and I have to say I feel great.  My advice is to plan your three days at a time when you have nothing scheduled at night, if you can do the first day at home (the shakes are better in a blender) and to be around a bathroom! You will be “flushing” all day.   

You can do this flush as much or as little as you need.  I will probably do it again right after Easter (all those chocolate eggs and my Mom’s dortula!) and before I go on vacation in a few weeks, throughout the summer and probably when I am gearing up for big events.    For right now, I am just happy to retire this winter coat for good.

Happy spring cleaning!