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March 10, 2008, 2:54 pm
Filed under: Fashion

My husband laughs at me every time I try to explain or justify my spending on fashion as an investment.  There is usually some snide comment about the ROI.  “Oh really, and what annual dividend does that Balenciaga bag (or name your piece of choice) yield?”

I understand his point, but also know he is male and a true heterosexual as opposed to a metrosexual (although I desperately try to make him a hybrid).  The female species clearly has a different, and may I add more creative and open minded, way of analyzing (another finance term) things.

Our analzying really comes down to a few easy questions, and then later, even easier justifications ideally reinforcing our investing in the first place.  Is it practical? Will it go with everything?  Does it pack easily? Does it make you happy – or at least happy at the time? (retail therapy at its best).

March’s Bazaar featured an entire article on fashion’s escalating prices and how we either do not notice, or just like I have been saying  for years, justify.  They go on to explain how the current prices for items, and sadly the norm, are becoming viciously overpriced.  “$500 is the new $300, ” they said about the cost of good shoes.  I wish some of the spring shoes I have my eye on were $500.  The good ones are above that plateau and climb as much as double (skins, boots, embellished).

It is at this level that shoes become more than a great pair of heels, they become an investment.  Becky recently made a great investment.  She purchased the new YSL platform sandals in eye-catching cobalt blue.  She brought them into the office for show and tell and we did what most girly girls do.  We immediatley started answering the questions.  Are they practical (okay Beck, so 3 out of 4 aren’t bad).   We listed all the potential outfits and then we justified their pricetag .  Cost per wear – should be a financial term created especially for women.  All of a sudden the pricetag doesn’t seem so scary. Each time Becky wears her killer heels, we are going to knock $10 from the cost.  We will keep track on our blackboard in the office – it is right under a simple heading YSL.

If you wear something over and over, it makes you feel fierce and makes everything else you wear with it look fab, then it was well worth the investment.  Bottom line (yet another finance term for you men folk), invest in the classic pieces that you love, and more importantly, that return the favor. 

Spring is right around the corner girls, time for some new investing.