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March 3, 2008, 3:25 pm
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Last week, I scouted the Mohegan Sun for a potential event we will producing this fall.  I had been to Moho a few times before; the first time for the grand opening of a restaurant (our friend owns a bunch of the eating, drinking and dancing establishments there), and the second time with a group of our friends to celebrate one of Mike’s birthdays (this time is most memorable as it was the time I learned pot was truly illegal.)  Mike of course has been back several times with the boys.  I never saw the appeal.  Those little indians have now changed my mind.

The drive was easy as can be (even for me).  I am not a fan of driving in the dark by myself.  Partly because I have horrible night vision and partly becuase I get so bored so easily.  But I could not find any friends to come along (I think it was killing Mike that he could not “come play with me”) so I ventured out alone just shy of 5pm.  The Pike was clear and I sailed through Worcester and into CT.  Anyone who passed me on the road got a real treat.  I sing at the top of my lungs and car dance whenever I can.

I checked in to the VIP desk around 6:40pm – less than two hours – I made great time.  My client was meeting me there in a couple of hours so I had some time to explore and relax.

The place is big, but once you are there it is very easy to get a lay of the land. And I can see why it is very easy to stay and play. The place was pretty busy on a weeknight. Mostly blue hairs, but none the less. You can dine, work out, spa, gamble, catch a show, club, shop, drink and eat. Which is basically what I did minus the gambling and shopping part (shocker on the shopping part I know, but I am not a fan of Cache or Chico’s and the items I would want to purchase in Tiffany or Lux Bond and Green are major purchases in which I would need to score big at Black Jack first).

All in all, it is the perfect place for a group of guys on a two or three day hall pass. And a perfect place to host a sponsored event. I look forward to a few more scouts and luckily for me, I will get the chance to catch the new movie 21 (which I have a cameo in) that opens this month. So next time I just may try my luck at the tables and depending on how much I learn, just may hit a jewelry store to win. . .again.

Imagine having a window full of shiny baubles strategically placed right next to the casino. And imagine checking into a pseudo city where you can fulfill every vice. Our event promises to be a royal flush. It is like overnight camp for adults. Those little indians are pretty smart.

Come play with us. . .


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Interesting.. that this would have any appeal to you..When a certain gentleman went there I would go to Clinton Outlet Mall to shop..A little nicer and better stores..Maybe not up to your standards but better than Chico..Anytime you want to take a ride call me..There is also a great Deli at exit 65…AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

It only appeals to me for my event!!!

Comment by cookieaday

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