Daily Cookie

February 22, 2008, 4:22 pm
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Grover is in the office with us today.  For some reason I decided to take the little guy in with me on this snowy day in Boston.  I think its because I am away from him so much.  I swear dogs are just like us.  

Sometimes he just stares at me with his huge brown eyes when I am putting my coat on.  Then he goes into this frantic dance in which his entire 10 pound body elevates off the ground and into spins.  I call it the elevator dance as he jumps all around the elevator thinking he is going with me.   

Today he did.  Right now he is barking and trying to jump on my lap to sit in the chair with me.  He runs back and forth from office to office seeing where he can get the most attention.  Last Friday, I had him in here too and he was quiet for about a good hour.  I found him basically purring on Becky’s lap and he sat there while she scratched him behind the ears.  He is no fool and stayed put.

We have been in now for a couple of hours and so far, so good.  He only barks when I am busy  – on a conference call, trying to meet a deadline, or talking with Becky or one of the girls.  So generally anytime the attention is shifted from him to anything else.  He requires constant attention.  Kind of reminds me of someone I know quite well. 

Yesterday we had to take the furry mop to the eye doctor.  Yes, they have eye doctors for the four legged type, and yes, the appointments cost about as much as ours.  Grover has been having a problem with his right eye for a few months now.  First, he was diagnosed with an ulcer and then conjunctivitis (not contagious thank the lord).  I can not stand to see him in any pain and an adorable pup with a pink eye with discharge is just not a good accessory.  So we found a specialist and made an appointment.  Mind you we had to wait three weeks before one was available. 

Grover ran into the waiting area and right up to this gigantic Bull Mastiff.  He then proceeded to bark and run around this beast.  Hey Grov honey you are the size of his head.  He is on a harness, but I am willing to bet you that if that musclehead wanted to get you, he could.  Adorable yes, common sense no.  Kind of reminding you of anyone now?

Grover has ectopic cilia in both eyes and only a surgical procedure will fix the problem.  This translates to ingrown hairs.  So basically on March 12th, my cutie is going in for laser hair removal.  And yes the cost is equal to mine.   

He takes after his mom.