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February 17, 2008, 1:47 am
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I must confess that I am addicted to three television shows right now; well, two really because one of my favorites recently finished its season or aired all that they had in the can before the writers’ strike hit (wahoo its over!).  They are all about women living and working in New York City. And they are best friends forever.

These babes are no stepford wives or desperate housewives. They are high powered and high polished. They dress to the nines and dine in style. They walk tall in the city and run in heels all day and night (no sneakers with suits for these yummy mummies). And most importantly they balance work and play. . . or at least try to (otherwise the writers would not have any storylines).

I can’t decide which show I like best or which characters I like best. So I am going to continue to watch and love both. Each week, I find myself giggling, yearning, relating or sympathizing with a lot of the girly issues. It is a great escape and also, an inspiration to be better personally and professionally (one must to afford all the Manolos and Chanel). Granted, I know I am also watching to check out the fashion (I so wish I had their closets and they even inspired me to buy some new bras) and to view the latest and greatest nail and lip color but I am also watching because I know the importance of true girlfriends. And so do the writers of each show, a fact they banked on.

Maybe subconsciously, or maybe not, for some reason at the end of each week (I DVR them and then watch back to back), I text my posse and try to schedule lunch dates or make plans for drinks. It’s funny how our lives can be so overwhelming and all encompassing sometimes. And I swear as we get older, time goes by that much quicker. But these characters always have time for their friends. They talk every day, they meet for lunch, they meet at the end of the day for a martini, they laugh together, they cry together, they shop together and they are always there for each other.

I realize life does not always imitate art and these girls are only characters. And unfortunately not everyone has an executive title, is on some hotshot list, has a daily stylist, lives on the park, wears the latest Fendi suit or has domestic help that looks like a young Brad Pitt, but most everyone has a few friends who help define who they are without all of the above.

I write this tonight as I sit in my kitchen in my favorite girly camouflage sweats and a tee shirt that says “New York City” across my chest to challenge my friends and to really challenge each of you. Call your BFFs. Find the time. Share your life. Tell stories.  Make lots of plans. Gossip.  Get silly. Shop for shoes. Plan your next strategic move at work.  Talk about boys.

Be a girl.


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Must be Lipstick Jungle and Cashmere Mafia..Actually..I can see you starring in these roles..You see to your friends and family you are one of these girls..You live the life..You are right about BF..I am lucky to have two and a very wonderful sister who is my BF..AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

Hi Little Chris,
I just wanted to email you and tell you I’m thinking of you and Mike today. Happy Anniversary! I know you must be out now but I wanted to contact you and I know your house phone says you don’t always get a cahnce to check it. Feb 19th 1994, I still remember how warm it was that day and how beautiful you and your mom looked. I hope all is well with all of you. You and your family will always be a part of me. Hi Auntie Jubes!!!

With love,

Comment by Alish

How I wish I could see you everyday! How fun would that be? Life IS so busy and takes us in a million directions. Despite that, I always know that while you might be far away at times – you are never out of reach. Hope you know I am always thinkin about you! xxoo

PS Happy Anniversary!

Comment by Sue

Alish!!! So great to hear from you! I didn’t know you read my blog. We spent our anniversary in NYC – such fun. I miss you and would love to catch up. xo

Comment by cookieaday

Hi Little Chris,
I like to check in to see how you are doing! I hope all is well. Everything is great here the kids are now 11,9,8 and 3. Beppe is getting married and moving to Philly in June and Jempe is finishing at Yale and heading to NYC. Expect to hear from me next month!!!Hi Auntie Jubes and Mrs. C!!!

Comment by Alish

Alsih! Wow how time flies! 11,9,8 and 3 good grief. I so want to see you and them! I will be waiting for you to contact me next month and we can make a plan! xo

Comment by cookieaday

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