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February 26, 2008, 3:58 pm
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I woke up Saturday morning with a severe case of the winter blues.  I felt it in my bones and it was visible on my face.  I told Mike in a perfect world I would be getting a massage and a facial today.  And he replied, well what is stopping you?  You do not need to tell me twice. . .and in an instant I scurried across the room in my cozy leopard slippers to grab my phone.

The long hours at work, the constant travel, the lousy weather and the lack of time to take care of myself was taking its toll on me physically and mentally.  The spa was exactly what I needed.

I checked in at 12:45PM and by 12:50PM¬†I was in a warm robe, sipping green tea and oblivious to anything else but me.¬† I don’t think I have done this,¬†I mean truly done this, in ages.¬† Sure I run from maintenance appointment to appointment,¬†but it is always a quick half hour here or squeezing in a mani before my next flight.¬†¬† At the very best, I can get a polish while I process, but lately that is the extent of my me time.¬† Having consecutive appointments¬†is a true luxury.¬†

I listened to my facial options and decided the Ultra Luxe was the one for me.  This one promised to plump up my cells, scrub away the dead skin, moisturize to the max and give me that youthful glow.  Truthfully, she did not even need to explain all the benefits, she had me on the first two words, ultra luxe.  Sold.      

For the next hour my face, chest and neck took over my entire body.¬† We started with the yummy Sonya Dakar Nourishing Cleanser (I have used it for a few months now and am a huge fan.¬†¬†Get it – it smells like grapefruit and¬†is a little pump of heaven every morning), then a toner,¬†and enzyme peel (a bit tingly but I convinced myself this is how I knew it was working).¬†¬†Next came the enzyme mask and the part of the facial that I would go back¬†for every day, the head massage.¬† You got to love when someone plays with your hair.¬† And she pulled it too –¬†no wussy hair tickles here.¬†My roomies and I used to take turns playing with each others hair while watching TV (oops sorry Mom I mean while studying) at college.¬† We would take turns sitting behind each other and make a hair tickle train.¬† Sorry guys, nothing sensual about it, well at least not for us.¬†

Anyway back to my ultra luxe facial.¬† There was no extraction with this one.¬† Personally, I am a fan of “gentle extraction” at times, but mostly in the summer when your pores tend to get a bit clogged with sunscreen.¬†¬†This time it was not wanted or needed.¬† We ended with a series of moisturizers – vitamin C cell boosters,¬† cell plumping serums, cell firming serums and cell renewing serums.¬† Eyes, face, neck and chest¬† – check.¬†

When I finally climbed off the bed and back into my clothes and snow boots, I noticed that my skin was truly glowing.  I did not need to put a stitch of make up on and walked home feeling like a new person.

Do yourselves a favor and hit the spa ladies.  It does wonders for the face and the soul. 

Ultra Luxe because we are worth it. 

February 22, 2008, 4:22 pm
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Grover is in the office with us today.  For some reason I decided to take the little guy in with me on this snowy day in Boston.  I think its because I am away from him so much.  I swear dogs are just like us.  

Sometimes he just stares at me with his huge brown eyes when I am putting my coat on.  Then he goes into this frantic dance in which his entire 10 pound body elevates off the ground and into spins.  I call it the elevator dance as he jumps all around the elevator thinking he is going with me.   

Today he did.¬† Right now he is barking and trying to jump on my lap to sit in the chair with¬†me.¬† He runs back and forth from office to office seeing where he can get the most attention.¬† Last Friday, I had him in here too and he was quiet for about a good hour.¬† I found him¬†basically purring on Becky’s lap and he sat there while she scratched him behind the ears.¬† He is no fool and stayed put.

We have been in now for a couple of hours and so far, so good.  He only barks when I am busy  Рon a conference call, trying to meet a deadline, or talking with Becky or one of the girls.  So generally anytime the attention is shifted from him to anything else.  He requires constant attention.  Kind of reminds me of someone I know quite well. 

Yesterday we had to take the furry mop to the eye doctor.  Yes, they have eye doctors for the four legged type, and yes, the appointments cost about as much as ours.  Grover has been having a problem with his right eye for a few months now.  First, he was diagnosed with an ulcer and then conjunctivitis (not contagious thank the lord).  I can not stand to see him in any pain and an adorable pup with a pink eye with discharge is just not a good accessory.  So we found a specialist and made an appointment.  Mind you we had to wait three weeks before one was available. 

Grover ran into the waiting area and right up to this gigantic Bull Mastiff.  He then proceeded to bark and run around this beast.  Hey Grov honey you are the size of his head.  He is on a harness, but I am willing to bet you that if that musclehead wanted to get you, he could.  Adorable yes, common sense no.  Kind of reminding you of anyone now?

Grover has ectopic cilia in both eyes and only a surgical procedure will fix the problem.  This translates to ingrown hairs.  So basically on March 12th, my cutie is going in for laser hair removal.  And yes the cost is equal to mine.   

He takes after his mom. 

February 20, 2008, 2:07 pm
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The batter is red.  The frosting to die for.  Red velvet cupcakes, leave you craving more.  

Well at least this is the reaction they have on me.¬† Good lord are these little tasty treats good.¬† Too good.¬† I admit, I am obsessed with them now and have¬†placed them on my all time favorite dessert list.¬†¬†Why can’t I crave something that is healthy and that does not go directly to any problem areas.¬† To save time, I could simply smear these babies directly on my thighs, but then I would not have the few minutes or so of absolute pleasure devouring them.¬†¬†I swipe the edges first – the cream cheese frosting is out of this world – and then slowly but surely start eating the whole cake.¬† To savour every last bite I slice off little pieces of heaven with a knife. Each piece a balance of spongy moist red cake with yum frosting.¬† Then I even lick the knife.¬†¬†¬†Yes, I just admitted that too.

I was first introduced to them a few years back by a friend in NYC.¬† We actually had crashed a screening party of that Meg Ryan film (the media hyped up controversial one in which she was a bit, god forbid, raunchy) at the Soho House.¬† The name of flick escapes me, just remember being totally overwhelmed by the combo of the steamy scenes coupled with the sweet cupcakes. There is more to the story and I promise to tell this one another time (wink wink). ¬†Any-who, they were passing trays of cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery.¬† I have to admit the red cake batter never really grabbed me, but being a true cupcake fan (the frosting over the actual cake) I decided to try.¬†¬†¬†And try again.¬†

I finally took Michael to Magnolia’s two years ago.¬† We were walking down Bleecker and I swear could smell that unbelievable scent all the way down the street.¬† Then we stepped inside.¬†¬†The aroma and the sweets are truly like no other.¬† I made him a fan too.

Last week, I woke up on Valentine’s Day in NYC and wanted to¬†get¬†some of the coveted cupcakes to take home for him.¬† I would have gone the day before, but it was monsoon season in NYC last week the day before Valentine’s Day.¬† Now the¬†only problem was I was in mid-town¬†(I so miss staying and working downtown but work is work) and had to catch a noon train.¬†¬†Magnolia’s was out of the question, but if my memory served me correctly, Dean & Deluca also whipped up a fierce red velvet cupcake.¬† So after my coffee, off I went walking at a true New Yorker brisk pace¬†to the Time Warner Center.¬† Got there and was on the phone with Becky when I realized it was a massive Whole Foods that occupied the basement level, not D¬†& D.¬† 91 rooms nights one year at the Hudson¬†(former Schrager hotel right across the street), and shopped at this Whole Foods regularly.¬† One would think I would recollect this little tidbit of information. “Chris, Dean & Deluca is at Rock Center, ” what Becky was telling me as I continued to throw an eye at Hugo Boss (well it was open and I was there. . . )

Now I¬†am walking again, my pace that much brisker (is that even a word?)¬†back down to Rock Center.¬† Wow, are all these people still here for the morning show?¬† Why are they que’d up? Two lines that day.¬† One for cupcakes and one for everything else.¬† Guess which one I planted myself in?

I bought 4 of the last 6 red velvet cupcakes that day.  I would have purchased all 6 but I did not want to be greedy.   I was now ready to go home armed with my treats.

Michael never experienced a red velvet cupcake.  However, he ate the first one almost all in one bite! We had dinner reservations that night so I told him to just take a bite for a little preview.  But nope whole thing gone.  Cupid drew back that bow and bam!

Sorry thighs. . . the things you do for love!

February 17, 2008, 1:47 am
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I must confess that I am addicted to three television shows right now; well, two really because one of my favorites recently finished its season or aired all that they had in the can before the writers’ strike hit (wahoo its over!).¬† They are all about women living and working in New York City. And they are best friends forever.

These babes are no stepford wives or desperate housewives. They are high powered and high polished. They dress to the nines and dine in style. They walk tall in the city and run in heels all day and night (no sneakers with suits for these yummy mummies). And most importantly they balance work and play. . . or at least try to (otherwise the writers would not have any storylines).

I can’t decide which show I like best or which characters I like best. So I am going to continue to watch and love both. Each week, I find myself giggling, yearning, relating or sympathizing with a lot of the girly issues. It is a great escape and also, an inspiration to be better personally and professionally (one must to afford all the Manolos and Chanel). Granted, I know I am also watching to check out the fashion (I so wish I had their closets and they even inspired me to buy some new bras) and to view the latest and greatest nail and lip color but I am also watching because I know the importance of true girlfriends. And so do the writers of each show, a fact they banked on.

Maybe subconsciously, or maybe not, for some reason at the end of each week (I DVR them and then watch back to back), I text my posse and try to schedule lunch dates or make plans for drinks. It’s funny how our lives can be so overwhelming and all encompassing sometimes. And I swear as we get older, time goes by that much quicker. But these characters always have time for their friends. They talk every day, they meet for lunch, they meet at the end of the day for a martini, they laugh together, they cry together, they shop together and they are always there for each other.

I realize life does not always imitate art and these girls are only characters. And unfortunately not everyone has an executive title, is on some hotshot list, has a daily stylist, lives on the park, wears the latest Fendi suit or has domestic help that looks like a young Brad Pitt, but most everyone has a few friends who help define who they are without all of the above.

I write this tonight as I sit in my kitchen in my favorite girly camouflage sweats and a tee shirt that says “New York City” across my chest to challenge my friends and to really challenge each of you. Call your BFFs. Find the time. Share your life. Tell stories.¬† Make lots of plans. Gossip.¬† Get silly. Shop for shoes. Plan your next strategic move at work.¬† Talk about boys.

Be a girl.

February 12, 2008, 8:51 pm
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Last¬†Thursday we produced the 5th Anniversary Rising Stars¬†Gala to benefit Tufts New England Medical Center.¬† The event is the hospital’s signature fund raiser and this year was a milestone year for them.¬†

We had a great night and raised alot of funds for the hospital.  The highlights of the evening were our fun and fabulous raffle packages, the prestigious honorees and the message of the evening.  Which is why I have decided to write his post.

Donnie Wahlberg was one of our honorees.¬† He was truly touched by this honor and was humbled by the entire experience.¬† He at first¬†could not believe that we chose him.¬†¬†In fact, when he was reviewing the accolades and titles of our other honorees and then saw the title we had assigned to him, he again questioned who was the “philanthropist?”¬† Well guess what, he was¬†our philanthropist.

As an honoree he was asked to give an acceptance speech.¬† Donnie’s message¬†made him the star of the evening.¬† Basically he conveyed to the 500 plus guests in the audience that the key word in the title of Rising Star was not the “star” but rather the “rising.”¬† There are plenty of people that have reached star status but those who continue to strive and continue to rise no matter what level they have reached are the true achievers.¬†

The word rising¬†has many definitions but the one that I think summarizes Donnie’s feelings and what we should all strive for¬†all our lives is “to move from a lower to a higher position.”¬† Think about it.¬†¬†

After all, we are lucky to rise out of bed each morning but what we do once we are up is not luck at all.