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Stay Warm
December 10, 2007, 1:44 pm
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This weekend was bittersweet for me.  I was away most of the week and knew that I had a lot to accomplish before the dreaded Monday morning alarm.  By the way, it just went off and I am writing this looking at my beautiful Christmas tree waiting for my coffee to brew. 

I spent the better part of Friday holed up at a desk in Laguardia.  The irony is I got there in time to hop on an earlier flight, but they were all booked due to delays.  Plus, I had a conference call scheduled and knew the flight attendant would ask me to power down at the worst possible moment.  My original flight was scheduled at 3PM.

“Passengers traveling on the 3PM flight to Boston. .. .your flight has been cancelled.”  Never what you want to hear on a Friday afternoon when all you want to do is get home.  Plus, I had to get home to an event that started in three hours.  I finally powered down and we took off at 5:50PM.

The event was for Tufts New England Medical Center and this one in particular was going to benefit the kids at the Pedi Hemoc Center.  This translates to kids that are battling cancer.  It was a dog event. I know, not the usual suspects that mainly attend my events.  These were a different breed all together.  I know the joy my best friend of the four legged variety brings me every single day and saw first hand how these creatures brighten the lives of so many others.  I met the sweetest little boy named Michael.  Mikey, as I started playfully calling him,  was six years old and was very puffy.  I think due to all the meds in his little body.  His dog pal was named Lace and he proudly wore his button featuring Lace’s picture.  He also proudly wore a bright red shirt with a big B for Boston Red Sox.  This little guy had spirit.  I liked him and asked him if he could take me home after the event.  He gave me a very puzzled look and told me that he was only six and that he didn’t drive.  He then went on to ask his Dad if he could take me home. . . I am sure that didn’t go over very well.   Later that night, as I was doing my announcer duties I gave a special call out to Mikey my new friend.  I have to be honest, this was not our typical kind of event and I was not so sure about it going in, especially since I pulled up about two hours late.  I am so glad that I went and that we are lucky enough to be working with NEMC.  Santa, please remember my new pal Mikey this year.    

I slept in Saturday.  After I finally found the energy to get out of my warm and oh so comfortable bed, my inner alarm clock went off.  I began making a list.  Something I have mastered as an event producer.  My Mikey just looked at me like I was on drugs.  I made him a list too.  We got our tree (it is a beauty this year) and all the other decorative trimmings for the house including these gorgeous red dogwood branches that were taller than me.  I was convinced I was going to use them in my urns on the mantle in our dining room.  Cut to yesterday, I had to call my Dad to ask him to bring over the hacksaw. . .the gorgeous red dogwood branches needed to be trimmed about two feet. Space perception is not something I have mastered as an event producer. 

I now had about two hours to shop and then had to come home and change to go to a holiday party out in the burbs.  Driving out there always makes us wonder if we are ready to move out of the city and into a big house with lots of land.  Some day I think it will be really nice.  But not now, we are true city rats and visiting and living are easy distinctions.  

Yesterday I had another list (shocker).  I had to decorate the tree, the house and had about three hours of work to do before Monday.  Being out of the office is always tough on me.  It is still a very busy time for us.  Trust me I am not complaining.  Mike went to an open house to view this apartment he is really interested in.  It sounded great, but I am not ready to start this whole process.  I stayed at home to start my work and was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I had so much to do blah blah blah.  First thing I did was check all my emails.  I discovered one hidden in an old account from an old friend.    My attitude changed.

I met Diane (a different Di) when I first started working at John Hancock Mutual Funds. She was my first friend at the new job and we remained close long after I had to leave the company because somehow I managed to become engaged to their golden boy.  She never judged me and always supported me.  She is now battling invasive  cancer.  That word invasive sucks.

We only keep in touch now over the holidays through cards.  She has two boys and lives out in one of those large homes in the burbs and our city life is just plain nuts sometimes.  I just got her card and was astonished at how big her two boys were now.  I made a mental note to try and get together.  Diane, as I told you yesterday you are one of the strongest people I know and will get through this.  I will support you in any way that I can and will always try to make you laugh.  I know you remember our stories and the “trouble” that always seemed to find me.  Well my friend, not much has changed.  I truly look forward to seeing you this summer on the Cape with your new short hair.   I told you angular is in right now. 

I was sad all day after I read the chain of emails that Diane sent me to bring me up to speed.  I was glad my parents were scheduled to come over.  My Mom makes me a swag every year for our front door.  So my parents came to finish this, bring the saw and help me decorate the house.  I am sure they were not planning on the latter part, but delegating is also something I have mastered as an event producer.  And I cooked for them.  We had pasta bolognese with kobe meatballs. . .delish.  We decorated and watched my Tom (wishful thinking. . .wink wink) smash the Steelers.  That will teach you loudmouth Smith. 

The tree, the urns with the trimmed dogwood and the rest of the house look picture book perfect.  I am ready to host our traditional Christmas dinner and open house. And I am ready to approach the rest of the hectic, crazy and sometimes exhausting holiday season with a new attitude.   

Diane told me in the closing to one of her emails to stay warm.  I realize it’s cold outside, but I don’t think this is what she meant.

Happy Holidays and stay warm.     


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Your comments captured the reality of the Holiday
Season. We should enjoy all the beauty we create,
but realize just how precious and short life can be. Agaain, you manage to reach a balance in your life that is so difficult to do. Do not mean to
sound so philosophical, however this is the reality of life. Yesterday, was fun, you are a
tough task master, but a terrific cook.

Comment by cm

And I agree with CM and Thank you for a wonderful New York Holiday…Again a bitter sweet moment…Life is also a balancing act..between the reality of life and the way it use to be…But I still enjoy every moment I can thanks to wonderful family and friends…AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

Just as it does every year, I am sure your house looks picturesque!

I am so sad to learn about Diane’s battle. I can almost hear that devilish giggle of hers just at the mention of her name. Funny how her laugh is the first thing that always comes to my mind when you mention her name. I am sure her spirit and zest for life will pull her through. Will send lots of prayers her way!

Cant wait to see you soon!

Comment by susie

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