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Giving Thanks
November 24, 2007, 10:11 pm
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I am back.

Back in Boston, back to my family, back to my friends, back to my blog and back to my routine.  And I have to say, it feels good. 

It’s funny how when we are home for too long, we wish we were elsewhere and¬†when we are away too long, we long for home.¬† I think that is why I love my job so much.¬† It gives me the best of both worlds.

I just produced 3 events in the past two weeks.  There was really no time to be homesick and yet when I finally did return home I realized it was where I needed to be.  First of all, I returned home to the ones who love me the most.  Grover did not recognize me at first, but slowly but surely (about 3 minutes) he snuggled in.  Luckily, Michael did not suffer the same amnesia.  He joined me in the city for a few days so it broke up the length and longing and added some fun.  But nonetheless, when you are the one left home alone it gets kind of tough.

Mom, Aunt Jubes and I quickly began making holiday plans and my friends started booking dates on my schedule.   It gets that bad some times. 

In December, I am taking my mom and aunt to the big city to shop, to eat Papardelle Telefono at Bice (Jubes all time favorite) and to see the Christmas Show at Radio City.  Its something we used to do all the time.  And something I am now really looking forward to doing again with them.  Who cares that I just spent days on end in that place and just produced a private showing of the very same show.  Tradition rules.

This week me and Susie Q are taking CandyPants out to celebrate her birthday. . . it was in mid-September.  We are going to Gaslight.  And we have already reserved our annual girls Christmas dinner date.  We started out with 14 girls in our group.  Now we are 3 and we are celebrating our 14th annual dinner.  Now those are friends. 

Same goes for my lunchbuncher posse (you remember them right?)  We make up the two blondes and two brunettes posse.  We too are scheduled to finally get together this week Рour lunch date is Friday.  And I already warned the restaurant about this appearance and gave them a heads up about our next, the annual Christmas lunch.  Last year, the four of us started lunch at 1PM and left the restaurant after 8PM.  We consumed 9 bottles of wine. Now those are friends.  

Yesterday we had lunch with two friends that we have not seen in years.¬† They moved to PA about 7 years ago and we simply lost touch.¬† They came home for Thanksgiving and we got to spend a wonderful day with them and their two boys (ages 11 and 9).¬† What a blast and it was so great to carry on fun conversations with the boys.¬† Bubba and Hippie (I nicknamed one of them) are typical boys and into all sports and music.¬† I am now known to them as the fun “aunt” – guess I earned that after I let them both sip booze (hey come on, I have a drink named after me and they had to try it – it was only fair), have rubbed elbows with a slew of famous people they think are the¬†ultimate and¬†do crazy things.¬† We ended our lunch with napkins tied on our heads like doo rags and chocolate sauce rubbed on our front teeth.¬†Hey boys, you better plan a trip back here soon.¬† My new drink debuts in less than two weeks.¬†¬†Just in time for the holidays.¬† Figured anything with a champagne topper is perfect for festive occasions.¬†¬†Which reminds me I need an outfit for my second celebrity bartending experience. Something sparkley perhaps?

Then we headed to the Cape.  Its probably the last weekend we will be here this year (except to grab some summer clothes before we ring in the New Year in South Beach) and well into 2008.  For some reason I found myself packing my Uggs, big cozy sweaters and matching hats and scarves.  The J. Crew catalogue I had just flipped through was my inspiration.  I may not be roaming the Scottish countryside in wellies, argyle and sequins anytime soon but I can so do the weekend prepster look.  Cut to this morning I was all bundled up in my sweater, pajama bottoms, Uggs, scarf and hat walking Grover.

Tonight we are going over my parents for another Thanksgiving dinner.  This was the first year I did not see them.  Well second year, one year not too long ago Mike and I escaped to the Berkshires for some quality time. Um, small Italian families do not believe in romance.  We realized our attempt was not the smartest thing to do.   So tonight we feast again, but on pork.  

I have been home now for well over a week.  It enabled me to spend time at home, see my family and friends, make more plans to see both, get my office and staff ready for our next wave of events, and get caught up with alot of things I needed to get done at both my homes.     

I travel again this week.¬†¬†¬†Planning meetings for a super event we are doing in January in Atlanta.¬† Its exciting, its motiviating and its different.¬† I am thankful for what we just accomplished and for the opportunity to do more.¬† It will mean alot more traveling over the next two months, but that’s the job.

I will always be grateful for the return trips.   Home, its all about giving thanks.     

Happy Thanksgiving. 

November 5, 2007, 12:56 pm
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I tried convincing myself all last week to be a better packer.  Pack only what you need, stick with the same color scheme, limit it to one pair of boots and one pair of shoes, mix and match, wear things twice. . . my self commentary went on. 

Last night, Becky and I took off for the start of our 12 day adventure in NYC with two events on our calendar.¬†¬†I had to pay an extra $50 because my suitcase was over the “free” weight limit.¬† The attendant pointed out that I was only one pound shy of the $100 fee.¬† She went on to explain to me that if I divided my stuff between two suitcases I could beat the system and the fee.¬†¬†Really?¬† And then who would pay the butler I would¬†have to hire to follow me around hauling my two 50 pound suitcases, a carry on and computer bag? See how easily¬†I can justify spending money.¬† Fifty bucks seemed like a steal.

Yesterday morning I went through my trunk again and convinced myself to take a few things out.  The end result was the abandonment of two pairs of jeans and one pair of black boots.  And I still looked like I was moving into the city for months.  All the self coaching and yet I still overpacked.  Its the type of disorder that truly becomes a part of you and your lifestyle.  See how easily I can justify my idiosyncrasies? 

So here I am on my first day staring into my hotel’s walk in closet wondering what to wear.¬†¬†And you know what, I am not concerned.¬† I have options.¬† 4 pairs of jeans and¬†three pairs of black boots to name a few.¬† And you know what else.¬† I am not alone.¬†

My Becky must have had this problem before.  She was told at the airport to put a few more things into her smaller bag.  She had one very large trunk (bigger than mine may I add) and one medium size soft duffel that you just know you can cram shit in there right up until you have to straddle the sucker and squeeze it closed with your thighs to get the zipper zipped.  Bottom line she had two bags and overpacked too.  She won in the shoe category. . .I wont divulge how many pairs made it to the city, but I will tell you she beat me by four.  Apparently, she has options too.

It is really what it all comes down to.¬† I read countless articles in fashion magazines about these jet setter women who travel with one LV carry on and¬†have the perfect ensemble for any occasion.¬† Yeah right.¬† These jet setters are exactly the type who do have butlers and PA’s that¬†accompany them everywhere and carry all the other stuff that were just not appropriate for the article.¬† Better yet, they probably ship their stuff ahead of time.¬† They take one bag with them and then check into some little swanky resort out in the middle of nowhere and presto.¬†¬†There in the suite is¬†a fedex box waiting for them.

Guess what? Mine arrives today. More options.