Daily Cookie

October 8, 2007, 2:34 am
Filed under: Fashion

Tonight I am writing this dressed in my super old Ballymeade sweatshirt, my Ya-Ya sweats that I bought earlier this summer on the Vineyard and some pink cashmere socks.   This is typical lounge attire when I want to be cozy and need to warm up.  We just got home from the movies and I am happy baking Toll-house cookies in my comfortably cooled kitchen.  The sliding door is open slightly and the crisp air is creeping in just enough to remind me good sleeping weather is in my future tonight.  Fall is officially in the air. Finally.

For days now I have been struggling with what to wear.  It’s after Labor Day and yet it’s still been pretty hot and worst yet, muggy.  These transition days are tough.  I mean do we let the calendar or the temperature dictate our outfits? 

I was in NYC this past week and so wanted to sport some pieces from my new fall wardrobe.  However, I found myself worrying if I was going to be too hot or look too uncomfortable.  I did wear one pair of new black, long trouser shorts, but they just didn’t feel right with sandals.  They are wool and were screaming for the suede booties, but I couldn’t pull the trigger.  I also packed my new gray oversized, super cool cardigan (from my spontaneous spree that I fell victim to while waiting for my appointment with my hair stylist) that looks fierce over a beater and with my brown motorcycle boots, but because of the mercury level, only ended up wearing the beater.

I am a summer girl and I do crave the hazy, hot and humid days and nights.  But I love fall and lust the fashion.  For days I have been dreaming about dark denim, boots and Wolford tights.  Now I think it’s finally time to change the closets and hand wash all the cashmere in baby shampoo (little secret gals. . .do not dry clean your softest knits, try good old J & J.  Your sweaters will have no more tears).

Its Sunday night and we just saw The Heartbreak Kid, directed by our friends the Farrelly Brothers.  It’s about a guy who struggles with his marriage because he is head over heels in love with someone else.  And in true Farrelly fashion manages to draw a bunch of belly laughs.  Most of the movie takes place in Cabo San Lucas (I can’t escape this place and have to conclude that another trip there must be in my future.  Mo you want to go?)  The sunshine, the tans and the beaches looked so inviting.  Sometimes all you need is a great bikini, a practical pareo and a summer cocktail.  

Tonight, however, I was thrilled to finally wear that new sweater and my motorcycle boots (perfect outfit for the movies, Sunday breakfast at a diner counter and/or running errands in the city).  And all I need now are a couple of warm, fresh baked cookies and a cup of tea.  We have months of fall weather ahead and plenty of occasions to flaunt the new digs.  Boy do I love having things to look forward too. 

Right now though I am going to curl up on the couch with the latest Travel and Leisure. Fall is in the air, but resort wear is not that far off.