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October 7, 2007, 5:17 pm
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Low Bridge!

The fourth and final day of our celebrity golf event started like the others.   I know I said weather is one of the things I have no control over, but let’s just say I owe Mother Nature for these four days. Once again it was sunny and in the mid 70’s. 

All the guys were in great spirits and looking forward to the second day of their competition.  I honestly love watching guys compete, especially when there are prizes involved.  They degress before our eyes and are instantly transformed into little kids.  And we are known for providing great prizes.  Bragging rights and trophies for sure but also an entire buffet of autographed sports paraphenalia to add to all these “collectors” entertainment rooms.

My girls know the last day of the event is the easiest.  All we have to do today is set up prizes, close the silent auction and send them on their merry ways.  Something they have done now for years and can almost do it blindfolded.  Although read on and you will learn why I don’t recommend performing any tasks at one of my events with one’s eyes shut.

Breakfast was served, golfers were on the course and I had some down time.  I looked at the row of golf carts that I asked the Pro Shop to mark “Do Not Touch” and specifically for my use and decided Lys and I should take one out and visit our groups on the course.

Riding in a golf cart (or any type of moving vehicle for that matter) is always an adventure with me.  I am not saying I am a bad driver.  But I do like to multi-task.  When driving the golf cart it’s not really my driving skills that need some honing, but rather my navigational skills.  Not this time though – I was able to chat on my phone, calculate what hole our host was on since he teed off hours earlier, found the lunch hole, grabbed a burger and caught a few rays.

Meanwhile back at the clubhouse, my girls decided they too wanted to venture out onto the course.   What the hell, let’s take a cart and explore.  At least one of them remembered her walkie.  I don’t know where they went or what they did, but I do know they didn’t return the way they started out.  Somehow their cart died and they had to seek alternate transportation back to the club.  Picture three girls, tails between their legs and heads down. . .what a sight.  Almost as good as my shirtless nitwits that christened Court 5 the day before.      

Becky placed an SOS All Call from her walkie and got the ProShop.  But the poor blonde (sorry Becky, it was just so fitting here)  had absolutely no idea what hole she was stranded on and where they were in general on the course.  They had deserted the cart and started to walk.  In what direction they ask.  No idea.  So after a few more carefully asked questions and a few weak answers of there are some trees and an outhouse, the rangers rescued my monkeys.

 Here is where the heads down part really comes into play.  Poor Beck must have picked the short straw and ended up riding bareback on the back of the cart.  

“Low bridge!” She ducked just in time.

In the event business you have to keep your eyes wide open.  A low bridge is always right around the bend.  


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