Daily Cookie

September 29, 2007, 2:58 pm
Filed under: Sanity


I know I still have to write about the fourth and final day of my most recent event, but wanted to take a moment to call out to a very special pretty pretty girl.

A dear friend of mine went through an experience this week that reminds you to always enjoy life to the fullest. She had a procedure that frightened the daylights out of her and us. Luckily, she is going to be okay and her attitude should be an inspiration to us all. Basically she said to me and Di one night that even if she got bad news, she would be okay. She simply did not have time for anything but okay.

Its funny how life works sometimes, here I am on the Cape hosting and entertaining, not sleeping and producing a crazy three day event. And yet, I was still focused on my friend. Monday, my longest day of the event, was probably the longest day of her life.

When I returned from the Cape, my husband showed me a whole bunch of pictures that he found while cleaning out his desk. Ironically enough, the majority of them were from a trip we took to Cabo San Lucas in January of 1999 with Di and Mo. This was the first trip with Mo and her husband and the first time I met Di. It is one of my all time favorite destinations and resorts and one of my all time favorite vacations. Its almost 8 years later and these two ladies have grown to be two of my closest friends.

Here’s to you Mosey – you sure are one pretty pretty girl and a pretty pretty wonderful friend.