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September 28, 2007, 12:07 pm
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Its Monday morning and the official start to the two day tournament.  Our alarms went off before it was light out and we were on site armed with venti lattes for the 7:30AM load in.  Today is the longest day of the event – we start at 7:30 AM and end about midnight.   The day is all about working magic.  You know what I mean – smoke and mirrors, pulling rainbow colored rabbits fom your ass and jumping through all kinds of hoops.   

Let me stress again that this event is a golf tournament.  So now we are up, caffeinated and at the golf course (which I hear is where most golf events take place.)  The girls are setting up the auction and confirming everyones’ transportation, lodging and foursomes.  This is like a game of musical chairs.   I am supposed to be onsite supervising and meeting and greeting our sponsors and guests.  But where do I find myself and what am I doing bright and early in the morning?  Me, well I am arranging a wild man tennis match.  This was my first call of the day.  Sure enough 30 minutes later they are on court 5 with demo racquets, new balls and in a heated match.  So heated in fact that they decided to strip off their shirts.  Shirts and skins is never a good game at a private country club with the regular women’s round robin playing on court 3.  Let’s just say these women all dressed in their tennis whites and my motley crew of boys were not a good match.  Come on ladies these guys are famous. . .check out those physiques. . .so what if they swear and are screaming something about 1 mississippi. . .2 mississippi.. . 3 mississippi.  Hoop #1.   

Hoop #2 came a little later in the day.  This time they were truly golfing on the golf course at the golf event.  They had just enjoyed a smorgasbord of all kinds of wraps, sandwiches, salads and the staff at the club even wrapped, in groups of 3s, fresh baked cookies.  They grabbed a few packs and hit the track.  Lunch ended about 12:45 pm, shotgun was at 1pm and my phone went off at 2:05 pm.  They, well really one group of five “starving” boys, were looking for the burgers and the dogs on the course.  Did someone really read their schedules.. .but wait that is on the second day of the event.  Day 1 we ate on the terrace at noon.  It’s Monday the club and grill room are closed.  Therefore–there were no burgers.  And yet at about 2:35 pm there we were transporting 5 burgers to 5 “starving” boys.  

After the burger incident, I found myself back at my house searching for toothpaste.  Real toothpaste as opposed to the kind they just falsely advertise as toothpaste.  Whatever this means. One of my great friend’s hubby is a dentist, every time she visits she brings travel toothpaste.  We have 4 guestrooms – they come in handy.  Anyway I grabbed two tubes and delivered them to the assistant.  I was then told that he was a bad toothpaste user, could only squeeze from the middle and therefore needed a jumbo tube. That is when I remembered I could delegate.  I delegated hoop 3 to the trusty handler.  He went to CVS not me.  

Hoops 4 – 8 all go to Beck and her new role of travel agent.  She must have changed planes for people 8 times that day – 6 of which were all for the faulty door guy.  She was kind of wishing they never found a replacement.  Have to give him props though for calling her late the second night, after everyone had thankfully departed to say he needed a ride!  But he was only kidding and was really calling to say thanks.

Hoop 9 goes to the staff at the Pro Shop.  The same assistant that made the toothpaste run somehow managed to send the guys in the wrong direction.  My last frantic call of the day came from our host saying he and his group were lost.  They have maps and have played the course before but somehow found themselves going in the wrong direction. And therefore hitting in the wrong direction, which could have been a disaster.  It was not their fault.  Some guy in a striped shirt (the toothpaste assistant) pointed them in the wrong direction.  I am no help, sad to say have lived on this course for 13 years, but never really been on the entire course.  But I know who to call.  Our trusty pro and rangers to the rescue.   

We ended the first night with a touching speech from our host (one I have to say I have not heard him deliver like this in a long time. It and he were amazing), a great auction and private comedy show.    I think these three guys were the funniest I have ever seen.  Our guests had stomach aches from laughing so hard. 

The first and hardest day was officially over.  And we were off the clock.  My girls and I celebrated a bit with the boys at the bar.  Some of them started to dance and show us their moves.  The best move, and at this point the most familiar move, was some sort of breakdancing.  It entailed taking one foot and hopping and looping it through the other (I know, you have to see it). We found it very entertaining though because it really looked like a fancy jump.

We made them do it over and over again.  They thought they were working us over to get us to come back to the villas with them to continue the party.  Little did they know they were jumping through our hoops now.