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September 26, 2007, 12:04 am
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The door fell off the plane.

Its Sunday morning and day 2 of our event.  Most of our guests arrive today.  Guests compromising both the invited and uninvited type.  And remember this list is all athletes, celebrities, CEOs and CFOs.   Think we had our hands full? 

We started the day like we do any typical event day – to my ringtone.  It got to the point that Becky had to start answering my phone.  “Oh no Phil, what’s wrong?”  Okay so you may be a little delayed, just keep us posted (she is calm but scary calm).  Never a good thing to wake too, but we can handle anything I was saying to myself.  The door fell off the plane.

Okay we have heard all kinds of excuses but this one I just had to laugh.  There are just some things I can not control.  The weather and any mechanical difficulties with planes topping the list.  Although after 4 perfect days I am starting to think Mother Nature is a girlie girl too.  Sunny and in the 70’s is perfect golf and perfect hair weather.

Delta managed to find another door and he arrived on time.  Of course the rest of the event we kind of wished he never made it, but that’s a whole separate post (I am joking of course but good lord the stories that accompanied this one are out of control).

 The rest of our day was pretty uneventful except for the fact that for some reason our entire day was focused on transportation and mechanical issues and questions.  No one reads the information you send them.  Which by the way includes starting times and directions.  That would be just way too simple.   

Our host even managed to forget that we golf on two different courses over the three days.  He really forgot that we actually golfed in general.  This is the third year of the event.  It is exactly the same.  Sometimes I wish there were more faulty doors.

His main concern was mechanical.  He called me three times on the way to see if the villas had hair dryers.  Upon the obligatory huge hug and kiss (he had an audience), he asked me again.  And like I said, this time in front of others.   One of our all time favorite guests answered him for me saying yes and if there was a problem with his hair dryer that they had “Brazilians that would blow on his head.”  

Hair is coiffed and we are on our way.  All the planes, trains and automobiles ran smoothly the rest of the day.  The guys all arrived and were so excited for the event you could see it on their silly faces.  I finally got it all figured out.  They get to escape their jobs, families and ordinary lives to partake in days full of true male bonding over sports, booze, cigars and stories.  It’s a three day hall pass. And for some reason this translates into anything goes –  just ask “Captain Kirk”. He is new to the event but already I think it’s his all time favorite.  He was nicknamed, rubbed and had his nipples flicked all in the first hour.  Everyone is here, they are happy and the madness has officially begun.  Knowing what madness is and does to my boys, I asked my trusty girls to get me extra sets of keys to the villas.  Keys, like directions and brain cells, are easily lost.  Guess who lost his before dinner?

All of a sudden I thought it was a good time for a sing-along.  

The song made it through day 2 and so did we.  Everyone was back on campus and familiar territotry.  The guys insisted we stay and play with them (claimed we would add to the atmosphere), but what they failed to realize is that we start a lot earlier than they do the next day.  Monday morning comes awfully fast and that three day pass does not extend to us. 

They are handsome devils and as tempting as it is sometimes to stay, our brains match our beauty and we found that trap door and fell home.


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Speaking of plane doors, if only one of you could have been a fly on the car door going back to Beantown…hysterical!

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