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September 25, 2007, 11:45 pm
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I got it from my momma.   

Our first major event of the fall season is here and within one hour we had our annual theme song courtesy of Will.I.Am. My poor girls, they know me all too well. I find a song and it sticks in my head.  If it lived just in there we would be okay, but I manage to let it out and sing it all the time.  I make everyone else chime in too.  They go along with me, but I know it drives them crazy.

Anyway we have been driving around Cape Cod all day – picking up things, dropping off things, assembling things, moving things, reorganizing things, buying things, labeling things, perfecting things and basically doing every “thing” you can imagine before the arrival of our guests.  In this case guests are both invited and uninvited and comprise celebrities, athletes, corporate CEO’s and CFO’s.  In general, its a good lesson in what I like to call Ego Management.  Welcome to Day 1.

We are ready – totally ready – but there are always those last minute little “things” that come up.  After eleven years of doing this, we are even ready and almost look forward to those. I mean whats an event without a little drama. My response to anything that came up was the lyrics from this song.  And I would ask my girls, “where’d you get that body from?’  And they would all smile and sing back, “I got it from my momma.” 

Well not all of them.  Remember those two wild cards I wrote about this summer.  They are back but not singing.  It’s okay though they arrived with working, fully charged, turned on and on their persons cell phones.  I know this because they went as far as taking a picture of one of the phones showing me it was “on” and ready to go before they even set foot on site.  Cut to that same phone landing on my driveway smashed into about 5 pieces.  So where is that camera when you need it?

One of my other girls was hesitant about telling us some news, but we knew she wanted to tell us her secret.  The last time this happened (meaning they sat me down to “tell” me someting) I found out that one of our interns had gone missing.  So of course my immediate reaction was not too friendly.  She said she was nervous to tell us but in interest of full disclosure she had to confess.  Her roommate is dating a blowfish.  As is one of the Hootie and the Blowfish.  So if any readers want tickets. . . For the very reason her roomie is dating a blowfish, I thought she should be musically inclined.  Hey Joni, where’d you get that body from?

Day 1 was actually a breeze.  We can handle just about anything that comes our way from runaway interns to dating blowfish.   And we have a new member in our dysfunctional famly.  Becky Boo is on the team. 

Hey Beck, where did you get that attitude from?  I got it from my momma.


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Event sounds perfect. I’m sure it went well.
You always do a great job. I
guess having your looks and brains is a big plus. Looks certinly help, but your brain and tenacity are the secrets to success.

Comment by cm

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