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Working Girl or Girlie Girl
September 7, 2007, 8:21 pm
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I am on the train again heading home after two days of production meetings in NYC.   It was a productive trip work wise but sadly there was no time to start the fall wardrobe (I am dying to hit the 3 B’s and downtown boutiques) or for any beauty maintenance treatments.  I was too busy strategizing, planning and creating instead of self pampering, polishing and shopping.  It leaves me wondering if I can be a true working girl and a girlie girl at the same time.

This week in particular I was really looking forward two very important appointments both about hair.  First, I wanted to go and see my tried and true stylist Dominick who I honestly have not visited since early June.  I miss him and the fierce cut that has now completely grown out.  Most of my meetings and the big event I am planning for currently are in mid-town.  Dominick is in the Meat Packing neighborhood.  I meant to get down there this week and actually did for a dinner meeting on Wednesday night, but did not have the extra hour and a half plus I would need to get the locks properly shaped.  And I do not trust anyone else with a pair of shears.  So I am returning to Boston with my hair in a tried and true ponytail which when let down grazes the top of my butt.  This by the way is the perfect segue into the next area that needs some pruning. . . .I meant to get down there too.

Although Dominick was geographically unavailable, mid-town happens to be the home of those famous Brazilian sisters and where I prefer to get my Brazilian waxes.  The hotel that I have been staying at recently is located on the next street.  There is even a tunnel connecting the two streets.  It could not be any more convenient.  It takes all of 15 minutes – these girls are that quick and that good.  And yet, here I am sitting on the train with my hair in a ponytail and well let’s just say the other area is still in need of a “shaping” too.  We are well past the tweener stage here; it’s more like “Ground under Repair.”

Again with all my scheduled meetings, dinners and walk-thrus, there was not enough time.  Or it was a simple case of poor planning on my part.  This as a working girl ironically is not something an event producer should ever use as an excuse.   A girlie girl would never have to.

The fact that I am actually upset about my appointments or lack there of, proves to me that I am indeed a girlie girl. But this girlie girl loves her job and loves to work.  Next trip there will be no excuses and my meetings will just have to be planned around my already scheduled appointments.    

As an event producer my clients are super high on my priority list.  But topping this list and priority number one is to simply be a girl.