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September 3, 2007, 2:59 pm
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Today in theory is the official end to summer.  The kids go back to school this week, the stores are full of knits and boots, the nights are chilly, football starts to replace baseball and I even spotted Brachs candy corn in the candy aisle at the grocery store.  (Note to self: stay away).   It is the first Monday of September and for centuries we have been celebrating the “working man” on this day.  Labor Day is also the symbolic end to summer.

It’s so funny that we give the working man this day off.  Many of the working men and women I know have been taking Mondays off now since Memorial Day, or the symbolic start to summer.  Long weekends are so popular in the summer.  I am a huge fan.  In fact, I have been know to add a few Fridays as well!

This weekend was no exception.  It was the perfect way to end my summer.  We came down late Thursday night.  Traffic was heavy, but we made good time.  Friday was overcast and felt like fall.  There would be no sun today so I worked a bit and decided to shop.  There is one store down here (yes sad only one) that I frequent.  I figured I would just throw an eye. 

Friday night we went to a dinner party at our friends house.  They were going back to Spain on Sunday and it has become tradition that they host the end of the season party.  They are only here for two short months and there is never enough time.  They have six children,  ages 20 months to 20 years.  I love spending time with them and watching them all grow.

Saturday was picture book perfect.  There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun warmed everything up.  I started my day by doing 45 minutes on the eliptical and then a full pilates mat session.  Great workout.  I was ready to get some sun.  My friend Nancy told me I needed some color.  She was right, I was not sporting a true end of the summer tan.  She came over and we sat in the sun all afternoon.  My tan came back in less than 3 hours.  

I remembered this pink lemonade mix I bought at a local country store sometime in June.  It was called Sipperville and I was attracted to its packaging.  (I am such a sucker) Anyway it was a bright pink oval tin with a black and white photograph of three lovely ladies working at a telephone switchboard.  The package even named them and told their story.  Ethyl, Gertrude and Edna were swtich board operators in a town called Sipperville.  Hence the name.  They worked all day and dreamt of their futures and all the extra income they would enjoy from selling their special recipe.  

I made a pitcher.  Nancy and I sipped it the rest of the afternoon.  It also moonlights as a great mixer for drinks.  We had a wonderful summer day.  My house is like grand central station most weekends.  Family and friends are always coming and going, and quite honestly, I love it.  This summer we didn’t really have alot of house guests, and although it was by choice (I truly needed some mental space), I did miss the revolving door aspect having a summer home usually brings.  Today felt like old times.  Nancy was there all day.  My parents dropped by and stayed out back with us for a while.  My brother-in-law, his wife and kids stopped over and our friends’ two daughters (part of the six from Spain) came over later and stayed for dinner.  I had also scheduled a massage for late that afternoon.  Add Anne (my massage therapist) into the equation and you have a completely perfect and typical day.  

Sunday was a repeat performance.  It was another gorgeous day and I bascially did everything all over again.  Worked out,  met with the golf pro about an event I am producing here later in the month, made a delicious and healthy lunch with fresh veggies (the tomatoes are so meaty and absolutely to die for) and sat in the sun all afternoon with Nancy.  Mike joined us after his round of golf.  We all sipped pink lemonade.  Last night we went to the club for the traditional end of the season barbeque.  We dressed in sweaters, sat outside and made plans to visit each other over the fall and winter months.  

Today, Labor Day, I woke up ready to say good bye to summer and to embrace fall.  It is another spectacular day and warmer than the past two days.  In honor of all the working souls out there, I made plans to go to the beach to do what I love to do best. I realize it is probably the last time I will go to sunbathe this season, however, want to make an effort to get here more this fall.  As you can imagine, the Cape and the beach are amazing the next few months.             

I find it very ironic that I remembered this mix I previously bought but never opened, on a weekend that is dedicated to the working man, or in the case of Sipperville, to the working woman.  I am going to make another pitcher of pink lemonade and take some road kits with me.  I may even ring Ethyl, Gertrude and Edna and see if they want to come to the beach.  I bet those girls knew how to have a good time. 

Happy Labor Day!  Today enjoy some pink lemonade and drink to your future.




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You are right, Sunday was a wonderful day. Sun,
Tennis, Family, Tony Bennet at night. Thank God
for watching out for us. Hopefully he will continue to do so. Look forward to many, many more
happy days.

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