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August 9, 2007, 10:50 am
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photo_022407_001.jpgMeet Grover.

Grover is a Brussels Griffon Terrier and the other man in my life.  I say man and not boy because he turned two this summer.  I have caught myself saying this to him.  I try to rationalize with this little furry creature.  As you can probably tell from his glamour shot, he usually wins and has the last word.  This 10 pound, four legged stud has me completely wrapped around his paw.

Grover is our second Brussels.  Our first dog, Griffin, was an absolute delight.  He passed two summers ago.  I did not want another dog but Grover entered my life anyway.  And he was an absolute terror.  I threatened to send him back to Seattle almost on a daily basis.  Again trying to rationalize with a dog.  This little monkey would not do anything.  He had to be naked.  Refused to wear a hoodie or sweatshirt (and I bought him the cutest clothes at Louis) walk on a leash or wear a collar.  In fact, when I did try and dress him or simply take him out for a walk, he turned into a sphinx.  Froze. And he could stay like that for hours.  The willpower on this mutt was insane.  By the way he is a certainly not a mutt.  And the price tag of this puppy skyrocketed after his tenth cousin starred in As Good As It Gets

Cut to two years later. . . not much has changed (well except for the fact that I am completely in love).  Puppy bootcamp for a month and a half and to the tune of about $2K did just about nothing.  He does wear a collar  and walk on a leash, but it’s still a struggle.   Which is why I chose to write about him today.  Yesterday was one of those days I tried to rationalize with him about everything.  

He was booked for a shampoo, haircut, mani and pedi.  We had a birthay party to go to last night and he had to be fierce.  I swear this thing wakes up and immediatey senses what’s going on.   He refused to do his pee on the pee pee pad (huge fan especially when its rainy) or eat his breakfast.  So what do I do, tell him if he’s not good he will not come with me to the party.  Yeah right, like he understood that one.   Then we got in the car which he loves.  Two blocks into our route and he started to cry. Of course he did, he still had to do his business.  Its pouring rain and I am wearing white jeans.  “Grover mom is wearing white today, I told you to pee before we got in the car.” 

I now have to find a covered area where I can park and walk him.  We do and I pace up and down under some scaffolding for about 15 minutes.  He smells the same 3 trees about 12 times, pees on each (he is 10 pounds how much pee can be in him?) and then finally decides to poop.  He was very proud.  I had no treats.  He refused to get back in the car. “Grover, good dogs are not late for their mani/pedis.”  That didn’t work either.

I had to carry him back to the car.  White jeans now looked a bit muddy and my black top needed a lint brush.  Good thing I stash one in the car (event producers are always prepared).   As soon as the car turned onto the street of his stylist, he started to cry again.  I told him he was going to have a great time at the spa and would get to hang with some of his friends.  That always works on me.

Which he may not have understood at the time but as soon as he saw and sniffed some friends, he was fine. I spent the rest of my day working at the office and rationalizing with a whole different breed.  My clients. 


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I believe you are being a little too hard on my
granddog. He must get his stubborn streak from
his male relatives ie father and grandfather, the
human variety. He is still the cutest, most lovable,little thing.

I believe you are being a little too hard on my
granddog.Granted he is a little stubborn at times,
which I’m sure he gets from his father and grand
father. The human variety. He is still the cutest little thing I have every seen.

Comment by cm


Comment by Cookie

The truth is..he is just plain adorable..If he is stubborn it just gives him …character…AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

Hey – it sounds to me like he was on his best behavior under the scaffolding! At least he was focused on the task at hand and was sniffing trees. Usually going out for a walk Grover-style involves stopping everyone who walks by and not letting them off the hook until they deliver a sufficient amount of affection his way! Good thing he is irresistible or you would never get anywhere with the little dude.

Comment by susie

and today I saw Grover’s competion…Kelly Rippa on Regis and Kelly got a new dog..adorable like Grover and Kelly sounds and acts so much like you..Two adorable dogs and beautiful women..AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

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