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July 23, 2007, 2:12 am
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Now that I have your attention (who doesn’t remember that famous poem), I can share my weekend with you.  I spent the weekend in Nantucket.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to go, but with my husband still  abroad at the British Open and the weather looking promising, I decided to hop on the high speed ferry. 

Reservations highly recommended.  This is what it said (and they highlighted this part for me) on the bottom of the print out my monkeys gave me when I left the office Friday.  Hhmm I better reserve my seats.  God forbid I got stuck on a slow boat.  As I clicked on purchase I glanced at a picture I see every time I am in my husband’s home office.  It’s his favorite picture of me and was taken about 10 years ago in Nantucket.  He was speaking at a conference and we were staying with friends at this wonderful beachfront property.  This was going to be fun.

The girls picked me up in a black vintage 1955 GMC truck.  This was not any old truck but a Chrome Hearts custom pimped out turbo charged baby that was an attention getter.  The wheels were as tall as a five-year-old and the three of us (2 blondes, 1 brunette) climbed in to begin our island adventure.  Like I said, this was going to be fun.

The island was packed and traffic was tough.  Even tougher going over all those cobblestones in the truck. We beeped and screamed hello at about a dozen people we knew trucking through town and stopped to pick up sandwiches for the gang and our day at the beach.  Finally we plowed through the crowds and were on our way to Skull Cottage.  

The road out to Mo’s was all to familiar to me.  The first day of my first summer rental (10 boys, 3 girls including me) in ACK, I spent in the ER having gravel removed from my knees.  I rollerbladed down this street attached to a moped by a rope.  They did not teach us common sense at Boston College. 

Anyway, Mosey’s husband hosts an annual get together with four couples that he lifeguarded with back in the day.  Di and I were crashing The Big Chill weekend, and we found out later, a friend in the neighborhoods birthday bash.  I recognized the neighborhood instantly and asked if they knew this guy named Bernie.  They did.  It was his party and the very same spot I stayed at years ago and posed for that famous picture. Here 10 years later I found myself at another Weekend at Bernie’s as a birthday crasher!   

We had two missions – to introduce Di to this guy we thought may be a good contender and to have fun! The intro was never made, but the fun as expected, was certainly had.  Turns out everyone else on the island knew Bernie too.  The party was packed and a total blast. Our gang (we won the most amount of crashers award) had the best time.  We were the first in the buffet line, the first to laugh at the toasts, the first on the dance floor, the most popular guests and some of the last to leave.  

I am not sure if the guy we tried to hook up with Di is this guy from Nantucket (he’s 6′ 10″ tall and a former Canadien olympic basketball player with very large hands and feet. . .my bet is on him) or if Bernie is the man of ACK.  

What I do know is that Owen and Vince have nothing on us and I cant wait to go back.



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Sounds like a great weekend.

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