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July 17, 2007, 1:40 am
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Feast on our buffet!

I am full.  Girls weekend was a buffet of silliness,  seriousness, remembering and encouraging.  We snacked on delicious food (see above) and shared tasty tidbits about our lives and recipes about everything from dating to career paths.  Our weekend was centered around food.  The food we ate and food for thought.     

My Aunt Jubes brought down enough to feed a small army.  We are Italian, it’s in our blood.  I had 7 people over for dinner Saturday night – 5 girls and 2 boys.  My dad and our friend Gary snuck in (we needed the men to fire up the grill).  The weekend was a real treat – it gave me the chance to cheer up my girlfriend, spend quality time with my godmother and mom and share my family with my friends. We were emotionally nourished.        

The next day proved to be just as fulflling.  We got up early and ate breakfast in our jammies gossiping about the night before.  Of course we re-hashed and re-analyzed all the topics.  We are girls, its just what we do.  And we determined that we must all meet up again early fall for a progress report.  Once that was settled,  we noticed it was another gorgeous day.  Knowing we found temporary peace with our issues, we decided to hit the beach.

At the beach, we met up with some other girlfriends of all ages and talked about how our men were away doing men stuff and how great it was to be with just the girls.  That feeling changed very quickly when suddenly we found ourselves as stars in a Diet Coke commercial.  Remember that one when Lucky Vanous sent an office full of women into a swoon?  Right in front of us was another kind of eating adventure – this time a feast for our eyes.  

One of our friend’s daughters is dating the former top recruit of the Harvard hockey team. He and about 6 of his yummy teammates were visiting (sorry no picture – I was tempted but sometimes my better judgment saves me from myself).  Lucky was dressed in a tee shirt and jeans.  These guys were in swim trunks and flips flops.  It was a smorgasbord of tanned, toned, young flesh.

Hello Mrs. Robinson!  The parade of skin and muscle went on for about a good six minutes before anyone could speak.  I think one of the first comments was about their physique. . .something about the perfect shape of a hockey butt.  It’s so funny how us girls can relish in the fact that we are so happy and content with one another until a gorgeous guy strolls by and flexes his masculinity.  And then of course we were presented with a new buffet of topics to talk about. 

We stayed on the beach for hours.  Tanning, chatting and flirting (harmlessly).  We are girls, its just what we do.  Oh please, its not like the men we know don’t do it too.  Eye candy terminology ring a bell? So if we are eye candy then what were these boys?  We could spend hours discussing  – they and this are great food for thought.



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That table looks like something out of my food and wine magazines! I think maybe Aunt Jubes and I should have a cook off……xoxo

Comment by mia

Jubes was the sous chef – she chopped and chopped all day! My dad was the grill master! And my mom and I were the chefs du jour! You are always welcome!

Comment by cookieaday

I was present at the food feast…Both my soul and body were filled..And yes ..”I am the shopper and preparer”..Chris and her mom did the great presentation…AJ

Comment by Auntie Jubes

just like at any loving Italian home!

Comment by mia


Comment by mia

[…] wife, Christine.  All of her posts are great (yes, I am biased) but this one stands out, “Food for Thought.” If you’re not reading Chris on a daily basis, you’re missing out.  Congrats […]

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Comment by Bud Weiser

Awesome Post. My compliments to the author.

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Comment by TearIzUp

Thank you very much – these look great!

Comment by Piera

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