Daily Cookie

June 29, 2007, 10:59 am
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Whats the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit?  The right attitude.  And let me tell you, nothing helps you get one like some free time.  This past week has been nuts for me (especially now that I have become a daily blogger) and I only see it accelerating as I approach my busiest event season.  

I had drinks at the end of a frantic day this week with Mosey and Shark.   We talked about everything from my latest events to his big deposition to Mo’s 35,000 square foot interior design job (go Mo!).  We commented on how it was summer time, but our professions and social calendars allowed no time to decelerate.  Everyone is so busy these days it hard to take time out to smell the peonies (I know the expresion is roses, but my garden is fierce right now with both the pink and white variety) and sip agave juice margaritas. 

Mosey expressed how she needed her “mental space” and I immediatly loved the phrase and knew what she meant.  With July 4th right around the corner I wanted to remind you to find your personal independence – meaning do something for yourself.  Take a walk, read the rags, bask in the sun, start a blog, spend quality time with your spouse or kids, fly a kite, have a BBQ and use paper plates (that match if course), be a guest, sleep in, do canonballs off your club’s diving board (Linda Bean you have found a partner in crime), ride a bike, paint your toes, start browsing for fall (I already have my eye on the Louboutin booties), learn something new, visit friends,  stay at the beach until dusk, go commando (although no Britneys, not with short dresses), eat ice cream,  use your blender, abandon your make up, sport a head scarf, get in better shape, find a hobby, couch surf, go miniature golfing, read a strictly-for-fun book (aka book with sex), re watch Pretty Woman or Devil Wears Prada (chick flicks), paint a picture, make pottery (for years I’ve said I wanted to make a platter at Color be Mine for my summer house).  Do whatever you love or give yourself permission to just lie around the house.    

Its Friday and I am off to the Cape for a whopping 10 days.  I plan on finding and taking full advantage of my mental space.  I am not saying that I will not blog (although maybe not every day), check emails, try and get on the waiting list for those new booties, or yes even work a bit (but at least on my own time and probably with wireless, poolside) but I will also try to do alot of the above (summer platter coming up!). 

Well. . . that is between all my spa appointments, 4th of July BBQs, “After Fireworks” parties,  drinks at the Club, working out, tennis with Mom and Dad and scheduled dinners with summer friends. 

I have realized that I thrive on deadlines, headlines and hemlines and what others think of as frantic, I believe is the norm.  My lifestyle and the constant juggling of schedules make it almost impossible for me to fully relax,  but I figure if all goes as planned, someday I will find the perfect balance. 

Afterall, mental space doesn’t have to be free from activity or god forbid boring, it just has to let you be you at your own pace